Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts: A Complete Guide

In Short
  • Chrome has many features which make using it with a mouse alone difficult.
  • Thankfully, it comes with lots of keyboard shortcuts to make the browser easier to use.
  • These include shortcuts for Chrome features, address bar, web search, and tabs and windows.

Keyboard shortcuts are lifesavers for any application. Almost every operating system and app across different categories comes with built-in shortcuts. And Google Chrome is no exception. Chrome offers many handy shortcuts for different aspects of the browser such as tabs, settings, address bar, Chrome features, etc. Let’s look at all the Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts you can use to instantly up your productivity on the web.

Best Chrome Webpage Shortcuts

Chrome has plenty of web page shortcuts that help you navigate to different sections of the browser. These shortcuts can make reading and controlling aspects of the web pages easier. Here are all of them:

ActionWindows, Linux ShortcutmacOS Shortcut
Print the current pageCtrl + PCommand + P
Save the current pageCtrl + SCommand + S
Reload the current page regardless of whether it’s cachedShift + F5 or Ctrl + Shift + RCommand + Shift + R
Stop the page from loadingEscEsc
Browse clickable itemsTabTab
Browse clickable items (backward)Shift + TabShift + Tab
Open a file from your PCCtrl + O + Select filesCommand + O + Select files
Display the source code of the pageCtrl + UCommand + Option + U
Bookmark a pageCtrl + DCommand + D
Save all open tabs as bookmarks in a new folderCtrl + Shift + DCommand + Shift + D
Toggle full-screenF11Command + Ctrl + F
Make contents biggerCtrl and +Command and +
Make contents smallerCtrl and –Command and –
Return everything to the default sizeCtrl + OCommand + O
Scroll down one screen at a timeSpace or Pg DnSpace
Scroll up one screen at a timeShift + Space or Pg UpShift + Space
Move your cursor to the beginning of the previous wordCtrl + Left arrowOption + Left arrow
Move your cursor to the end of the next wordCtrl + Right arrowOption + Right arrow
Delete the previous word in a text fieldCtrl + BackspaceOption + Delete
Open the home page in the current tabAlt + HomeCommand + Shift + H
Compose a new email message NACommand + Shift + I
Open the page setup dialogueNACommand + Option + p
Reload a webpageF5 or Ctrl + RNA
Search the webNACommand + Option + J
To the top of the pageHomeNA
To the bottom of the pageEndNA
Scroll horizontallyShift + Scroll wheelNA
Display the source code of the pageMove the cursor to the back of the wordNA

Chrome Tab and Window Keyboard Shortcuts

Tab and Window shortcuts help you navigate or alter the Google Chrome tabs and windows you have opened so that you spend less time dragging and clicking them and more time focusing on your work. Here are all the Tab and Window shortcuts in Chrome.

ActionWindows, Linux ShortcutmacOS Shortcut
Open a new windowCtrl + NCommand + N
Open a new window in Incognito modeCtrl + Shift + NCommand + Shift + N
Open a new tab and go to itCtrl + TCommand + T
Reopen previously closed tabs in the order they were closedCtrl + Shift + TCommand + Shift + T
Jump to the next open tabCtrl + Tab or Ctrl + Pg DnCommand + Option + Right arrow
Jump to the previous open tabCtrl + Shift + Tab or Ctrl + Pg UpCommand + Option + Left arrow
Jump to a specific tabCtrl + 1 through Ctrl + 8Command+ 1 through Command + 8
Jump to the rightmost tabCtrl + 9Command + 9
Open the previous page from your browsing history in the current tabAlt + Left arrowCommand+ [ or Command + Left arrow
Open the next page from your browsing history in the current tabAlt + Right arrowCommand + ] or Command + Right arrow
Close the current tabCtrl + W or Ctrl + F4Command + W
Close the current windowCtrl + Shift + W or Alt + F4Command + Shift + W
Minimize the current windowAlt + Space then NCommand + M
Maximize the current windowAlt + Space then XNA
Quit Google ChromeAlt + f then XCommand + Q
Move tabs right or leftCtrl + Shift + Pg Up or Ctrl + Shift + Pg DnCtrl + Shift + Pg Up or Ctrl + Shift + Pg Dn
Open your home page in the current tabAlt + HomeNA
Hide Google ChromeNACommand + H

Google Chrome Address Bar Keyboard Shortcuts

Address bar shortcuts make searching the web a lot easier. Here are all the Chrome Address bar keyboard shortcuts.

ActionWindows ShortcutmacOS Shortcut
Search with your default search engineType a search term + EnterType a search term + Return
Search using a different search engineType a search engine name and press TabType a search engine name and press Tab
Move the cursor to the address barType a site name + Ctrl + EnterType a site name + Ctrl + Return
Add www. and .com to a site name, and open it in a new windowType a site name + Ctrl + Shift + EnterType a site name + Ctrl + Shift + Return
Jump to the address barCtrl + L or Alt + D or F6Command + L
Move cursor to the address barCtrl + F5Ctrl + F5
Remove predictions from your address barDown arrow to highlight + Shift + DeleteDown arrow to highlight + Shift + fn + Delete
Forward Delete or fn + delete on MacBook
Open a new tab and perform a Google searchType a search term + Alt + EnterType a web address + Command + Return
Search from anywhere on the pageCtrl + K or Ctrl + e

Shortcuts to Use Google Chrome Features

Chrome packs a ton of features and you can access them using shortcuts as well. Here’s how.

ActionWindows ShortcutmacOS Shortcut
Show or hide the Bookmarks barCtrl + Shift + BCommand + Shift + B
Open the Bookmarks ManagerCtrl + Shift + OCommand + Option + B
Open the History page in a new tabCtrl + HCommand + Y
Open the Downloads page in a new tabCtrl + JCommand + Shift + J
Open the Find Bar to search the current pageCtrl + F or F3Command + F
Jump to the next match to your Find Bar searchCtrl + GCommand + G
Jump to the previous match to your Find Bar searchCtrl + Shift + GCommand + Shift + G
Open Developer ToolsCtrl + Shift + J or F12Command + Option + I
Open the Clear Browsing Data optionsCtrl + Shift + DeleteCommand + Shift + Delete
Jump to the previous match in your Find Bar searchCtrl + Shift + MCommand + Shift + M
Open a feedback formAlt + Shift + ICommand + Option + Shift + I
Log in as a different user or browse as a GuestF7F7
Focus on inactive dialogsAlt + Shift + ACommand + Option + Shift + A
Turn on Caret browsingF6Command + Option + Up arrow or Down arrow
Open the Chrome menuAlt + F or Alt + E
Open the Chrome Task ManagerShift + Esc
Set focus on the first item in the Chrome toolbarShift + Alt + T
Set focus on the rightmost item in the Chrome toolbarF10
Open the Chrome Help Center in a new tabF1
Skip to web contentsCtrl + F6
Open the Settings page in a new tabCommand + ,
When Find Bar is open, search for selected textCommand + E
Jump to the main menu barControl + F2

So, these are all the Chrome shortcuts you can use to increase your productivity and navigate easily on web pages. Remembering all the shortcuts can be daunting, but you can try using some of them and learn more as you progress. What are your thoughts on Chrome shortcuts? Do you use them regularly? Let us know in the comments.

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