The Chrome browser on Android is the most widely used browser and that’s because it comes pre-loaded on stock Android phones and also because it’s a great browser. It packs in some great features but if you know Google, you’d know that they are constantly working on new features. Also, the company tests the new Chrome features through the Chrome beta app as well as Chrome Canary app. Along with that, Chrome also includes a cool Chrome Flags page that features experimental features that you can try.

We have already talked about Chrome Flags in detail but if you are looking to try out some Chrome Flags specific to Android smartphones, we have you covered. Before we tell you about some really cool Chrome Flags on Android, it’s important to know that you can access the Chrome Flags page in Android by entering “chrome://flags” in the address bar of Chrome Android. Also, you can search for flags by hitting the three-dot menu button and using the option “Find in page“.


Well, now that you know how to access Chrome Flags on Android, here are 7 cool Chrome Flags for Android you should try:

Note: Chrome Flags’ options are experimental features that Google is testing for Chrome. So, they might make it to the stable Chrome build when they’re ready. 

1. Content Snippets

With the new Chrome updates, Google removed the “Bookmarks” and “Recent tabs” buttons that you’d previously find in the new tab. Instead, you now get cards or snippets of various articles. If you are not a a fan of the snippets feature, you can disable it through Chrome Flags. You can look for the “content snippets” flag and disable it. Once you are done, tap on “Relaunch Now”. Then, open a new tab in Chrome and you will find the Bookmarks and Recent Tabs buttons available at the bottom.


2. Chrome Home

If you own a large Android smartphone aka the “phablets” or a tablet, you’d know that accessing the address bar at the top in Chrome can be tough to access. Well, Google recently introduced a cool “Chrome Home” flag, which brings the address bar aka the omnibox to the bottom. You can just head to the Chrome Flags page and search for the Chrome Home Android flag and enable it. Then, relaunch Chrome and you will find the address bar along with the menu button at the bottom.


Note: This Chrome flag is only available on the beta and canary versions of Chrome, as of now.

3. Scroll Anchoring

When you open long pages in Chrome, you must have noticed annoying page jumps, resulting in wrong taps. It also happens when you are shuffling across different tabs. Well, you can fix that with the “Scroll Anchoring” flag. The option adjusts scroll position to make sure there are no text reflows. You can search for the flag in the Chrome Flags page and enable it. While this should fix page jumps, your mileage may vary, according to Chrome developers.


4. Switch to Existing Tab

If you are like me, you open a number of tabs in Chrome and chances are, you sometimes forget the pages that are already open. Wouldn’t it be great if you open the same webpage twice, Chrome would automatically move you to the tab where it’s already open? Thankfully, there’s a Chrome flag dubbed “Switch to an existing tab for New Tab Page suggestions”, which does exactly that. Here, you can choose from the options “Match by URL” or “Match by Hostname“.


5. Reader Mode

Reader Mode has been part of the Chrome Flags page in Android since a long time now and it’s still a great feature that you can enable. You can just find the “Reader Mode Triggering” flag and then choose from one of its options. You can check out our detailed article on the Reader Mode to know more.

Reader Mode Chrome Android

6. Smooth Scrolling

There are times when we load up extensive webpages on our Android smartphones only to experience a lot of lag while scrolling. While this may not be a problem on high-end smartphones, it’s indeed a problem on many Android devices. As you must have guessed, the “Smooth Scrolling” flag should make scrolling in webpages better when enabled. This not only improves scrolling but also incorporates a seamless transition to hide any hiccups.


7. Offline Bookmarks

If you regularly travel to remote locations where there’s patchy or no internet connection, you might want to access some webpages offline, right? Well, you can access your bookmarks offline by enabling the “Offline Bookmarks” flag. After you’ve enabled it, Chrome will save the webpages in bookmarks for offline usage.


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Check out these cool Chrome Flags on Android

Chrome Flags are certainly a great way by Google to beta test products, considering users get to try out some of the upcoming features. Along with the aforementioned flags, there are various other Chrome Flags that you can check out but keep in mind that most of the others are aimed at developers only.

Well, that’s all from our side, try out these Chrome flags on your Android smartphone or tablet and let us know how you like them in the comments section below. Also, if you know of any other Chrome flag that should have made it to this list, do let us know.