PUBG Mobile Adds New Food Delivery and Oasis Fresh Events

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The PUBG Mobile World League is going on, and if you’ve been playing the game to bide time before the games start, there are some new events you can take part in. The battle royale game is adding two new events to the game.

PUBG Mobile Food Delivery Event

The Food Delivery event requires you to prepare and deliver food to earn rewards. You can head into the event page and start preparing food. Once you’ve collected the prepared food, just head into a match, and deliver the food to the marked locations. Players can earn rewards such as the Hot Pizza Outfit by competing in the event.

The Food Delivery Event runs from July 21 to July 29.

PUBG Mobile Oasis Fresh Event

The second event requires you to play Classic Matches and collect ingredients. There are four types of ingredients you can find in the game. Once you’ve collected at least three ingredients, you can head over to Cheer Park and collect ice to make drinks with the ingredients. Making these drinks will allow you to earn rewards. Plus, you can use the drinks either in Cheer Park or on the spawn island to trigger some fun new emotes.

The Oasis Fresh event will be available till July 27, so go ahead and start playing Classic Games and collecting ingredients for your drinks.

PUBG Mobile keeps pushing new events to the game to keep things fresh (no pun intended) and new for the players. The game recently added the Royale Pass Season 14, with brand new rewards, outfits, and more. Plus, in celebration of the 2 year anniversary of the Royale Pass, the game brought back iconic costumes including the Roaring Dragon outfit. The game also recently added a new mobile exclusive map, Livik, and partnered with DirectRelief for COVID-19 relief. Season 14 of the Royale Pass is underway already, so if you haven’t started completing missions yet, now is the time.

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