PUBG Mobile: Punjab Teen Spent Rs. 2 Lakh from Grandfather’s Pension Account

punjab teenager 16 lakh rupees pubg

PUBG Mobile is a fun game for sure. However, it can be really addictive as well, and it seems it has been leading a lot of teens down a really stupid path. According to reports, a Punjab teen spent Rs. 2 lakh on the battle royale game for in-app purchases.

The report suggests that the Mohali based 15 year old took the money from his grandfather’s pension account. The report comes from a local daily, Tribune India, and claims that the boy started playing PUBG Mobile in January this year. In the course of 6 months, he has spent a whopping Rs. 2 lakh on in-app purchases, it seems.

Apparently, he used Paytm to purchase UC – the in game currency in PUBG Mobile. He created the Paytm account in his grandfather’s name and used his documents to set up the entire account. His misdeeds were caught by the family only when they ran a routine check on the balance of the pension account in question.

The boy claims that a senior in his school gave him the idea and that he even sent some of his grandfather’s money to the senior for purchasing UC. The family has since filed a report against the senior.

If this entire news feels similar to you, that’s because it comes a few days after another teenager spent a whopping Rs. 16 lakh of his parents’ money on PUBG Mobile. The game has reached new heights of popularity during the Coronavirus lockdown that has forced people to remain indoors.

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  • Gurpreet singh says:

    I am from Punjab .I had seen news channel according to their reports he spent 16 lakh rupees!! not 2 lakh.

  • Lord Beerus says:

    man indian youth is getting retarded day by day . i wont be surprised if a pubg ban is ordered by the govt. and it wont even be a bad step i guess as indeed people are actually spending insane amount of time on a game thats not worth it

  • shobhit agarwal says:

    this is very wrong thing did by sinor instead of guiding him good Education he did froud

    • Gurpreet singh says:

      He spent 16 lakh!! ???????? not 2 lakh.

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