PS5’s DualSense Controller Has an Off-Centered Sony Branding and It Is Pretty Annoying

Dualsense has an off-centered brand logo feat.

Prior to the unveiling of the next-gen PlayStation console, Sony unveiled its next-gen controller, the DualSense controller. So, since its release in the market, various tech pundits praised the controller, mainly because of its greatly improved haptic feedback and revolutionary adaptive trigger system. However, according to recent observations, it seems like Sony’s next-gen controller comes with a tiny yet OCD-inducing branding flaw.

According to the lead design director of the upcoming title under the Far Cry series, Ted Timmins, Sony apparently did an oopsie in placing its own brand-name on the latest DualSense controller. Timmins, after receiving his controller, found that the Sony branding under the USB-C port of the DualSense controller was off-centered. It also had a weird angle, which looks quite…uncomfortable, to be honest (sorry, but I have OCD).

The game designer recently shared a tweet showcasing the flaw. He wrote that the Sony branding is ~1mm off-center and is at an angle of ~1 degree. You can check out the tweet right below.

Well, unfortunately, this is not a problem that is specific to Timmins’ controller. The folks at Gamespot mentioned that the branding on their controller is “notably worse”. So, it is highly likely that more DualSense controllers in the market have this design flaw which users might not have noticed as of now.

Now, I agree this is not at all a major flaw and it won’t affect your gaming experience. However, if you are a person like me or, apparently Timmins, it will bother you more than it should. Moreover, once you see it, you just cannot unsee it, and well, it is pretty annoying.

Featured image: Ted Timmins (@JustTeddii/Twitter)

VIA Gamespot
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