The PS5 DualSense Controller Seems to Have Removable Front Plate

PS5 DualSense controller unveiled

The PlayStation 5 is just a week out from being officially launched and the wait is getting ridiculous. However, if you’re like me and simply like getting basically any new information about the PS5, check this out. Turns out the PS5 DualSense controller has a removable front plate.

As seen in a video on YouTube, the controller’s black faceplate up front can be easily removed from the body. What does this mean? Well, we aren’t certain, but it reminds us of the removable plates on the PS5’s body itself.

For the unaware, the PlayStation 5’s faceplates are easily removable without the need for any tools. As a result, people were expecting third party custom faceplates to be a thing, and one company even started taking orders for them, but that was quickly shut down by Sony’s legal team.

It’s unclear if Sony will allow third party faceplates for the DualSense controller to be a thing. It probably won’t. However, hopefully Sony itself will offer some options in the future, so maybe we can get more customised PlayStation consoles and controllers that we can swap out the faceplates on at a whim. Meanwhile, there will obviously be a ton of PS5 and DualSense skins for customisation.

You can check out the video showing the PS5 controller along with the removable plate down below.

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