New PS5 Pro Leak Reveals Much Faster CPU & GPU Are Coming

ps5 pro creative visualization by Latif Ghouali
Creative Visualization of PS5 Pro by artist Latif Ghouali (Yanko Design)

The Sony PlayStation 5 made its first debut back in late 2020. Close to three years have since passed, and players are now eagerly waiting for an upgrade to the PS5, with a ‘Pro’ variant. Here, we will discuss the latest leak surrounding the PS5 Pro, and it’s definitely an exciting one. We have listed the leaked specifications of the PS5 Pro, which tells us a lot about what the upcoming console will be packing.

Sony PlayStation 5 Pro Specs Leaked

The PlayStation 5 has already received numerous changes throughout its lifecycle. These include changes in the internal specs like Sony updating it with new ‘6nm’ Oberon Chips. But these changes never gave the console a performance uplift, and they were essentially minor changes to effectively produce the same console but with lower cost and better processes. The PS5 Pro, on the other hand, will receive a very big change in its internal specs, going well past the manufacturing process improvements we’ve seen on the original PS5.

The new specifications leak comes from YouTube creator RedGamingTech, who called the upcoming gaming console a “4K ray tracing monster.” Here’s the run-down of what the new leak claims:

  • New Custom APU with TSMC 5/4nm Process
  • 8 Cores based on Zen 4
  • Integrated GPU with 30 Workgroup Processors (WGP) and 60 Compute Units (CU)
  • iGPU could be based on RDNA 3 or RDNA 3.5 architecture
  • APU could feature 96 ROPs (50% more compared to base PS5)
  • Higher CPU clocks at 3.6GHz, along with higher GPU clocks at 2.7GHz
  • 16GB GDDR6 Memory
  • Potential enhancements to the built-in NVMe SSD
ps5 internals
Internals of the base PS5

PS5 Pro vs PS5: How Fast Will the PlayStation 5 Pro Be?

The specifications mentioned in the leak above are impressive. But, you must be wondering how much faster is the rumored PS5 Pro, when compared to the base model. RedGamingTech, who is the source of this leak, did a calculation based on these rumored specs and arrived at the figure of 23.04 TFLOPS (speculated).

If we assume the above figure and compare it to the PS5, the computing power has essentially doubled. The PS5 has ~10.3 TFLOPs, which puts the PS5 Pro’s speculated TFLOPS figure about 123.6% ahead. So yes, the new PS5 Pro is expected to be significantly faster.

With higher graphical fidelity and better performance, the upcoming console will dramatically change the experience of your PS5 games. Developers will be fine-tuning the experience when using a PS5 Pro in games, so they take complete advantage of the increased computing prowess.

I hope to see the PS5 Pro able to output in 4K resolution with ray tracing enabled, but with much higher FPS numbers when compared to the base PS5. Currently, in many games, using the Fidelity mode gives impressive graphics but the FPS is sometimes stuck at 30. On the PS5 Pro, we could see up to 60FPS or even more even in the Fidelity mode.

How pumped are you about the upcoming PS5 Pro? Are you impressed with these rumored specifications? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Featured Image Courtesy: Latif Ghouali (Yanko Design)

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