Sony Announces PS5 Slim: Features, Pricing and Availability

sony playstation 5 slim announced

After the successful launch of the Sony PS5 back in 2020, Sony has attracted gamers around the globe to its next-gen console. However, the company is now unveiling another brand-new PlayStation 5 console that packs a slimmer design and some new features. Let’s check out everything new in the PlayStation 5 Slim, including changes to its new design, features, price, availability, and more.

Sony PS5 Slim Announced: Design & Features

Sony’s new PS5 is a slimmer model that packs the same power as the launch model. Sony has not officially called it the PS5 Slim‘, but due to its slimmer nature and past naming schemes, it is already being referred to as the PS5 Slim by most of the gaming community. Accordingly, the older model will unofficially be called the original fat PS5. In this story as well, we will refer to the new model as the PS5 Slim for purposes of model differentiation. The newly introduced Sony PS5 Slim features a brand-new, slimmed-out design. There are other new changes, such as:

  • 30% volume reduction
  • Up to 24% weight reduction
  • New PS5 Slim side covers with both glossy & matte finishes
  • More storage for games: now at 1TB
  • The digital model supports a detachable Blu-ray disc drive
  • The new horizontal stand and the vertical stands are now sold separately

Discussing the new PS5 Slim design further, the top side covers have a glossy finish while the bottom one has a matte finish instead. This contrasting look makes the new slimmer PS5’s design quite different from the original console. However, some fans have shared criticism for both the new and old PS5 consoles looking the same. Still, Sony’s intention for a new PS5 Slim was to leverage the power of more efficient internals & introduce a slimmer design. Sony’s new detachable disc drive is required to play disc games on the new PS5 digital edition. But if you buy the PS5 disc edition, you will get the disc drive attached.

  • new playstation 5 ps5 slim announced
  • new playstation 5 ps5 slim announced
  • new playstation 5 ps5 slim announced

People who have the launch edition PS5 might be looking to upgrade to the slimmer version. While you can do that, you should know that there is no performance difference between the original console & the new PS5 Slim. However, those with a PS4 can make the new Slim their next purchase. Sony has also confirmed that once the current PS5 stocks sell out, the new PS5 Slim will be the only model available.

Sony PS5 Slim Announced: Price & Availability

The newly designed PS5 gaming console starts at $449 (Digital Edition), which is $49 higher than the initial price of PS5 at its launch back in late 2020. The other variant available is the PS5 Disc Edition, which costs $499. Both of these come with 1TB of storage. Sony has also announced the pricing for the new slimmer PS5 consoles in Europe, the U.K., and Japan in their announcement.

The detachable disc drive accessory itself will cost $79.99 and is suitable for digital PS5 console buyers who change their minds and choose to include a disc drive on their console. A horizontal stand will be included with the PS5 Slim, while gamers can buy the new vertical stand for $29.99.

Sony has confirmed that the availability of the new PS5 model starts from November 2023. It will be launched in select local retailers first. It will also be available on the official Sony PlayStation Direct site. Once the console launches in India, we will update you with the pricing details.

What are your thoughts on the newly designed PlayStation 5 console? Does the new gaming console look good to you? Let us know your two cents in the comments below. While you are here, do check out the best PS5 games here.

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SOURCE Sony PlayStation Blog
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