Minecraft: Tricky Trials Soundtracks, Realms Plus Update, and a New Cape Leaked?!

Tricky Trials soundtracks, Realms Stories and creeper cape leak
In Short
  • Minecraft 1.21 brings new soundtracks to the game, three of which will be turned into music discs.
  • The Realms Plus subscription has received a new social hub feature where you can communicate with friends in various ways.
  • The new Creeper cape design has been leaked recently, and it may be released for Minecraft's 15th anniversary.

Minecraft 1.21 has recently received its official name – Tricky Trials, and with it, brand new epic soundtracks were dropped. But that’s not all. Some other interesting updates and leaks were released in the meantime. So, let’s go over these exciting additions right now.

New Minecraft 1.21 Soundtracks; Are They Good?

Minecraft 1.21 brings a total of 12 new soundtracks. They have been created by three amazing artists – Lena Raine, Aaron Cherof, and Kumi Tanioka. Here are all the soundtrack names and links to the YouTube videos you can check out:

Most of these songs give off a nice atmospheric vibe hinting at mysteriousness and tinkering, which is perfect for the Tricky Trials update. My personal and many other people’s favorite track is Lena Raine’ Creator. Some claim it doesn’t fit into Minecraft, but I don’t think it matters much, as it’s just amazing.

Moreover, three of these songs will be turned into three brand new music discs coming to Minecraft 1.21. They have been only revealed briefly in the newest Minecraft Monthly video. The exact music disc songs are not confirmed, but it’s possible that Creator and Precipice are two of them. You can listen to all these soundtracks on Spotify and YouTube using this link.

New Minecraft 1.21 music discs
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Minecraft

Realms Plus New Features

Besides Minecraft 1.21 soundtracks, Realms Plus has received a brand new feature on April 24. It’s the social hub feature called the Realms Stories. This is a section where you can communicate with your realm’s members. You can send comments and screenshots, view who’s online and when they are usually online, and even keep track of your adventuring milestone.

Realms Stories
Image Courtesy: Minecraft Website

But that’s not even all. The render distance has been changed from 12 to 20 chunks! This is a big increase and completely changes the way you see the world (literally). This update will be coming soon for iOS and Android users, as developers “need a little more time to deliver the best possible experience” for those platforms.

This is a subtle but rather amazing buff to Realms Plus, which enhances the user experience even further besides the included 150+ pieces of Marketplace Pass content.

Minecraft 15th Anniversary Cape

Now, let’s take a look at one interesting leak. This news has been circulating in the community for a bit and is related to the new creeper cape. You can find this image on the official Minecraft website, and it is presumably going to be released for the 15th anniversary of Minecraft. This small but cute gift from Mojang will probably become the community’s favorite cape design.

Creeper cape revealed
Image Courtesy: YouTube/xisumavoid

And those were the newest and most exciting announcements and leaks. So, what is your opinion on the Minecraft 1.21 soundtracks? What about the Realms Stories feature? Do you like the looks of the creeper cape? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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    I love the update, can’t wait to see if this cape arrives

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