The Official Name for Minecraft 1.21 Update is Now Out!

minecraft 1.21 has a name - minecraft tricky trials

Mojang has been working on the next major Minecraft update for months now, releasing snapshots to let players test the new features over the last six months. While the update has been under testing for months, it did not have an official name until today. The combat-focused update was referred to as just the Minecraft 1.21 update, but now, we know what it’s called.

Drumroll please..!!!!

The upcoming Minecraft 1.21 update is officially called the Minecraft Tricky Trials update. The name is fitting as it primarily focuses on the ‘trials and tribulations’ that you will face in the newly added Trial Chambers.

The official name for the next update was revealed in the April edition of Minecraft Monthly on the game’s YouTube channel. You can check out the announcement in the video linked below:

Commenting on the name for the next major update, Minecraft Game Director Agnes Larrson said, “Tricky Trials, well, trials felt like, of course, we need to have that in the name because this update is so much about the exciting adventures in the Trial Chambers.” The tricky part of the name also, well, links to the Trial Chambers as they are “challenging in like a playful way.”

Moreover, as Agnes mentions, the tricky part “hints to the more like tinkery side of this update” as you have the crafter and the new heavy core that allows you to make the new Mace weapon. This is accompanied by two new mobs, the trial spawners and ominous trials that will challenge players to new combat experiences.

We’ve already compiled content on some of the most exciting features in the Minecraft 1.21 update, so do check it out here:

The video doesn’t reveal a release date for the upcoming Minecraft Tricky Trials aka 1.21 update, so stay tuned for more information on that. So, how do you like the name of the next update? Do share your opinion in the comments below.

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