Minecraft Snapshot 24w09a Lets You Dye Wolf Armor, Among Other Changes

Tamed wolves with different colored wolf armor next to vaults and the Bogged mobs in Minecraft 24w09a snapshot
In Short
  • With the release of Minecraft snapshot 24w09a, players can now dye wolf armor different colors, similar to leather armor in-game.
  • Bogged now has a new appearance with two mushrooms sticking out of its head. UI has been refreshed and made more consistent.
  • The vault's texture has changed slightly and the wind charge is more precise than it used to be.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is here. Starting with this snapshot, players can dye the wolf armor different colors! So if you haven’t already, you just have to start building a massive dog army all wearing different color armor. Moreover, Minecraft snapshot 24w09a also brings some other important changes, so let’s now cover them in brief.

Wolf Armor Can be Dyed

Wolf armor is now dyeable, similar to leather armor. Though this doesn’t only apply to the main 16 dye colors, these colors can actually be combined to create a whole variety of different colors. There are so many color possibilities you can discover.

Moreover, wolf armor also has durability and it can break. However, by using armadillo scutes on a wolf armor already worn by a tamed wolf, you can repair it.

Tamed wolves with different colored wolf armor

Bogged Additions

The Bogged‘s appearance has also changed a bit with this Minecraft snapshot. It now includes two obvious mushrooms on its head. Also, if you decide to shear Bogged for whatever reason, it’ll drop two mushrooms, similarly to mooshrooms.

New Bogged texture and model

Java Edition UI Refreshed

Minecraft’s UI on Java Edition got an update quite recently, but today we have got another new one. Mainly, the old-school dirt texture backgrounds are gone. Yup, no more dark dirt textures when you want to select or create a world.

Refreshed UI in the world select menu in the Minecraft 24w09a snapshot

Furthermore, when you pause the game, the background will be blurred instead of clear. There were also changes to the positions of certain UI elements like buttons and titles.

Vault and Wind Charge Changes

The vault block’s texture has once again been changed to make it look even more different than the trial spawner. On the other hand, the wind charge is more precise now, as the randomness from the radius of the Breeze and player-shot wind charges are removed.

Updated vault texture

And that’s pretty much it. So, those are all the changes and additions made with Minecraft snapshot 24w09a. Are you happy with the new changes? Will you miss the old dirt background? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • Pinkmaster says:

    I like new update I sad that the dirt background is gone:(

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