Normal Pokemon Strength, Weakness, and Resistance

In Short
  • If you have a Normal Pokemon, they are effective against practically no Pokemon.
  • However, they are resistant to the Ghost Pokemon. Hence, any Ghost Pokemon attacks will be ineffective.
  • Similarly, Normal Pokemon are weak in Fighting Pokemon type.

The Pokemon universe packs a total of 18 different elements in its games. The normal element comes under that category. And while it might be common, normal Pokemon pack their fair share of advantages. If you are hopping into Pokemon and have some normal creatures in your team, you might want to know their exact weaknesses, strengths, and resistance. Well, keep reading as we tell you about it all.

Normal Pokemon Strengths

Normal Pokemon Strengths, over weakness and resistance

I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but here I go. Unlike any other type, Normal Pokemon have no strengths. Not a single one. If you own one and it fights against any Pokemon, you aren’t getting any super-effective attacks out.

True to their name, Normal Pokemon have no redeeming strengths or qualities and are only good for early engagements. Furthermore, don’t expect your normal creatures to be effective against any specific Pokemon type.

The only luck you have here is improving your normal Pokemon through evolution. If you have a Pokemon that gains additional element types, consider evolving them. That will allow them to improve and become a formidable opponent against the others.

Normal Pokemon Weaknesses

Normal Pokemon Weakness, over strength and resistance

While Normal Pokemon might not come with strengths, they do come with weaknesses. Thankfully, the weaknesses aren’t too steep. Normal Pokemon are ineffective against Fighting Pokemon.

If your high-level Bidoof goes up against a Machamp or a Lucario, we suggest you start praying. Furthermore, their attacks become ineffective when facing a Rock or Steel monster. Hence, avoid using a Normal against these element types.

Normal Pokemon Resistance

Throughout the generations, Normal Pokemon have been immune against Ghost-type Pokemon. If your creature is facing a Gengar, chances are they will fare a little better as most of Gengar’s specials won’t have much effect on, let’s say, Bidoof.

Even the incoming attacks from this ghost Poki will be ineffective against your normal Pokemon. Outside of Ghost, normals aren’t resistant towards any other element type. They’ll incur the same amount of damage as the other monsters.

We now hope you know more about Normal Pokemon in this beautiful universe. Still having doubts? Let us know in the comments below!

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