L’Oreal Unveils Its First Line of Virtual Make-Up for Video Calls

L'oreal virtual make-up feat.

In order to expand its reach in this Coronavirus-affected world, popular cosmetic brand, L’Oreal Paris recently launched a new digital makeup line that works on live video using augmented reality (AR) technology. As per the company, it is L’Oreal’s first virtual make-up line that will make users look photoshoot-ready in their next Zoom meeting.

The France-based cosmetic brand developed this virtual makeup line, dubbed as “Signature Faces”, in collaboration with Virtue, VICE’s creative agency, and Val Garland, L’Oreal’s global makeup artist. A team of 3D artists was also responsible in bringing the online-wearable make-up filters to life.

Beauty-Up for Your Next Video Call

Now, the ten filters in this new virtual make-up line are categorized into three groups. These include – “volumizing capsules”, “plump shot”, and “fire match”. They are available on Snapchat, Instagram, Zoom, and Google Duo, which also has an exclusive beauty look.

Pascal Rotteveel, the Executive Creative Director at Virtue said, “the idea was born from the insight that consumers, particularly younger ‘Gen Z’ people, wanted to socialize more on video calls, but “we weren’t utilizing these platforms to the best of their abilities when it came to self-expression”.We then wondered, what if you could have a digital beauty case that enables you to express yourself in online social encounters, in ways you could never do in real life.

Now, by this time, the Coronavirus-led crisis has forced us to think in ways we never imagined we could. And the birth of a digital makeup line is definitely an example of that. Moreover, who doesn’t want to look presentable for their video conferences? This virtual make-up line enables you to do just that without putting in any additional effort.

The filters are free and super simple to use. On Instagram, you will find them on the brand’s official profile, under the “Filters” tab. For desktop platforms, all you need to do is download Snap Camera and use them during your next video calls.

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