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Life of An Email, After It is Sent (Stats)

Billions of Emails are sent in a day but only few of them are lucky enough to be seen at the receiving end, some emails get opened within few hours and for others it may take few days or few weeks and in some cases they may end up unseen.

To have a better understanding of how people at receiving end behave with email, it is better to have a statistical approach. So, here we have a recent study by yesware on Life of an Email, after it is sent.

Survey is carried out for 15 days in December 2011 on 6000+ sales-people across 132 countries.

Email Open Rate

79,989 emails sent in total out of which 19,146 opened.

Life of An Email, After It is Sent (Stats)

Emails Opened Vs Time Elapsed

Majority of Emails get opened with in 24 hours after they were sent but there is a long tail effect.

Life of An Email, After It is Sent (Stats)

Highest Open Rates on the Weekend

Send your most important emails on Friday afternoon.

Life of An Email, After It is Sent (Stats)

Shorter Subject lines are better

Shorter Subject lines leads to more chances of email opening.

Life of An Email, After It is Sent (Stats)

Statistics above act as excellent tips to better schedule your email so that it is received by maximum number of people.


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  1. a very interesting read – however the graph that shows the best day when emails are opened (Sundays) seems like it pertains more to personal email rather than B2B email?

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