How to Use iPhone or iPad to Sign Email Attachment on Mac

More often than not, I come across documents which require my digital signature. Though adding signature using the trackpad work, it’s not ideal. I prefer to sign email attachment on Mac with iPhone or iPad as it’s more convenient – thanks largely to the instant feedback and the ability to use a stylus like Apple Pencil. If you have never tried out this handy method, it’s time to learn it so you can add your signature to an email attachment with ease.

Sign Email Attachment on Mac with iPhone or iPad

To get going, ensure that both your macOS and iOS/iPadOS devices are connected with the same iCloud account. The feature takes advantage of Apple’s seamless integration to sync document between iDevices. So, make sure your devices are in sync.

Another thing you must do upfront is to get your attachment ready. Attach the document by simply dragging and dropping it into the email inside Apple Mail. Alternately, click on the Attach button -> navigate to the file and select it.

  1. Hover the mouse over the attachment to reveal the Action arrow.

Click on the action button

2. Now, click on the Action arrow and choose Markup.

Choose Markup

3. The document will now show up in the Markup window. Now, click on the tiny iPhone/iPad icon at the top right corner to kickstart annotation.

Annotate on iPhone or iPad

Note: Just in case you have more than one iOS/iPadOS device, you will need to choose the preferred one.

4. Next, the document will instantly appear in the markup window on your iPhone or iPad. Tap on the Plus sign at the bottom right corner of the screen and choose Signature.

Choose signature

5. Now, you can use your finger or Apple Pencil (or any other compatible stylus) to sign in the signature pop-up window.

Add signature to your email attachment

Note: Just in case, you aren’t happy with the result, simply tap on Clear to wipe out the signature. Then, sign again.

6. If you are pleased with the signature, tap on Done to insert it in the doc.

Tap on Done

7. Now, you can drag the signature to place it at the desired spot. Make sure to tap on Done to confirm.

Drag the signature at the desired spot

8. Whatever changes you have made in the document on your iPhone or iPad will instantly appear in the doc on your Mac. Click on Done again at the top right corner to finish. 

Click on Done in the email attachment9. Next up, go ahead and compose the email as usual and then send it.

Send email

That’s all there is to it!

Use Your iPhone or iPad to Sign Email Attachment on Mac

So that’s how you can use your iPhone or iPad to sign email attachment on Mac. Whether you don’t feel comfortable using a trackpad to add a signature or wish to sign a doc with more precision, it can be e pretty helpful.

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