iOS 18 Brings Live Voicemail to iPhones in India; Here’s How to Setup

Apple released iOS 18 with several new features. Now that we have installed iOS 18 developer beta, new features about which Apple did not talk on the stage have started surfacing. One such feature that we discovered in iPhone settings is the live voicemail feature for iPhone users in India. Previously, the voicemail feature was available to some users and there are some workarounds for those on iOS 17. However, with iOS 18, Apple has added a dedicated toggle for live voicemail to iPhones. In addition to the voicemail feature, you can also view the transcript of the voicemail. Here’s how you can set up voicemail on iPhones in India.

Enable Live Voicemail from iPhone Settings

  • With iOS 18 running on your iPhone, go to iPhone settings, scroll down, and tap on Apps.
  • Here, select the Phone app from the list and then tap on the Live Voicemail option after scrolling down a bit.
Live Voicemail toggle iPhone India
  • While the toggle is enabled by default, if not, you can turn it on manually by tapping on it.
Turn on Live Voicemail Toggle iPhone India

And that’s it. Now you can use voicemail on iPhones in India.

Set up Voicemail Outgoing Message Greeting

You can also change the default outgoing message for voicemails and set up a custom message.

  • Open the Phone app, tap on the Voicemail option from the bottom bar, and then tap on the Greeting option from the top of the screen.
  • Choose Custom and then tap on Record.
  • Record the outgoing voicemail message and tap on save. You can play to listen to the recorded message.
Record Custom Voicemail Greeting

If you’re not sure how the feature works, here’s a rundown.

How to Use Live Voicemail on iPhone in India

It is noteworthy that iOS 18 should be installed on your iPhone to use this feature.

  • When someone calls you, you will now get a Voicemail button on the call screen.
  • Tap on the Voicemail button if you are unable to attend the call. Also, if you don’t pick up the call, it will be automatically routed to the voicemail.
  • Now, you will see a Waiting message, and when the other person leaves the message, you will see the live transcript of the voicemail on the screen.
iOS 18 Brings Live Voicemail to iPhones in India; Here’s How to Setup
  • You can also check the voicemail from the Phone app. Simply tap on Voicemail from the bottom bar in the app and choose the unread voicemail message.
  • You can listen to voicemail messages here, read or share the transcript, delete it, or call the contact at your convenience.
View Live voicemail iPhone India

In my usage, the transcript was quite accurate when the message is being spoken in English. For Hindi, the transcript feature does not work with much accuracy as of now.

How is your experience of using the voicemail feature on iPhone in India?

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