30 Cool And Interesting Websites to Kill Time

Most refer to the Internet as a goldmine of knowledge but it also happens to be one of the best places to kill time. It secretly holds websites that are so interesting, it will be daybreak before you know it. Here are our top picks for the most cool and interesting websites that will help you kill time and even teach you a thing or two without getting bored.

It’s a long list so if you want a quick overview of all the websites included in this list, use our table of contents below. You can tap on a name to jump to and learn more about that website.

1. Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is our favorite website to visit when bored. It’s different from what its name suggests, i.e., it’s a website, rather, a search engine that can be used to visit websites and find out how they looked in the past. If you are a 90s kid or want to experience what the internet looked like decades ago, Wayback Machine can help evoke some nostalgia.

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2. ChatGPT

ChatGPT has taken the internet by storm unless you’re living under a rock. The AI chatbot developed by OpenAI is set to revolutionize how we use the internet. ChatGPT is one of the best websites to kill time in 2024. You can ask the AI chatbot about anything and be ready to be surprised by the answers. If you are unsure about what to ask, you can give these ChatGPT prompts a try and have your mind blown.

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3. Patatap

A lot of times when you’re bored you just want to do stuff that’s pretty much useless, but still a lot of fun. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, Patatap fits the bill perfectly. This website does one thing — plays sounds and animations based on the keys you’re pressing on your computer’s keyboard. So, you can start typing out random lines on your keyboard and Patatap will reward you with an explosion of fun sounds and animations. It sounds a little ridiculous, but it’s very addictive, especially if you enjoy typing.

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4. 29a.ch

29a.ch NeonFlames Interface

Let’s just say that if we had this website as a kid, we’d probably end up using it 24×7. The point of the NeonFlames tool of 29a.ch is that it allows you to draw your very own Nebula. There’s this black canvas which emulates space. To draw the cosmos on it, the website offers you a bunch of different colors, namely Red, Green, Blue, Black, White, Purple, etc. It doesn’t end there. You can further tweak the intensity of these colors, their spawn settings, and more. If you are someone who loves to paint or play around with colors, this is for you.

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5. 2048

As most of you reading this may know, 2048 is a game where you move squares of 2 across a 4×4 box with the goal of reaching the highest possible number by combining those squares. If you manage to attain the number 2048 by playing smart, you win the game. Now, the game might sound really boring at first but you would be surprised by just how immersive it is once you start playing and lose all sense of time.

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6. Drench

Browser games can be a lot of fun, and Drench is one browser game that’s sure to help you kill hours in one go. In Drench, you get a board full of different colors and you have to ‘drench’ the entire board in one single color. The challenge is that you only get a limited number of turns to finish the board, so you have to think carefully about how you’ll proceed with the objective. It’s a fun way to pass some time on your computer, and once you get the hang of it, it’s quite calming as well… for some strange reason.

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7. Zoom Quilt

If you are a keen Netizen, you may have seen those trippy videos of artists where they zoom into a painting revealing multiple things, looping in to reveal another painting, and it’s never-ending. Zoom Quilt is a similar website that zooms in through multiple pictures and never ends, or does it? Only one way to find out.

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8. This Person Does Not Exist

A generation of thispersonisnotreal website

If AI and deep-fakes fascinate you, this is a website that will either make you very excited, or give you nightmares about whether ‘The Matrix’ is real, and if you, at some point in your life, took the blue pill instead of the red one. Either way, the website generates fake people using GAN (or generative adversarial networks) and displays them to you. You can refresh the page to see a different face.

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9. Little Alchemy 2

This one is a fun little time killer. As its name suggests, the website deals with the process of transformation you achieve when you start mixing different things. You start with Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. The goal is to create as many different materials or objects as possible. For example, earth and air will form dust. There are no rules just mix and match your creations to create new ones. You will not even know where your time went.

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10. The Oatmeal

Of all the comic strip websites I have visited, this is the funniest. You never guess what the ending or the punch line of the comics will be. One thing is sure, however, that you will laugh every few seconds.

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11. The Useless Web

Uncertainty, although anxiety-inducing, can actually be pretty exciting. The Useless Web makes use of this very fact and takes you to corners of the internet that you otherwise would have never made it to. When you visit the website, all you have to do is tap on the “Please” button and it will take you to a completely randomized website. These websites may seem useless at first but are hilarious and super fun to play around with. From ending up playing some random minesweeper to slapping someone with an eel, you never know where that button takes you.

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12. Nautilus

Nautilus website content

A great place to read informative and impeccably written articles dealing with a multitude of topics that can be broadly divided into science, history, psychology, and autobiography. If you are looking to learn while passing time, there’s no better place.

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13. Forgotify

Nobody can deny that Spotify is one of the best places to discover music. Still, the vast catalog favors popular artists. Fogotify helps you discover artists who are not that popular but produce great music. A great place to discover new music and artists.

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14. The Onion

Considered the pioneer of satirical news coverage, the Onion is still the best among its class. The Onion inspired a generation of writers to deliver even the hardest of news in the funniest way possible. Check them out for your daily dose.

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15. I Waste So Much Time

The website is designed to literally allow you to waste your time. There are no long articles, just funny pictures with embedded texts. A very good time waster for short breaks.

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16. Gravity Points

Gravity Points by CodePen

As the name suggests, this particular website literally allows you to place gravity points on your screen and see small white particles get attracted to them and revolve around them. There’s not much going, but it is great to kill your time in case you have a short break and don’t know what to do with it.

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17. Open Puppies

The website shows you GIFs and small videos of puppies and dogs which are just adorable. All the content is shown in full-screen high-quality mode. If you love puppies, you will love it here.

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18. 100,000 Stars

This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen on the web. It shows a representation of a galaxy with stars inside it. You can take a tour that starts from the Sun and takes you to the outer edges of the galaxy while teaching you valuable insights in between.

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19. Every Noise At Once

Every Noise At Once is a treasure for music lovers who are keen to learn more about new genres of music. The website lists hundreds of music genres from across the world and you can listen to the genres to identify the difference. It is a great website to kill time in 2024 and also learn something simultaneously.

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20. Hotspot 3D

Hotspot 3D comparison between Samsung Galaxy S23 and Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

Imagine a situation where you want to buy a smartphone out of a bunch of notable picks but can’t decide which one can offer the best bang for your buck. Wouldn’t it be better if you could get a handy tool that can let you quickly compare smartphones? Yeah, that would be great! Well, this is where Hotspot 3D has a role to play in helping you compare devices in 3D so that it becomes a tad easier for you to decide which one can fit your demand.

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21. ncase.me

This is one of my favorite websites. It basically takes the example of World War 1, where soldiers across the frontlines decided to create an unlikely truce on Christmas Day and exchange gifts in peace. That act of trust in full-scale war inspired this website maker to explore how the world works with trusting and non-trusting people, and how mistakes and miscommunication can affect how we grow into trusting or paranoid humans. It’s an interactive website, which will definitely give you a lot to think about.

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22. How Stuff Works

As the name suggests, the website focuses on detailing how stuff works. From soda fountains to tornados, you will find everything here. Everything is written in a short and easy-to-understand language. You will have fun and also learn a lot here.

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23. Pixel Thoughts

It’s a very simple sixty-second meditation tool. There’s a bubble that floats through empty space. You just put in your troubling thought there and follow it for sixty seconds. This little exercise is really relaxing.

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24. Orb.Farm

Orb.Farm website gameplay

Orb.Farm is a virtual ecosystem where you can add elements like sand, rocks, algae, and different species of creatures and observe their progress as time goes by quickly in the ecosystem. If you’re keen on understanding the inception of life on Earth, this website will keep you busy and entertained.

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25. Lego Videos

Love watching fun-loving videos during your free time? If yes, don’t forget to bookmark “lego.com” to catch up with all sorts of videos that can help you kill free time without any boredom. What I like the most about this site is the massive catalog that’s primed to cater to a variety of interests. So, whether you wish to go ghost hunting, scintillating ninja fighting, or wicked fast car racing, Lego videos have fully caught you up!

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26. SuperCook

You are all set to cook a delicious recipe only to find that the stock doesn’t have the required ingredients. And now you are wondering which recipe you can cook with the available ingredients. Well, don’t waste time as a cool website like SuperCook has got you fully covered. To get going, you can just add your ingredients and the website will present you with a list of recipes that can be cooked using those items.

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27. Neal.fun

Rounding off this list with a fun website that will keep you engaged for hours. Neal.fun is a collection of funny websites with some exciting games to play. Asteroid Launcher and Draw a Perfect Circle are our favorite games to kill time.

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28. A Soft Murmur

A Soft Murmur Website Interface

The site hosts various natural sounds like rain, wind, waves, etc. It helps you relax and focus when you are working. It also has a corresponding app for both iOS and Android. So, whether you are an insomniac that has a tough time sleeping or just someone having a bad day at work, this can do wonders for you.

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29. OCEARCH Shark Tracker

This one looks right on the money for the folks who can’t get enough of sharks! With OCEARCH Shark Tracker, you can keep a track of tagged sharks as they are busy swimming around the deep ocean. Moreover, the website also lets you zoom in on a particular location to check where sharks have been swimming for the past year. Sounds really cool, doesn’t it?

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30. Ancient History Encyclopedia

If you love history, this is your one-stop shop to learn everything about our pasts. From Ancient Kingdoms to Epic wars, you can find everything here. It is a great site for history buffs like me. Moreover, you won’t feel unproductive browsing through this in your free time.

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The next time you get a free minute, do try one of the aforementioned websites. Do you know of other such cool websites that we can include in the next revision of this article? Let us know in the comments section; also let us know which website you liked the most.

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