How to Send Anonymous Messages in Telegram Groups

Last October, Telegram added a feature to let group admins anonymously send messages. The feature, which Telegram calls ‘batman mode’, doesn’t reveal anonymous admins in the group list, and messages sent by anonymized admins are signed with the group name as opposed to the user’s name. Here’s how you can use it in your Telegram group.

Send Anonymous Messages in Telegram Groups

Before getting started with the steps involved, it is worth noting that only admins can send anonymous messages in Telegram groups. Moreover, admins can’t choose to toggle their anonymity in their group. If you no longer want to remain anonymous, you should ask the group owner to revoke the permission.

Enable Anonymous Group Admins on Telegram

1. If you’re a group owner, you should first allow permission for group admins to message anonymously. To do that, open group settings, long-press on one of the admin’s name, and choose ‘Edit admin rights.’ You can also promote a group member to admin from this page.

edit admin rights on telegram

2. From the list of admin rights settings, flip the ‘Remain Anonymous’ toggle. Once done, tap on the checkmark icon in the top-right corner of the screen to confirm and save the changes.

remain anonymous telegram

3. Once you have this permission, you can anonymously send messages in groups. The fourth message in the screenshot below was sent from the same account after enabling the feature. Instead of your name, Telegram shows the group’s name in the message. The downside of the feature is that you can’t toggle between regular and anonymous messages and should rely on the group owner to do that for you.

anonymous group message telegram

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I switch between regular and anonymous messages on Telegram?

No, you can’t seamlessly switch between anonymous and regular messages. Group owner should manually revoke your ability to send anonymous messages.

2. Can a group member send anonymous messages on Telegram?

No. Anonymous group admins feature, as the name suggests, is for group admins. You can hide your profile picture and phone number in privacy settings if you don’t want others to identify you.

3. What happens to messages sent with a custom admin title?

If you have a custom admin title in the group, Telegram will show it next to your message, even if it is sent in anonymous mode. You can ask the group owner to remove the custom admin title for your account to prevent that.

Use Anonymous Group Admins Feature on Telegram

Anonymous group admins feature is often overlooked by many Telegram users and we hope this guide helped you enable and use the feature in Telegram groups. If you have any other questions regarding the feature, do not hesitate to reach out in the comments and we’ll try to help you out. For more such tips, take a look at our Telegram tips and tricks article. Also don’t forget to read our guide on importing WhatsApp chats on Telegram if you are planning to move from WhatsApp to Telegram.

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  • Khazar Milkers says:

    The post from “Guest” on Aug 13, 2022 at 11:29 pm has no idea what he’s talking about.

    Yes, anyone can chat anonymously in a GROUP chat if you are given an ADMINISTRATOR-ONLY permission called, “Remain Anonymous”.

    If you are the owner of a public channel and join a group chat that you don’t own, you can pick your pubic channel name to “be” instead of your actual username but that isn’t what he’s discussing.

    If you’re TRULY “anonymous” in a GROUP chat though, you ARE an admin, that permission just may be your only one

  • Guest says:

    This is outdated. When you’re in a Telegram channel chat, you absolutely can chat as Anonymous! I’m in the channel chatting as an Anonymous. I’m not even an admin either. So please update this article. Thank you!

  • Orionboy says:

    What about the group owner can he switch anonymous and regular mode ⁉️

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