Palworld Early Access Roadmap: Everything We Know

In Short
  • Palworld has crossed 7 million downloads, and Pocketpair has announced a roadmap for the game.
  • The game will get new expansions, such as a new building system update, pals, dungeons, boss fights, and new locations.
  • We will also see a crossplay and saving feature coming soon, along with Steam Workshop (modding) support in Palworld.

Palworld, aka Pokemon with Guns, is a game that started recently and has now crossed over 7 million downloads. In an attempt to provide further updates, Pocketpair has recently made multiple announcements on the game.

In a recent Steam FAQ, the developers announced certain elements of Palworld they are working on. [UPDATE | Jan 24, 4:30 PM IST] Palworld has now officially confirmed the roadmap through a post on their official X (formerly Twitter) account.

So, if you are already a Palworld early access master who has done all the grinding in just a couple of days or beginning with the best starter Pals, check what is up the developer’s sleeves for the future of the game’s roadmap below:

Palworld Early RoadMap: Confirmed Elements

As soon as Palworld hit Steam and Xbox game pass, the gamers started expecting some key features that were missing in the early access. According to the developers, the confirmed features coming in the future are:

1. Multiplayer PVP/ Arena in Palworld

The first thing Palworld players looked for in the game was how to fight fellow travelers. As that is not possible in the current version, Pocketpair has confirmed there will be a multiplayer mode and different approaches are being tested right now. This might include PVP and an Arena-style game mode for pals too.

Palworld bosses coming in roadmap

Currently, you can only play as a co-op party in the Palworld multiplayer mode. However, this only allows you to play together or create a dedicated server of up to 32 players in one world. So, getting to fight my friends and checking who has the better upgrades will be fun. We hope this is the one change that comes to Palworld soon.

2. Crossplay Support & Saving Feature

Palworld currently works on two different versions for Steam & Xbox game pass. Pocketpair has officially confirmed the fact that crossplay is not available at launch. However, the company has also mentioned that it is working to “make this a possibility as soon as possible.” This will also include the crossplay save transfer feature gamers demand to continue their progress from one device to another. Along with save game transfers, server transfers, and migrations will also be available in the future.

For the ones who have been asking, “Will Palworld be coming to PS5?” there is some delayed good news for you. Although the development is nowhere near, Pocketpair has confirmed it will consider the development of Palworld for PS5.

3. Steam Workshop Support (aka Mods)

Currently, the developers have not opened the game for Steam Workshop support. However, they have confirmed the mod feature will be added soon. Pocketpair says, “Palworld is made in Unreal Engine 5, and we look forward to seeing what sort of mods people come up with!”

Well, we already saw a Pokemon mod where we have seen actual Pokemons wielding guns. So, it is hardly surprising that once it rolls out, the possibilities will be endless.

4. Trading Pals

While Pocketpair hasn’t confirmed how trading pals will work, it has been mentioned that it will be possible in the future. There is a chance that the trading pals feature can be bound to players who are sharing servers only. However, it will still be better than catching pals yourself all the time.

5. New Expansions and Building Updates

With all the features added to the game, Palworld developers have also promised that the game will get new bosses, new types of pals, and new locations. Along with these expansions, we will also see new dungeons and guild challenges. With all the new islands, pals, bosses, and technologies, there will be dedicated end-game content called the Raid Bosses. This can be similar to the end dragon from Minecraft.

Apart from the new DLC, there will also be major building upgrades in the game. As we all know, the buildings in the game are limited and restricted after a point. Hence, a major building system update can add a lot of flavor to the survival aspect of Palworld.

When Does Palworld Leave Early Access?

According to Pocketpair, there is no confirmed date as of now. However, Palworld’s Steam page shows the game will be in early access for at least one year. The game officially went public in Early Access on January 19th, 00:00 PST. So, there is a fair bit of waiting to do for now.

Palworld Official Release Price

According to the Palworld Steam page, Palworld will be at a $29.99 (USD) price during the early access. However, prices may go higher when we reach the official release date. Now that Palworld has crossed over 5 million downloads, this might be possible.

That is everything we know so far regarding Palworld’s early access roadmap and future. Palworld also promises to get rid of other critical errors that exist in the game while giving us new content. So, the future of Palworld seems exciting already. Got any more questions? Drop them in the comments below!

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