How to Get Blast Core in LEGO Fortnite

In Short
  • Blast core is a mid-game resource in LEGO Fortnite, which is essential for crafting tools like the metal smelter.
  • Visit the lava caves in the Dry Valley biome and defeat the blasters to get the blast core.
  • Get heat resistance items to survive in the lava caves and dodge the blaster's blast attack to receive a blast core.

As you progress through LEGO Fortnite, the game slowly amps up the difficulty by spreading a few rare resources across the world. These can only be found in specific locations, and the blast core is one such rare resource. The blast cores will help you craft useful tools like the metal smelter using which you can make copper, iron, and obsidian bars. You can also craft an Inner Fire charm to keep yourself warm in areas with hot temperatures in LEGO Fortnite. So, let’s learn how to find and get blast core in LEGO Fortnite in this guide.

Where to Find Blast Core in LEGO Fortnite

In LEGO Fortnite, you can only get a blast core by killing the blaster. Blasters are a lava cave variant of the shell rollers. The blaster is only found in the lava caves of Dry Valley (desert biome).

Mostly located in the southwest part of the map, the Dry Valley is not that hard to locate. However, similar to any other cave in LEGO Fortnite, the lava caves can also be hard to find. That’s why keep exploring till you come across a lava cave.

Lava Cave in Dry Valley

The lava caves are home to many skeletons, one of the many creatures in LEGO Fortnite, and it will make it hard for you to fight the blasters. Blasters are coated with a black shell, and inside them is dynamite. You can easily locate them in lava caves, thanks to the tip of their shell being on fire. The blasters come with a large health reserve and heavy damage output.

Blaster in Lava Cave

Tips to Defeat Blaster in LEGO Fortnite

Defeating any enemy creature takes a lot of different tricks. However, it is unique when it comes to defeating any enemy creature in a different biome. We have mentioned the easy steps that you can follow to defeat the blasters and get the blast core.

1. Keep Yourself Cold: Heat Resistance

When making a trip to the desert, the first thing you will notice is the temperature change that will affect your health. The effect goes higher once you enter the lava caves. To resist heat, you will have to keep yourself cold.

The first thing you can use to prevent cold is eating a snowberry. You can visit the frostlands to find these snowberries, one of the food items in LEGO Fortnite. Eat them raw to receive a heat resistance effect.

You can also use snowberry, and milk to make snowberry shake. One Snowberry shake will provide 10 minutes of heat resistance.

Items for hot temperature in LEGO Fortnite

A heat resistance effect that you receive from the food item is for a limited time. That is why you can craft a Cool-headed Charm. This will prevent you from heating passively without consuming other food items.

You can craft a Cool-headed Charm using 3 Silk Threads, 1 Marble, and 3 Sand Shells. However, the resources needed for this charm can be difficult to find. So we prefer you carry snowberry shakes if you must enter the lava caves.

2. Dodge at the Right Time

Once you are done dealing with the burning hot temperature in the lava caves, prepare yourself with the right weapons in LEGO Fortnite. Well, there are no right weapons to deal with blasters. You can either kill them from a distance using the crossbow or ready up your knight shield.

Blaster blasting animation in LEGO Fortnite

Once you go closer to the blasters, they will blast themselves off right away, just like the creeper in Minecraft. This will deal massive damage to its surroundings including you. So, do make sure you either block it with the knight shield or click the dodge button at the right time. Once they die, they will drop a blast core on the floor.

Blast Core dropped after defeating Blaster

Finally, you are ready to find the blaster to get your blast core. Craft the Inner Fire Charm with the blast core right away to visit the arctic frostlands in LEGO Fortnite.

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