A Complete List of Animals and Creatures in LEGO Fortnite

Ever since LEGO Fortnite was released, we have encountered a lot of new things in the game that helped us through our journey. And the one thing that you will notice right away is that there are many different animals (or creatures). Early in the game, you will find creatures such as chickens, sheep, skeletons, and wolves and will eventually come across other animals as you discover more locations in LEGO Fortnite.

In case you want to know about the animals and creatures in LEGO Fortnite, we have listed all of them below. We have also mentioned the resources you get from them in the game, so let’s dive in.

Friendly Animals in LEGO Fortnite

Ground Animals

Friendly LEGO Fortnite animals

The friendly animals are the best resource for food and other utility ingredients in LEGO Fortnite. You can always pet the friendly animals in the game for lots of raw resources. Getting meat from friendly animals is also easy as they will not try to harm you.

ChickenCommon Eggs from petting
Meat & Feathers when killed
Mountain CowUncommonMilk from petting
Meat when killed
CowCommonMilk from petting
Meat when killed
RamUncommonHeavy Wool from petting
Meat when killed
SheepCommonWool from petting
Meat when killed
ButterflyRareLocates Llama
LlamaEpicVarious Rewards from petting

Water Animals (Fish)

All Wild Fish in LEGO Fortnite

Fishes are only found in the water bodies of LEGO Fortnite. You can learn how to fish and get as many of them as you want. There is also a chance to get a Legendary variant for every fish. You can get Fish fillets from the fish and Slurp Juice from the Jellyfishes.

Fish NameRarity
Orange FlopperCommon
Blue FlopperCommon
Green FlopperCommon
Vendetta FlopperEpic
Black and Blue Shield FishUncommon
Purple Thermal FishUncommon
Raven Thermal FishUncommon
Silver Thermal FishUncommon
Blue Slurp FishRare
Purple Slurp FishRare
Yellow Slurp FishRare
Blue Small FryCommon
Cuddle Jelly FishUncommon
Slurp Jelly FishUncommon
Molten Spicy FishRare

Hostile Animals in LEGO Fortnite

Hostile animals in LEGO Fortnite

There are numerous hostile animals in LEGO Fortnite. Similarly to Minecraft mobs, you cannot pet these hostile animals but once you kill them, they drop valuable resources. You get more rare items depending on the mob’s rarity in the game. Here are all the hostile creatures you will come across in the game:

Wild WolfCommonMeat and Wolf fang
Sand WolfUncommonSand Claw
Bone WolfEpicCursed Bone
Frost WolfRareArctic Claw
Stone RollerCommonShells
Sand RollerUncommonSand Shells
Frost RollerRareFrost Shells
Sand SpiderUncommonSilk
Frost SpiderRareSilk
Hermit CrabUncommonMeat
Sand ScorpionUncommonMeat
Frost ScorpionRareMeat
BlasterRareBlast core
BruteRareCommon brute scale
Sand BruteEpicSand brute scale
Frost BruteEpicFrost brute scale

Other Hostile Creatures in the Game

Along with hostile animals, LEGO Fortnite also has different hostile creatures that will make your exploration journey hard. They are categorized as skeletons and scoundrels in the game. We have listed them in different categories below, so keep reading.


All types of in-game Skeletons

The skeletons are spread all across the LEGO Fortnite universe. You can find them only in darkness, though. They come out only at night or reside inside the caves in LEGO Fortnite. Once you kill the skeletons, they drop bones and the items they were holding.

Skeleton Brawler (Fist)Common
Skeleton Slicer (Sword)Common
Skeleton Chopper (Axe)Common
Skeleton Striker (Pickaxe)Common
Skeleton Archer (Bow)Common
Skeleton Blaster (Dynamite)Common
Mine Skeleton Brawler (Fist)Common
Mine Skeleton Striker (Pickaxe)Common
Crossbones Brawler (Fist)Uncommon
Crossbones Slicer (Sword)Uncommon
Crossbones Archer (Bow)Uncommon
Crossbones Blaster (Dynamite)Uncommon
Mine Skeleton Brawler (Hard Hat, Fist)Rare
Mine Skeleton Chopper (Hard Hat, Axe)Rare
Mine Skeleton Striker (Hard Hat, Pickaxe)Rare
Mine Skeleton Blaster (Hard Hat, Dynamite)Rare
Skeleton Knight (Sword)Rare


All types of in-game Scoundrels

Scoundrels are NPC villagers that you will come across in the wild, and well, they do not want your company. So, keep a distance from them if you do not want any trouble. However, these scoundrels drop valuable resources based on their rarity.

Most of the loot scoundrels drop consists of food items and weapons. If you have enough strength and powerful weapons, you can take them down and get some valuable loot in LEGO Fortnite.

Dummy Brawler (Fist)Common
Dummy Archer (Axe)Common
Rogue Brawler (Fist)Common
Rogue Slicer (Sword)Common
Rogue Archer (Bow)Common
Outlaw Brawler (Fist)Uncommon
Outlaw Slicer (Sword)Uncommon
Outlaw Archer (Bow)Uncommon
Outlaw Blaster (Dynamite)Uncommon
Pirate Brawler (Fist)Uncommon
Pirate Slicer (Sword)Uncommon
Pirate Archer (Bow)Uncommon
Pirate Blaster (Dynamite)Uncommon
Falcon Knight Slicer (Sword)Rare
Falcon Knight Warrior (Sword)Rare
Falcon Knight Archer (Bow)Rare
Falcon Knight Sentinel (Sword & Shield)Rare
Wolf Pack Slicer (Sword)Rare
Wolf Pack Chopper (Axe)Rare
Wolf Pack Archer (Bow)Rare
Wolf Pack Protector (Sword & Shield)Rare

These are all the creatures and animals in LEGO Fortnite right now. We will update the list as new animals are added to the game with upcoming updates. Which of these creatures do you like or do not like? Tell us in the comments section below.

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