Where to Find Black Marketeer in Palworld

In Short
  • Black Marketeers in Palworld sell rare Pals for a price but are shady in nature.
  • These vendors are rare and never roam the map, hence, the player needs to go to them.
  • Players can find black marketeers in certain places highlighted on the map easily.

Given how hostile the island of Palworld is, it’s hardly a surprise that opportunist NPCs exist in-game. One such character is the Black Marketeer trader. A mysterious sort of vendor, the black marketeer, sells rare pals for a tidy price. If you’re in the market for some powerful Pals but don’t know where to find them, we are here to help. So, keep reading as we track down and list all the locations where you can find the Black Marketeer in Palworld. With that, let’s begin.

Location of All Black Marketeers in Palworld

In Palworld, you’ll find only a limited number of Black Marketeers throughout the map. Unlike the Wandering Merchants, these stay stationary in one single place. And, these merchants sell you Pals for gold. Sometimes, it can be a common Pal. Other times, it can be a strong Pal like Katress.

Black Marketeers are generally hidden on the map since their work is shady. This means that unless you are keen-eyed, you will have a tough time locating them. To make your job easier, we have listed the exact locations for these Black Market traders in Palworld.

Abandoned Mineshaft22, -423
Near The Frozen Wings Fast-Travel143, -362
Cliff near the village settlement13, -546
Eastern Wind Island Cliffside466, -123
Black Marketeer Near a Waterfall209, -9
Black Marketeer on a Cliffside near Sand Dunes144, 174
Mount Flopie Marketeer-18, -90
Duneshelter Marketeer351, 369
Secret Mineshaft at the Sand Dunes496, 347
Mount Obsidian Black Marketeer-793, -620
Astral Mountain cliffside-37, 218
Under the bridge near Winged Tyrant Fast-Travel-278, -167
Ruined Fortress City-650, -351

Best Black Market Traders in Palworld

While quite a handful of Black Marketeer are available in Palworld, we’ve mentioned the convenient ones to visit in this section. These are the easiest to find.

1. Abandoned Mineshaft

Spawn at the Desolate Church fast-travel point and turn west. Then, keep walking straight towards the cliff and jump off from this point. If you have a Pal you can ride, use it to mitigate fall damage. Otherwise, use a parachute. You’ll find the mineshaft if you reach the (22, -423) coordinates. This is where the Black Marketeer resides.

2. Cliff Near the Rayne Syndicate Camp

You’ll find a Rayne Syndicate camp once you leave the village settlement and follow the stairs to the long bridge. If you take a left and fall a few cliffs towards the (13, -546) coordinates, you’ll reach a Black Marketeer standing in the open.

3. Near the Frozen Wings Fast-Travel Point

Once you spawn at the Frozen Wings fast-travel point, go up the white stairs and head east. You’ll see a waterfall and a small ravine. Cross the ravine and climb the rocks facing east. You’ll appear in an open space with trees and the Black Marketeer standing in the open at (143, -362) coordinates.

4. Under the Bridge Near the Winged Tyrant Fast Travel Point

You’ll see a bridge right in front when you spawn at the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant fast travel point. Walk till the end of the bridge, and look below (-278, -167). You’ll see an entrance to an abandoned mineshaft. Jump off the bridge, and you’ll see a Black Marketeer sheltered inside.

5. On a Beach of Eastern Wind Island

Another simple-to-access Black Marketeer in Palworld exists on one of the Northeastern islands. If you head to the (466, -123) coordinates and jump down the cliffs, you’ll immediately see a Black Marketeer in the open on the beach. This is probably one of the easier-to-track merchants you can get in-game.

6. Astral Mountains Cliffside

Spawn at the Icy Weasel fast-travel point and start following the road. Keep following it till you reach the cliffside. There, you’ll see the marketeer standing near the cliff at the (-37, 218) coordinates.

7. On a Cliffside near Sand Dunes

Spawn at the Snowy Mountain Fork spawn point and start moving north. Keep following the roads and hills until you reach the (144, 174) coordinates. You’ll see a sharp cliff pointing towards the sea if you reach the area. On top of it, the Black marketeer valiantly stands alone.

8. Beside the Duneshelter

When you reach the late-game sandy dunes biome, you will find the NPC hub Duneshelter. It is located at the (356, 348) coordinates. After activating the fast-travel point, take a right instead of entering the ruins. If you reach the (351, 369) area, you’ll find a Black Marketeer standing on the cliff.

9. East of the Duneshelter

Look towards the east of Duneshelter and start moving towards two large rocks. A passage exists between the two mountains when you reach the (496, 347) coordinates. If you take this passage, you’ll reach another abandoned mineshaft. Enter this to reach another Black Marketeer in Palworld.

We hope you can find and track down the Black Marketeers to get your desired Pal from this guide. Do you know a Black Marketeer location that we might’ve missed? Tell us in the comments below.

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