30 Hidden Google Easter Eggs You've Should Try in 2019

50 Hidden Google Easter Eggs You Should See

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past 20-odd years and have access to the Internet, then you know exactly what Google is. It’s possibly the best search engine out there, helping you access all the information you need, and you may already be familiar with this fact. You may have also noticed how the Google Doodles change to signify an occasion, but did you know there are secret search queries that present you with some strange or cool results. Well, the secret queries are Google Easter eggs that the comapny has strewed across its platform. If you’ve recently come across one of them and have been on the hunt for more Google Easter eggs, we have compiled a list of 50 hidden Google Easter eggs right here.

Best Google Easter Eggs (2020)

Google Easter Eggs are scattered across different Google services including Google Doc, Google Search, and more. We have divided this post into multiple sections to help you find cool Google Easter eggs by services. We have also create a Latest section as the company releases exceptional Google Easter Eggs from time to time which are deleted after a limited time.

Latest Google Easter Eggs

Cha Cha Slide Easter Egg

To mark the 20th anniversary of popular Cha-Cha Slide song, Google has released an awesome easter egg. Now, when you search for the Cha Cha Slide, you will see a microphone icon. Once you click on it, your search page will go through the dance moves that are mentioned in the song.

cha cha slide

This is a really funny and incredible easter egg. The best part is that the easter egg works on both mobile and desktop devices. So don’t wait, search for Cha Cha Slide, and make your Google search page dance.

Easter and Easter Bunny

Google never stops itself from going meta and it has done the same with Easter. To mark the Easter festival in 2020, Google has created easter eggs for the same, just like it did with ThanosWimbledon, and more. Google has created multiple layers of easter eggs for Easter 2020. You can discover the first one by searching for Easter. In the search results, you will find the date, articles on easter, favorite easter recipes of celebrity chefs, information on easter traditions around the world, and more.

easter egg for eastr

The second and more fun easter egg is revealed when you search for Easter Bunny on your mobile device (iPhone and Android). You will see an interactive easter bunny that you can view in real-time using Google’s AR engine. It’s quite fun, so check it out. 

Easter Bunny

Friends Easter Eggs

Google celebrated the 25th anniversary of Friends by launching six new easter eggs, one each for the main cast. When you search for Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey, Rachel, or Ross (you have to use the full name), Google will provide you with an easter egg icon just as shown in the picture below. My favorite easter eggs are for Phoebe and Ross. In the former, when you click on the guitar, it starts playing the famous “Smelly Cat” song with a cat walking on your screen. In case of Ross, it recreates the famous “Couch Pivot” scene. We have linked all the easter egg pages below so you can just click and check them out.


To mark the release of the most anticipated Marvel movie ever, Google created a Thanos Easter egg dedicated to the main villain. When you search for Thanos in Google, the results show up an Infinity Gauntlet where you’d normally find a share button in the usual search results. It is the depiction of the Infinity Gauntlet wore by Thanos in the movie. Once you click on the Gauntlet, it will erase half of the Google search results,  Infinity War style, with dust animation, music, and all. Once it’s done, you can click on the Gauntlet again to bring the search results back.

Google Search Easter Eggs

Majority of Google’s Easter eggs are hidden in its most popular product (i.e. Google Search), and can be accessed simply by using a specific word or phrase as the search string. Here are a few of them:

1. Do a barrel roll

50 Hidden Google Easter Eggs You Should See

Wanna roll a little? Type in Do a barrel roll in the Google search box, and you’ll see the entire webpage rotate clockwise by a full 360 degrees.

2. Pacman (Solitaire/ Tic Tac Toe/ Snake)

50 Hidden Google Easter Eggs You Should See

Google sure serves you with the best search results, but it also knows how to show you a good time. You can enjoy some popular arcade games including Pacman, Solitaire, Snake game or Tic Tac Toe, right from the results. You simply need to do a search for any of the aforementioned titles and hit ‘Click to Play’ to immersive yourself in some fun games. This has to be one of my favorite Google Easter Eggs.

3. What sound does a cow make?

google search - what sound does a cow make

Google can help either you or your kids learn whatever sound an animal makes, simply by using a search query like, “what sound does a cow make?” or “what sound does a cat make?” You then have to tap the speaker icon next to the animal name to hear the sounds. This is one of the best Google Easter Eggs for kids as it’s not only informative but also cool.

4. Error 418 (I’m a teapot)!?

google teapot easter egg

This teapot Easter egg was designed to appease server and SEO enthusiasts and it was supposed to be an April Fools Joke back in 1998. It wasn’t designed for implementation, however, Google still did go ahead with the idea. You can check out the page right here.

5. Loneliest number = 1

50 Hidden Google Easter Eggs You Should See

Well, apart from spewing out numbers in reference to popular works of fiction, Google is also hiding another calculator-based Easter egg under its belt. It refers to “One” as the loneliest number, which could be a reference to Harry Nilson’s popular song under the same name.

6. Spinner

50 Hidden Google Easter Eggs You Should See

If you haven’t managed to get over the fidget spinner trend, well, Google intends to be in line with the times. It already displayed a number spinner when you searched for spinner’ but it added a fidget spinner to the same after they gained immense popularity last year.

7. Bubble Level

bubble level google easter egg

While many of these Easter eggs work both on the mobile and desktop, Bubble Level is a mobile-only Easter egg which turns your smartphone into exactly what it says – a bubble leveler. You can search for the same and place your smartphone on any surface to tell if its horizontal or vertical.

8. Metronome

50 Hidden Google Easter Eggs You Should See

Google is also quite considerate to musicians and has a ‘metronome’ Easter egg available via its search engine. Anytime you want an audible click while writing music or playing an instrument, you can now turn to Google for it.

9. Random Number Generator

50 Hidden Google Easter Eggs You Should See

Google also offers you a random number generator, which can sometimes come in really handy, but that’s not the Easter egg here. The search giant is hip and emojis are cool, so when you set the min and max limits both to 100, you’ll see the 100 emoji. And setting a max limit of more than 10 digits will show you a dizzy face emoji.

10. Super Mario Bros / Sonic the Hedgehog

50 Hidden Google Easter Eggs You Should See

If you spent your childhood with Super Mario Bros or Sonic the Hedgehog, then you will love this Google Easter egg. When you search for either of the two games, the information card available on the right shows a notable entity from the game. An animated question mark and the signature Mario points sound for the former whereas the Hedgehog rolls into the picture for the latter.

11. Atari breakout

50 Hidden Google Easter Eggs You Should See

Now that we’re on the topic of games, how about playing another one? Called Image Breakout, it’s Google’s take on the classic Breakout arcade game, developed and published years ago by Atari. To access this Easter egg, do a Google image search for the Atari breakout string, and the images in search results will turn into colorful bricks, which you can smash with the ball, while bouncing it off the paddle. If you manage to finish the game, the search automatically redirects to results from any random Image search.

12. Zerg rush

zerg rush

This Google Easter Egg is especially fun. Search for Zerg rush, and your search results will be attacked from all sides by hordes of O alphabets. The Os can be destroyed by clicking on them repeatedly. The game ends either when all the search results have been destroyed, or when you’ve defeated all the Os. The high score can be shared as well.

13. Askew

zerg rush

Don’t like things to be symmetrical? This is just the Easter egg for you. Key in Askew as the search term, and the entire webpage will be skewed, or tilted to the right side.

14. Google in 1998

50 Hidden Google Easter Eggs You Should See

Like pretty much all great things, Google also had humble beginnings, when it started off in 1998. Wanna know how the most popular search engine looked back then? Use Google in 1998 as the search phrase, and go back in time.

15. Flip a coin

50 Hidden Google Easter Eggs You Should See

No matter how big or small a dispute is, it can always be sorted out by flipping (or tossing) a coin. And thanks to this Easter egg, you don’t even need to have one in your pocket to toss. Search for Flip a coin, and see whether you get Heads or Tails.

16. Roll a die

roll a die - google search

There are numerous games that involve rolling the ever familiar six faced die. And having Google do that for you just makes it that much cooler. All you have to do is run a search for Roll a die, and you’ll get a random number from 1 to 6.

17. Google gravity

google gravity

Even the world’s most popular search engine can’t escape from the pull of gravity, and that is something clearly evinced by this Easter egg. Go to google.com, type in Google Gravity, and click on the “I am Feeling Lucky” button. You’ll see the webpage’s UI elements crumble to the base, all thanks to gravity. But that’s not all, there are various other commands you can type in search engine like “Google Reverse Gravity”, “Google Underwater Gravity”, and more which do fun and random stuff to your Google homepage. Here are some of the best Google Gravity search terms you should try.

  • Google Gravity
  • Google Reverse Gravity
  • Google Underwater Gravity
  • Google Guitar
  • Google Gravity Sphere
  • Google Space
  • Google Tilt
  • Google Gravity Mirror
  • Google Flat Fall

18. Once in a blue moon

50 Hidden Google Easter Eggs You Should See

Often Once in a blue moon is a phrase associated with events that almost never happen, or happen rarely. But that’s a vague term, and one that Google finds irksome. Search for Once in a blue moon, and find out exactly how much it actually is (hint: It’s in Hertz).

19. Blink HTML

50 Hidden Google Easter Eggs You Should See

How’d you like your search results blinking at you? That might sound a little weird, but it’s actually a reference to the namesake tag. Use Blink HTML as the search string, and all the occurrences of the words Blink and HTML in the search results will start blinking. How cool is that?

20. Anagram

anagram google search

They might not seem much, but Anagrams (words that are formed by re-arranging the letters of existing words) can be a lot of fun. So much, that Google has an Easter egg dedicated to them. Search for Anagram, and apart from the relevant search results, Google will also question whether you meant Nag a ram (which is an anagram formed by re-arranging the letters of the word anagram itself).

21. Recursion

50 Hidden Google Easter Eggs You Should See

The practice of recursion involves repeated application of certain recurring procedures. So when you run a Google search for Recursion, Google asks whether you meant to search for, you guessed it right, Recursion.

22. (sqrt(cos(x))*cos(500*x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.4)*(3-x*x)^0.1

50 Hidden Google Easter Eggs You Should See

No, the seemingly complicated mathematical expression referenced in this point’s title isn’t some random stuff. In fact, when this expression is plotted on a graph, it creates the shape of a heart. Unbelievable? Search (sqrt(cos(x))*cos(500*x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.4)*(3-x*x)^0.1, and see for yourself.

23. Answer to life the universe and everything

50 Hidden Google Easter Eggs You Should See

If someone is seeking the meaning of topics such as the life and universe, one would assume the answer to be extremely complicated. But the answer is actually extremely simple, if you try to look it up on Google. This Easter egg is an ode to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series by Douglas Adams. Search with the phrase Answer to life the universe and everything, and you’ll get the answer as 42.

24. Bletchley park

bletchley park google search

Secret codes and phrases have always been used in the past to communicate sensitive information, especially during wars and other such conflicts. Bletchley park was actually the home for the British code-breakers during World War Two. And a Google Easter egg perfectly pays homage to the importance of the location and the people who worked there. Search Bletchley park, and the you’ll see the Google search information card on the right play an animated alphanumeric code sequence, eventually spelling out Bletchley park.

25. Hacker, Pirate, and Pig Latin interfaces

pirate interface google search

We generally use Google in our native tongue, but the search engine offers you the option to choose from a variety of different languages. And some of them can be really fun, such as Pirate, Hacker, Klingon, or even Pig Latin, if you understand the lingo. You can activate any of these languages by heading to ‘Settings -> Languages’ from the bottom right on Google’s homepage.

26. Text Adventure

50 Hidden Google Easter Eggs You Should See

Google has always been good with Easter eggs, but the hidden Text Adventure game will have to be my favorite. It sees a “Big Blue G” looking for all its remaining colored friends from the Google logo and it’s a pleasant little secret for adventurers.

To start this game, you will have to search for “text adventure” (without the quotes) and open the Javascript developer console by pressing Command+Option+J on your Mac, or Ctrl+Shift+J on Windows. Here you’ll see a prompt, asking you to type “yes” to start the game.

27. Festivus

50 Hidden Google Easter Eggs You Should See

This Easter egg is a reference to the Festivus holiday (a parody holiday meant as an alternative to the pressures and gatherings of the Christmas holidays season), which features an aluminium Festivus pole. Search Google for Festivus, and you’ll see the Festivus pole appear at the left of the search results page.

28. Hanukkah/Christmas

hannukah and christmas google search

Hanukkah and Christmas are probably the most important festivals/holidays for Jews and Christians respectively all around the globe. And if you happen to be in a festive mood, Google can help make things better. Search for Christmas or Hanukkah, and a gorgeous looking thematic header will be overlaid on the top of the search results.

Google Docs Easter Eggs

The online collaborative productivity suite of Google also has some really neat Easter eggs of its own hidden in it. Here are some:


lgbt pride

The LGBT community has faced discrimination for a really long time, and even though things are steadily improving, there’s much work left to be done. And thanks to this Google Docs Easter egg, showing off your LGBT pride is easier than ever. Simply open up a blank Google Spreadsheet, and type in the five letters of the word PRIDE in five adjacent cells, one letter in each cell. As soon as you do that, the columns will be highlighted in the different rainbow colors, symbolic of the LGBT community.

30. Conway’s Game of Life

50 Hidden Google Easter Eggs You Should See

Conway’s Game of Life is an amazing game, devised by British mathematician John Horton Conway comprises of cells and how they interact with their neighbors. If you want to give this game a shot, well, you cannot as you’re merely a spectator to the blue-gray cells that show up over the search results. However, if you want to try an interactive version of the game, then head to Google Docs and press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E, followed by Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C, to launch the table where you can try out Conway’s Game of Life.

A Cool Assortments of a Variety of Easter Eggs

In this section, we’ve compiled 20 cool Easter eggs. From light-hearted games to curiosity-driven eggs, it’s got plenty to tickle your fancy. Here we go!

31. The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything

This one has long been one of my favorite Google Easter eggs thanks to an interesting story which is related to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. In the book, Adams stated that “The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything is 42.” When fans couldn’t decode the meaning of that magic number, the writer said that it was nothing but a joke. Despite the funny revelation, Hitchhiker’s fans still think that the 42 holds several secrets up its sleeve!

The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything

32. Is Google Down?

Imagine a situation where Google doesn’t seem to be working on your device, wouldn’t you want to quickly find out whether or not the search engine is down? Most probably, yes. Save this interesting Easter egg for such times.

Is Google Down?

33. Nutrition Info

Whether you are a fitness freak or a health-conscious person, this Easter egg is specifically designed for you. Simply, write the name of any food followed by nutrition (i.e walnut nutrition) and carry out a Google Search of nutrition to find out all the nutrition info.

Nutrition info

34. Google Sky

Well, I’ve specifically saved Google Sky for those who dream to go for a long space voyage. This Easter egg is thoughtfully designed and allows users to explore the space with precision. From letting you wander in the wilds of the solar system to diving deep into constellations, it’s got a lot to keeping you amazed.

Google Sky

35. 3D Easter Egg

Just a glance at 3D easter egg and you would come to know that it’s pretty special. If you don’t believe me, simply hit this link to see an awesome spinning egg in 3D along with an out-of-the-box calculus.

3D Easter Egg 

36. What Sound Does a Dog Make?

I guess you are already wondering why I have listed out this Easter egg as there is nothing usual about it. Let me tell you that it applies to not only dogs but also other animals. So, if there is any animal which sounds you don’t know, use this Easter egg to know that.

What Sound Does a Dog Make?

37. Find Webpage Fonts

If you are fond of nice-looking fonts, this is your thing. You can use this Easter egg to discover a ton of attractive fonts. What’s more, it also allows you to compare fonts based on the precise fonts that appeal to your fancy.

Find Webpage Fonts

38. Converter

While many of you would be aware of this Google Easter egg, I think there are quite a few people who might not have come across it. That’s why I thought it’s worth mentioning it in this extensive roundup of the top Easter eggs. As for functionality, it allows you to quickly convert currency and mass. So, whether you want to convert kilograms to pounds or Euro to USD, it can get the job done for you.


39. Pac-Man

As someone who has a huge penchant for light-hearted games, I have found “Pac-Man” really fascinating. Simply, search for Pac-Man in the Google Search and then use the handy arrow keys to play the video game to your heart’s liking. Perfect for the times where the monotonous feeling is kind of killing your mind and you wish to get started with interesting gaming right away!


40. Marquee HTML

When it comes to hidden Easter egg, Marquee HTML is the one name that has never failed to amaze me. So, what makes it so fascinating? Well, when looking for Marquee HTML in Google Search, you will find out that the results count will move slowly move from right to left.

Marquee HTML

41. Find the Age or Height of Celebrities

While there is nothing striking about this Easter egg, I’m sure many of you would like to have it, especially the ones who have a keen interest in celebrities and wish to know almost everything about them. If you ever want to know the height or age of any celebrity, simply type the name followed by age or height and the big G will quickly show the result.

Find the Age or Height of Celebrities

42. Dinosaur Game

Times when the Internet is playing hide and seek and you don’t want the downtime to completely put you off, a game like Dinosaur can come into play really well. So, the next the internet connection goes down simply press the space bar and the arrow keys to kickstart the dinosaur game. As it’s pretty easy to play, you don’t need to go through any learning curve to master it.

Dinosaur Game

43. Spelling Numbers

Do you often seem to get stuck with spelling or reading a big number? If yes, this cool Easter egg can be the right answer to your needs. Simply, bring in the big G and then type in the number=English. Then, leave the rest to the search engine.

Spelling Numbers

44. Carmen Sandiego Google Earth

Have a liking for eye-catching animation? This is exactly what you need to not only explore top-notch animation but also indulge with interesting gameplay. To get going, search for “Carmen Sandiego” in Google Earth and then follow the Carmen Sandiego across the globe by indulging in the light-hearted game and discovering clues.

Carmen Sandiego Google Earth 45. Google Mars

Time to take a short trip to mars! Well, if you are wondering how it’s possible, let me tell you that this Easter egg can let you take a quick trip to the mars. Whether you are curious about the universe or love to explore the unknown, you should keep it in mind.

Google Mars

46. Timer

I bet not many of you know that Google has a hidden timer. Times when you wish to keep a tab on the time while working on a task, it will come into the picture seamlessly. Just prop out Google Search and type in something like “Timer 2 hours” and you are ready to go!


47. Valentine’s Day

For those love birds who are always on the lookout for something that can bring a lot of smiles on the face of their beloved friend, Valentine’s Day is the way to go. With this fascinating Easter egg, you will get a loving present for your Valentine with a unique mathematical calculus. Of course, it will be a bit difficult to decode the message, it can surely light up the moment.

Valentine’s Day 

48. Fun Facts

This one is primed for curious minds or someone who always wants to learn something out-of-the-box. So, the next time you want to learn something unique, head over to Google Search and type in “Fun Facts”. Voila! Google Will amaze you with an interesting fact.

Fun Facts

49. Google Moon

Ever wished to give a close look at the moon but give up on the idea so you didn’t have the tool to get it done? If yes, Google Moon is the right answer to your longing. To start your voyage on the moon, hit this direct link. Featuring 3D models of rovers and landers as well as 360° photo panoramas, this hidden Easter egg has you fully covered.

Google Moon

50. Baker’s Dozen

Last but not least Baker’s Dozen (aka a long dozen or devil’s dozen) is one of the coolest Google Easter eggs that I have come across. It’s also got an intriguing story wrapped inside. When you search for “Baker’s Dozen” in Google, the number 13 would appear would take center-stage on the screen – revealing and erstwhile practice of medieval English bakers offering an extra loaf when selling a dozen. It was done to prevent bakers from cheating customers and selling light loaves of bread.

Baker’s Dozen 

Ready to explore all the Google Easter eggs?

Google has a whole truckload of useful and insanely fun Google Easter eggs scattered across its numerous products and services. And as you now know, finding them isn’t really that hard, you just need to look a bit deeper. Try all of these Google Easter eggs, and see which one(s) you like the most. Know of any more hidden features that could’ve made the cut above? Do mention in the comments below.


  1. also, if you say “up up down down left right left right” on google’s voice search, something interesting happens

  2. Also, if you type the word “Awesome” while watching a Youtube video the bar goes rainbow colours.

      1. Basically, just type “awesome” not in the search bar or the comments. Just straight up type it.

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