Google has centered itself as the undisputed leader in the online industry and at least some part of our daily online activity is dependent on Google’s services. Over a whopping 100+ web-based and hardware products under it, it is fair to say that Google’s services have taken over our digital lives. Seamless syncing of user data between different products and services, is what makes Google an ever better organizer of data online.

But there are a few trade-off’s to be considered before basing all your online activity on Google’s services.

Why the need for Google Alternatives?

Although Google is the de facto industry standard for web search and is also used as a verb for web search engine, it has got some kinks to it. As Google preaches, ‘Don’t do evil!’, sadly, they do have the presence of a bit of notoriety on the web. Putting all your online activity eggs in a single basket would definitely not recommended and there are a few other key reasons to consider Google Alternatives.

Google has numerous accusations for manipulating search results in their own favor. Yelp even went on to hire Tim Wu, the father of net neutrality to prove that Google’s search results are biased. Also, Google has been displaying a major portion of the search results bombarded with ads of lately. The death of white space and ad-infused Google is not what many online users would wish for.

Apart from all of this, Google also keeps a track of what all their users are searching, to display better ads; or so they say! If you do not want an internet giant to easily renounce your online activity, you might want to take a look at some Google Alternatives, with better privacy assured.

Top 10 Google Alternatives for Search

So, whatever your case might be, if you are looking for a better alternative to the ubiquitous Google Search, here are the 10 Best Google Alternatives.

1. Bing

Bing Search Engine

Although Google, as of now has a search market share of 64.5%, the second biggest search engine in the US currently is Bing, with a market share of 19.8%. Backed by Microsoft, Bing Search Engine now even powers the search results pulled up by Yahoo! Search. Bing’s homepage has an ever-changing background consisting of places, animals, people, sports, etc. Among some of the key capabilities of Bing include the ability for operating calculations, Sports scores, Flight tracking, Products shopping, Translate, Conversions, Spell check and more.

Bing also does feature Bing Ads, Bing Events, Bing Finance and more according to the task at hand. Bing also integrates easily with Facebook and into Apple and Windows-based devices. Also featuring its own standalone mobile applications, Bing is easily one of the best Google Alternatives.

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2. DuckDuckGo


DuckDuckGo is one of the fastest growing web search engines, which has gained particularly because of its plans on maintaining user privacy. DuckDuckGo aggregates its results from many different sources and it does not keep track of your searches, to show you personalized results. DuckDuckGo aggregates results from Bing, Yandex and other engines and displays them privately to the end user. This is entirely open-source and the code is even available on GitHub.

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DuckDuckGo features strictly one-ad-a-page revenue model. Its proxy based search engine meant that the user’s search requires are left untracked and it also features a Voice Search. All in all, DuckDuckGo quickly gained attention from users who were not willing to sacrifice their privacy on the web. Recently, Mozilla Firefox has been added with DuckDuckGo as a search option for the user.

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3. Yahoo! Search

Yahoo! Search

After playing trials with different search engines to power their own Web search, Yahoo! have now partnered up with Microsoft to use Bing search results for their web engine. Now powered entirely by Bing, Yahoo! Search provides access in up to 38 International languages and is now officially the search engine that comes with Mozilla Firefox.

Although it wouldn’t make sense for normal users to be precarious of handing all of their online data to Google, Yahoo! Search steps in as a better alternative, with an interface that will make you forget you are not even Googling! Yahoo Answers and Yahoo Finance are a wealth of information on niche topics and now the recent purchase and integration of Flickr made them even with Google on the Image front. Yahoo! still offers a better privacy to their users and Yahoo Local and Yahoo Weather are other most often used services.

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4. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha

If you were on the impression that Wolfram Alpha is just for the Math geeks, think again. Although it is primarily a computational algorithm mechanism, it is also a powerful search engine. Wolfram Alpha mainly curates its data, instead of caching web pages. This search engine curates data from a lot of reputed and trustworthy college publications/libraries, Crunchbase, FAA, Best Buy and many other sources.

Wolfram Alpha comes up with results which are computational facts. On the home screen are some of the examples of searches through which Wolfram Alpha could assist in. If you look up a University on Wolfram Alpha, it curates all of the key information like the Enrollment numbers/Tuition Fees/location, etc. and all the essential data curated and presented in a single spot.

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5. is still more of a question-answer community rather than a full-blown search engine, but you could find answers to a wide variety of search queries here. closed its doors on Web search in 2009 and became completely focused on its original mission of providing a Questions-and-Answer community. now has outsourced all of its Tech and Q&A management work to provide a network where a wide variety of questions ranging in different fields of interest to be answered adequately.

You can find topics ranging from Art & Literature, Geography, Education and Politics to Technology, Science and Business queries answered here. is one of the great alternatives to Google in the sense of finding human-edited content that is strictly to the point and is better organized.

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6. Yandex


Yandex is a Russian-based company providing Search and other such services on the web. With over 150 Million search queries operated per day by Yandex, it is the fourth largest Web Search engine in the World and the leading search engine in Russia. Although it does feature a English localized version, is by far the most popular search engine.

Yandex provides its users with lots of services like Images, Videos, Mail, Maps, Metrica (Equivalent of Google Analytics) and Yandex browser; in addition to its Mobile apps, Yandex Disk (Cloud storage), Translate, Market, Money and more. These full-fledged services offered by Yandex make it easily one of the best alternatives to Google. Also, Yandex is the default Search engine on the Mozilla Firefox browser for users in Russia.

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7. IxQuick


Another Web Search engine that takes on all the privacy issue associated with Google search engine is IxQuick. This web search engine stores none of the user specific details; no cookies, no query saving, etc. IxQuick only makes use of preferences, which the user can choose and they get deleted after 90 days of inactivity. These preferences can also be exported as a Bookmark, making the use of cookies pointless and unnecessary.

IxQuick also allows search of Images and Videos and with over 5.7 Million search queries per day, this network is one of the fastest growing web search engines. Supported in 17 different languages, IxQuick returns results based on its own version of rating links. These links are ranked based on the number of times they are returned by a search engine. IxQuick also happens to be the default search engine of Tor browser.

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8. Dogpile


Dogpile is one of the oldest web search engines to curate information, links, images and videos from other search engines. Dogpile curates results for your search terms by fetching links from Google, Yahoo, Yandex and other such services. Although initially it fetched links from AskJeeves (now and Bing, it has now went on to add more web engines to fetch links, videos and images from.

Some of the key features offered by Dogpile include Categories, White pages, Preferences, Search filters, Recent searches, favorite fetches and more. Dogpile also has its own toolbar for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, which provides users an alternative search from their web browser.

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9. Gibiru


While all of the above Google Alternatives tackled the issue of Privacy, Gibiru takes on Censored content. Do you happen to know that most of the content you look up online is presented after the removal of censored content? Gibiru pulls up all search results, including the ones censored for the general audience. While doing so, the issue of privacy is also well-tackled through its Anonymous proxy search engine.

Gibiru crawls mainstream media for your search query and presents the uncensored results to the end user. Providing complete privacy and uncensored content, Gibiru is by far the best Google Alternative as far as Internet activists are concerned. Gibiru also has a Mozilla Firefox extension, to make the search for Uncensored content painless.

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10. Internet Archive

Internet Archive

Although technically not a web search engine, Internet Archive does let users search for iterations of a website in the past. You can check how a website looked in the past, of your choice of selected date. Apart from just browsing through older iterations of websites, the Internet Archive is also a great source for millions of public books, images, software, movies, videos and much more.

You get unprecedented access to all of these resources for free on Internet Archive. Some of the classic movies and novels are up for grabs via Internet Archive. This non-profit digital library is a member of International Preservation Consortium, and this network crawls the web and archives valuable pieces of information.

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YouTube for Video Search

While a lot was talked about web search engines, where you enter a text manually, Google’s YouTube is by far the most popular website for searching videos on the web. The second largest search engine on the web, only second to Google, YouTube has by far the biggest collection of videos.

You may also look into other Video search alternatives like Yahoo Screen and Bing Video for your Video searches.

TinEye for Search by Images

For Reverse searching of images, that is, to search for content by uploading an image, TinEye is one of the best services. You can also find some alternatives to TinEye here, Best Reverse Image search engines and mobile applications.

Search for Mobile

Out of the services listed above, many of them do offer their own standalone mobile applications. You can make use of these applications to search directly from your mobile application.

You can find both Android and iOS mobile applications for DuckDuckGo, Wolfram Alpha, Yahoo! Search, Bing, Yandex, Ask Mobile, Dogpile and more.

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Now that we’ve come to the end of the best Google Alternatives, how many of these search engines have caught your attention? Felt any of your favourite Google Alternative missing from the list? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.

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Srikanth A.N. is a freelance writer whose articles got mentions from the likes of The New York Times, Kissmetrics and AllTopStories. He writes articles, novels and poems; spends most of his time reading everything he could get his hands on. He is currently pursuing his Masters from The University of Illinois and holds a Bachelors in Electronics Engineering from the University of Mumbai. He is a programmer, a motivational writer and speaker. Reach him at his social media profiles linked below.


  1. If you’re looking for a conservative search engine, try It doesn’t have the liberal bias. If your looking for a targeted search engine that lets you search from lots of different angles, try

  2. Ok, I’m coming to this conversation late. But I’m looking for a search engine, a home page and an email provider that’s free and that’s Conservative, or unbiased either way.
    I am not internet savvy and really only use my email, and do research online. I want something soon as Yahoo is trying to make us sign new terms of agreement that plug us into something called the Oath Network, but it really just sounds like a loss of privacy and security to me.
    Any legitimate answers are appreciated.

    • I use for my email. I also create quick apps on my cellphone for the above url search engine links with an app called hermit+. I paid for the pro version of the app which allows for the creation of unlimited number of quick apps. LOVE this app.

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  5. I was a google user since the late 2000’s. Now I am officially stopped using Google to see pictures. I use AOL currently.

  6. I am a big Fan of Beebom, I love Your videos on youtube too. I also wrote an article about the alternative search engines, and it was quite good for me to have a reference from your article. thanks guys

  7. There are only a handful of true search engines: Google, Bing (Microsoft), Yandex (Russian), Baidu (Chinese), Gigablast (out of date). Yippy appears to be an independent search engine and provides relevant, valuable results. Gigablast is a way out of date and fails with the easiest of searches. WolframAlpha and Oscobo are worthless.

    AOL (Google), Yahoo (Bing), Siri (Bing), DuckDuckGo (Bing, Yandex), Disconnect Search (Bing), Startpage (Google), Privatelee (Google, Bing), Gibiru (Google), Hulbee (Bing), Lukol (Google), MetaGer (Yahoo/Bing) are not search engines; they are proxies to hide your identity from Google or Bing search. The problem with Google (and Bing) is they are actively inserting their progressive liberal politics into the search results. Using a proxy to view Google search results anonymously will not change the biased search results provided.

    • I couldn’t care any less about “liberal, progressive”, or any other politics! I simply want answers to my questions, and google seems to get STUPIDER by the day! Example: I want a definition of the electrical term “mhos”, & the difference between it & “mohs”, which is a mineral collecting term. Google was completely unable to provide a satisfactory response!

    • Charlie, you accuse Google of only censoring conservative views, but if you looked further than your own nose, you would see that along with the Democratic Party, CIA/FBI, Facebook and Deep State actors, the entire neoliberalCon Corporate Stream Media are furiously attempting to kill off all alternative views from whatever political perspective they might come if they fail to toe the corporate, war-cheering line. As you see the Conservative thought getting squelched, I see the Social Democratic thought also being squelched. Our Constitution’s First Amendment does not protect our rights to read contrary views if the massive, but still ‘private’ news system fails to publish. The fact that our economy is now based on war profiteering means that fascistic thought control has to be the main goal of those very few conglomerized media sources left.

  8. Srikhan, seriously, are you the controlled opposition? You use FB, owned by the satanic and sixth wealthiest Jew in the world. (48% of the world’s billionaires are Jews yet there are only 13 million Jews out of more than 7 billion people. See a former Jew, for more info on the synagogue of Satan/Jews.) You use Google+, owned and founded by neocons/eugenicists. And you use Twitter who have censored over 650,000 accounts because they don’t agree with someone else’s “free speech”. If anything above is misconstrued by others as hateful, please remember, the truth has no agenda. It simply is.

  9. I am so fed up with all the liberal leaning “EVERYTHING!!” If a person is conservative they are portrayed as some kind of stupid, uneducated, cave dweller! It seems like all the search engines, all the news sources, all the newspapers, everywhere you look, its the same. Fox News to me is the only “partially” conservative news channel, and they have some very left leaning reporters as well! Shepard Smith is one, but there are others. I just turn it off when they come on. We “unplugged” from the cable and satellite TV systems but that doesn’t mean we are ignorant! Just tired of paying a high monthly cable bill to have hundreds of channels we don’t watch. The only problem with that is that Fox News is almost unreachable any other way! So with only the national news stations it appears we are in limbo for news as none of them are even neutral in their reporting of anything political. I listen to it on “Sirus” when I can and I watch their videos online, but I would like some “live” coverage if it was available. Online, I’m tired of everything being linked to FB which I block whenever I can. I only go on FB so I can see photos of my children and grandchildren, and rarely read or post anything on it except a positive comment on these photos. I don’t want Google, or Yahoo, or anything that primarily uses them as their main search engine, because of their liberal views and I don’t want to support them. I found this page by searching for alternatives. I switched to FireFox, but they also use one or the other of those two search engines. What is the alternative for normal people with conservative views who don’t want to be represented by the so called “Women’s Movements” with their pink “P_ _ _ Y hats, or the Marches against “illegal” immigration, or abortion of all those innocent babies? What search engine can we use that will take us to links that are not censored and not to only those that are liberal leaning?

    • I’m about sick of these biased search engines, it seems as many Conservative as there is we could find an unbiased search. There is one called Yamma or something similar that is okay but danged if I can remember the name. frustrated in Texas!!!!!!

    • Try as a search engine. It appears to be based on independent results and blocks pornographic results. Try Brave as your browser. The Brave browser was founded by a leading Firefox developer who was fired because of his conservative values.

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      • Wow….seriously Lynne. I know people who are 23 1/2 years old that lack sentience… The time to make choices is before sex and conception. Yes, I know…sometimes the woman has no choice in the matter and even at time faces a pregnancy due to incest. Still not certain an abortion is necessary at that point. I once heard a speaker share a story about a young woman who was raped by her father….she ended up having the baby and gave the child up for adoption…this was many many years ago….the speaker was a handsome, well spoken young man that thanked that woman for life as he was the product of that pregnancy ….God’s word states that He saw us in our mother’s womb…and that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. He must have thought of us as a person. Funny thing is, there are those who have no regard for human life, but will work like hell to save the life of a baby dog, cat, white snowy owl in the womb.

  10. I am so done with Google’s constant pop ups to sell chrome and to stop it I have to accept cookies. Since I use malwarebytes every week to clean up my work pc, it eliminates cookies automatically. Google is left leaning and biased like twitter and facebook so all I’ve left to get rid of is Google. Sonja, you are a fool if you think Fox is the evil monster. The truly great tragedy is the left leaning Hollywood brainwashing kids in TV shows, the news media and the business leaders. It is easy to be a fairy god mother and give stuff away. It is much harder and much healthier for a kid if you say no sometimes, explain why, teach them to live w/in their means and that things are earned not given away.

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  11. BING? Bing is just as one-sided as Google. You never see conservative FOX NEWS at all and never near the top of the list unless it has to do with war. Right away I knew this site, too, is not for Conservatives.

    • Do you think or have you ever been told that “conservative ” Fox News may not be so conservative since they are owned by one of the 6 elite one world order globalist conglomerates that have full control of ALL mainstream media which is clearly on a fast track gaining ground for the diabolical plans to enslave and control the ENTIRE world? Just a sincere question open for an honest opinion. Blessings, Sonjs

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