BMW Made a Crazy Electrified Wingsuit to Help Skydivers Cover More Horizontal Ground

BMW electrified wingsuit feat

With more and more advancement in technology, the dream of flying around in the sky independently is getting more and more attainable. We have seen companies like Jetman Dubai make full-fledged jetpacks for humans to fly independently in the sky. And according to a recent report, the UK authorities are now working with jetpack-makers, Gravity Industries to bring the flying equipment for the paramedics. Now, BMW has made a unique electrified wingsuit to help skydivers persist in the sky for a little more time.

The German automobile-makers recently released a video showcasing the wingsuit. In the video, three professional wingsuit operators jumped off from a chopper and flew around the Alps in Australia using these wingsuits.

BMW electrified wingsuit 1

Amongst these, Peter Salzmann, a professional skydiver was able to use BMW’s electrified wingsuit to get a boost and remain in the sky for longer than usual before opening his parachute. You can check out the video, which is pretty cool by the way, right below.

According to BMW, the EV division of the company, BMW i, has been working with its new-idea-testing division for the past three years to develop the wingsuit. It is a unique product that features an advanced rig mounted on the chest of the suit.

This rig is designed to deliver 15kW of power through two electric motor-powered propellers on each of its sides. These propellers rotate at a speed of 25,000 RPM and can provide high-thrust for the skydiver to move forward in a direction and cover more horizontal ground before needing to open the parachute.

Now, if you are excited to see this and thinking of getting one once it hits the market, then I am sorry to disappoint you, but it is not going to happen. The car-makers developed this special wingsuit as a concept product and mainly as a promotional tool for its next-gen electric vehicles. So, it is highly unlikely for BMW to make the suit available commercially.

However, we never know what the future holds, as one day the company might release this electric wingsuit for the public to fly around in the sky. Until then, we can keep dreaming.

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