25 Best Twitter Bots You Should Follow

From regular folks, to movie stars, to presidents, the insanely popular micro-blogging social network Twitter is used by just about anyone and everyone. As one of the top ten websites in the world, Twitter handles millions of tweets, re-tweets, direct messages etc. on a daily basis. But if you think that only “real” people use Twitter, you are kinda mistaken. Say hello to “Twitter Bots”, which are programs designed to do things like posting automated tweets, following random users, and more.

Now, because of how they work, Twitter Bots are generally considered as spammy. However, not all of them are bad, and some can be actually useful, and even funny. They are some of the best examples of use of artificial intelligence in our lives. As you might’ve guessed, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Twitter Bots that are totally worth following. So without further ado, here they are.

Best Twitter Bots You Should Follow in 2020

1. @HundredZeros

Amazon has probably the biggest collection of eBooks. But if you’re looking for some really good eBooks, they’ll probably be paid, right? Not really, at least according to HundredZeros, which is a Twitterbot that regularly tweets links to the eBooks that are free on Amazon. This is a good example of a Twitter Bot which helps its followers. If you are an avid book reader, this is going to be one of the best Twitter Bots that you can follow.

1. @HundredZeros

2. @DearAssistant

Virtual assistants like Cortana, Siri, and Google Assistant Now are super cool in our smartphones, but if you want some of that help on Twitter? No problem, as DearAssistant is there to help. Ask just about any question, and it will tweet a pretty detailed response quickly. You can ask queries like distance between two places, definition of specific terms, and things like that.

3. @WhatTheFare

Uber has revolutionized the way we book rides for commuting between different places. And if you quickly want to find out the Uber fare between two points, simply send a tweet to WhatTheFare, and the Twitterbot will tweet back with the estimated Uber fare between the specified pick-up and drop-off locations. All Uber cities are supported.

4. @wayback_exe

Ever wanted to know what came before the fancy websites and ultra-modern web browsers of the present? You need to follow wayback_exe, which is an amazing Twitterbot that generates screenshots of old websites in old browsers, and tweets them every two hours. It utilizes data from the Wayback Machine digital archive to do so.

5. @dscovr_epic

Although the entire space is incredibly amazing and beautiful, our Earth can be considered special, for its our true home. And what better way to start (or end) the day, than seeing that home from space? Follow the dscovr_epic bot, which tweets random images of the Earth, as captured by NASA’s DSCOVR satellite, complete with the time and location over which they are taken. The images are breathtaking. This is one of my most favorite Twitter Bots.

6. @MagicRealismBot

Magic realism argues the acceptance of magic, as well as its importance in the real world. And if that’s something you find quite funny, you are going to have a fun time reading the tweets made by the MagicRealismBot, which takes random practices or tasks, and over exaggerates them with some sort of magic. It might not seem that way, but it’s really funny.

7. @MuseumBot

Who doesn’t like museums? They are fascinating places, depicting the amazing relics of our past, encompassing everything from art to history. This is why the MuseumBot is one Twitterbot that’s absolutely worth following. It tweets a random, high-resolution image from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, four times a day.

8. @TwoHeadlines

Headlines are essential for keeping ourselves updated with the latest happenings around the world. But what happens when you take two completely unrelated headlines, and randomly mash them together? To find out, simply follow TwoHeadlines, which mixes headlines about two different topics and tweets the result. You’ll have a hard time keeping yourself from bursting with laughter.

9. @pentametron

If you have a fascination with poetry, especially the works of the great William Shakespeare, pentametron is a no brainer. While the Twitterbot does not exactly post tweets, it searches tweets that have been written using the Iambic pentameter metric line, and then re-tweets them one after the another. Sounds confusing? Well if you understand poetry and the nuances of English, it’s amazing.

10. @EarthquakeBot

Earthquakes happen all around the world, and cause major destruction to life and property. And while natural disasters are beyond anyone’s control, knowing about them in a timely manner can help. The EarthquakeBot is programmed to tweet any earthquakes that measure 5.0 or more on the Richter Scale, as they happen. Extremely useful, but this is one bot we’d want to stay as inactive as possible.

11. @_grammar_

Don’t know about you guys, but as a self-proclaimed Grammar Nazi, this is my favorite Twitterbot. And if the name Grammar Police isn’t still doesn’t explain everything, _grammar_ detects tweets that have improper usage of grammar, and then posts solutions. This one is a must for today’s social network addicted generation.

12. @MoMARobot

MoMA Bot is one of my favorite Twitter Bots on this list. If you are someone who is interested in modern art, you will appreciate this bot. The bot basically tweets a random object from the collection of the Museum of Modern Art four times a day. The best part is that the tweet comes with the link of the object on the Museum of Modern Art’s website, allowing you to check further information on the objects if you want to.

13. @netflix_bot

Want to keep yourself updated with the latest and greatest stuff coming up on Netflix? Follow netflix_bot, which tweets new releases on Netflix Instant as they happen. Perfect for all your binge watching needs.

14. @redbox_bot

Don’t care about the whole Internet streaming thing, and would rather keep up with the newest rentals at your closest Redbox retail kiosk? Follow the redbox_bot, that’s all about tweeting the newest releases at Redbox locations.

15. @nicetipsbot

This is a fun little Twitter bot which tweets fun little life tweets multiple times a day. The tips range from quite useful to hilarious at times. From spectacle cleaning tips to life’s most important lessons, you will find everything here. It will do you good to have these tweets in your timeline from time to time.

16. @the_ephemerides

Another one of my favorite Twitter Bots is “The Ephemerides” which tweets random RAW images captured by outer planet probes. The images are extracted from NASA’s OPUS database and are accompanied by random computer generated text which goes quite well with the pictures.

17. @year_progress

Year Progress is a simple little Twitter bot which shows you the percentage of the current year that has passed. While this seems like something really arbitrary, getting a tweet in your feed that tells you that 50% of the year has passed really puts things into perspective.

18. @tinycarebot

If you are a long time Twitter user, you know that it is filled with people raging over other people’s opinion. The bottom line is that Twitter can be a very hateful place so it’s good to receive tweets in your feed which remind you to take a break from your busy life and do things that you love. The things that it recommends are pretty small and doable at any time of the day and place. This is certainly a good bot and you should certainly follow it.

19. @IFindPlanets

“Newfound Planets” is a good bot which tweets about new planets and worlds and what they might be like. The tweets make me feel good and always tend to put a smile on a face. If you love creating new worlds, you will find this quite enjoyable.

20. @TayTweets

Released by none other than Microsoft, TayTweets is an AI powered chatterbot that actually learns the more you interact with it. Although in the short duration, Tay has caused quite an outrage with its racist and sexist tweets, it shows how much promise artificial intelligence holds for the future.

21. @MoMARobot

If you love art, then you are going to love this bot. The MoMa bot pushes four tweets a day, each containing images of random objects from the Museum of Modern Art collection. Along with the image, the MoMA bot also shares a link to the photo so you can get information if you want to learn about the picture.

22. @deepquestionbot

I love the Deep Question Bot as it never ceases to invigorate me mentally. The bot tweets questions that will make you think about the question in a different light. Some times the questions are philosophical, while others are silly. You are going to love having this bot in your feed.

23. @phasechase

If you love playing word games, this is the bot for you. The bot takes a classroom game and puts it on twitter. In the game, you start with a word and then change one letter of the word to create a new word. You repeat this process as long as you want or exhaust your option. You will be amazed to find how your last word is so far different from the original.

24. @poem_exe

poem.exe is a cool bot that generates haiku-like poems and publishes it to Twitter. According to its website, the bot uses an Oulipo technique based on Raymond Queneau’s A Hundred Thousand Billion Poems. Verses are selected at random from a corpus, and a single line is taken from each one to produce a new poem. I don’t know much about poetry to understand the concept but I do love the poems that it tweets.

25. @desires_exe

The Unconventional Desires bot is a bot based on a dialogue in the movie 50 shades of Grey where the lead male character (Christian Grey) says “My desires are unconventional” to which the lead female character (Anastasia) replies “Show me”. The bot uses these dialogues to create a picturesque meme using photos from the internet. Currently, it’s focusing on the Peleton Girl. A fun bot to have in your feed.

Cool and Best Twitter Bots

While the essence of Twitter is all about facilitating quick communication, the above discussed Twitter Bots show that it can not only be useful but also fun. We have mentioned some of the best Twitter Bots that you can follow. If you loved these bots, also check out our favorite cool websites, cool Discord bots, and some Twitter tips and tricks to enhance your online experience.

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