X Ditches Likes Tab for All: You Can Now Like Posts Without Judgment

X Ditches Likes Tab for All
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In Short
  • X has made likes completely private for all users preventing others from seeing what you have liked on the platform.
  • This change is made to promote privacy and reduce user's being judged for the content that they choose to like. judgment.
  • X CEO Elon Musk shared a post showing an increase in the number of likes since the update has been rolled out.

X (Formerly Twitter) has now made Likes completely private for all users and this new update is rolling out to everyone. The change was rumored for a while now and was confirmed by an X engineer recently. Previously limited to X Premium users, this feature will now be available for non-premium subscribers as well.

The change intends to allow everyone to like whatever content they want without any scrutiny or judgment. Previously, others could look at the content you liked on the platform by going to the Likes tab in your profile. The Likes tab now no longer appears for other users. So you won’t be able to view it in other users’ profiles except on your own.

X Likes Hidden

On top of that, tapping on a post won’t show you users who have liked it. Except for the person who originally shared the post in the first place.

In response to this new update, Elon Musk shared a post. He said, it’s “important to allow people to like posts without getting attacked for doing so”. The X CEO also shared a graph showing the increase in likes on the platform since the rollout of this change.

The response towards this change has been mixed, but overall, people seem to be positive about it. Users appreciate this move towards privacy on the platform. Having transparency of likes allows users to be more responsible, but also takes away their freedom to enjoy the little things, which is an opinion many have voiced on the platform.

What are your thoughts about X and its decision to make Likes private? Do you like it or feel the older system was better? Let us know in the comments below.

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