When Google announced their new phones, the Google Pixel, and Pixel XL, one of the major attractions was Google Assistant. Being the first devices to get the Google Assistant built right in, the phones immediately grabbed people’s attention. So, if you have bought the Google Pixel, or the Pixel XL, and are wondering what all you can get the Assistant to do for you, look no further. We have compiled a list of 15 cool Google Assistant tricks you should definitely try:

1. Start Your Day with a Daily Briefing

If you have used Amazon Echo, you are obviously familiar with the concept of a daily briefing. Google Assistant, too, can give you a daily briefing. This includes things like the weather, your calendar events, the traffic on your commute, all the way to playing the latest news.

google assistant tricks daily briefing

All you need to do, is launch the Google Assistant, and say “Good morning“. The command also works with “Good Afternoon”, and “Good Evening”.

2. I’m Feeling Lucky

I’m feeling lucky“, is a famous part of the Google Search interface. And now, it has debuted in Google Assistant, as well. I won’t spoil the surprise, but if you get a chance, be sure to check it out. Simply launch the Google Assistant, and say “I’m feeling lucky”.

google assistant tricks i'm feeling lucky

3. Get Google to Call You by a Nickname

Just like Siri, the Google Assistant can also call you by your preferred nickname. You can ask the Google Assistant to call you by a particular name, and it will remember to call you that. All you need to do is launch Google Assistant, and say “Call me Batman“. Saying this will make Google Assistant call you Batman, from here on out.

google assistant tricks call by nickname

4. Change the Preferred Measurement Units

By default, the Google Assistant shows weather in Fahrenheit, which, I personally find extremely uninformative. Thankfully, if you want to change the measurement units, you can simply launch Google Assistant, and say “change the default unit to Celsius“. The Assistant responds telling you that it will remember your preference.


Then, you can simply ask the Google Assistant about the current local weather, and it will tell you the weather in your preferred unit (Celsius or Fahrenheit).

5. Sing Happy Birthday

You can even ask Google Assistant to sing happy birthday for you. The best part is that it sings Happy Birthday in tune, and doesn’t sound like a machine at all. You can use this to make your phone sing Happy Birthday, the next time you’re celebrating someone’s birthday.


Simply launch the Google Assistant, and say “Sing Happy Birthday“, and wow everyone with your phone’s awesome rendition of the song.

6. Sing Random Songs

Happy Birthday is not the only thing that your Google Assistant can sing. You can get it to sing a lot of different songs, albeit at random. To get Google Assistant to sing a song for you, just launch the Assistant, and say “Sing a song“, and it will sing a random tune for you.

google assistant tricks sing a song

7. Netflix and Chill

If you want to binge watch your favorite TV show on Netflix, you can ask your Google Assistant to play it for you, instead of having to look for it yourself. All you need to do, is launch the Google Assistant, and say “Play Luke Cage on Netflix“. Obviously, you can replace the name of the TV show with anything you like.

google assistant tricks play things on netflix

If you don’t happen to have the Netflix app, the Google Assistant will simply launch the browser for you, and try to play it there.

8. Music

The Google Assistant can also play songs from your Google Play Music library for you. That’s not all, you can even get it to play songs from Spotify, provided you are subscribed to their service, of course. To play music using your Google Assistant, simply launch it, and say “Play Music”. You can even say things like “Play Coldplay on Spotify“, etc.


9. Stay Updated with The World’s Events

If you want to listen to the latest news, you can seek help from the Google Assistant. Whenever you want to listen to the news, you can simply launch the Google Assistant, and say “What’s the news?“. The Assistant will then begin playing news from the News sources you have subscribed to.

google assistant tricks whats the news

10. Subject Based News

If you don’t want to listen to news feeds, and want to check out the news about a particular topic, your Google Assistant can do that as well. Simply launch the Assistant, and say “What’s the news about Apple MacBook?“. You can replace the name of the subject with whatever you want to get the news about.

google assistant tricks whats the news about subject

11. Repeat After Me!

If you want, you can even get the Google Assistant to repeat whatever you say to it. This is not useful, like, at all, but it can be a lot of fun. To get the Assistant to repeat what you say to it, simply launch the Assistant and say “Repeat after me I’m Batman!“, and the Google Assistant will say “I’m Batman“.

google assistant tricks repeat after me

12. Real Time Translations

If you’re in a foreign country, and don’t know the native language, or if you just want to floor your crush with some French talk, you can use the Google Assistant to help you translate common phrases. Simply launch the Google Assistant, and say “Hello in Spanish“. The Assistant will speak out the translation, and will also write it out for you. You can use it to translate longer phrases as well.

google assistant tricks translate in real time

13. Toss a Coin

Flipping a coin is quite simply the most obvious way to solve any disagreements, Right? So, the next time you’re debating whether to go get Chinese, or French food, and you don’t have a coin in your pocket, don’t worry. Simply launch the Google Assistant, and say “Toss a coin“. The Assistant tosses a coin, complete with sound effects to go, and then tells you what the result of the toss was.

google assistant tricks toss a coin

14. Random Numbers

You can also use the Google Assistant to give you a random number, if you ever need one, and can’t think of it yourself. To get Google Assistant to generate a random number for you, just launch the Google Assistant, and say “Give me a random number“.

google assistant tricks give me a random number

15. Get Entertained

When you’re bored, and don’t have much to do, you can use Google Assistant to keep you entertained for a long time. The Assistant can do quite a lot of things that will definitely keep you entertained. Some of the things you can say to the Google Assistant when you’re bored are:

I’m Bored: Say this to Google Assistant, and it will give you a list of things that it can do to keep you engaged and entertained.

google assistant tricks i'm bored

Recite a Poem: Google Assistant is quite learned, when it comes to poetry. Saying “Recite a poem” makes the Google Assistant recite a random poem for you.

google assistant tricks recite a poem

Tell Me a Joke: If you’re in the mood for a joke, Google Assistant tells some really good ones. You can simply ask it to tell you a joke, and it happily obliges.

google assistant tricks tell me a joke

Here’s our video on the 10 cool Google Assistant tricks you can try:

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Get the most out of your Google Assistant with these cool tricks

There are a lot more commands that Google Assistant supports, and these were just the few good ones, that I really liked. You should definitely experiment with the Assistant, and see the things that work, and ones that don’t. You can use these commands to get your Google Assistant to work for you, and to entertain you when you need it to. If you know of some other really great commands for the Assistant that you think deserves a place on this list, do let us know in the comments section below.


  1. I follow all tricks But my Google Assistant cant take selfi and many others….. Tall me pliz what can i do..?