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20 Awesome Twitter Bots You Should Follow in 2019

20 Best Twitter Bots You Should Follow in 2019

From regular folks, to movie stars, to presidents, the insanely popular micro-blogging social network Twitter is used by just about anyone and everyone. As...

Celebrity Accounts Will Lose Millions of Fake Followers in Latest Twitter Purge

As part of its ongoing efforts to purge fake accounts and fight automated spam bots, Twitter has announced that it will remove all locked...
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New Study Claims Twitter Bots Swayed Trump Victory, Brexit Vote

Twitter bots propagating fake news, far-right propaganda and unsubstantiated conspiracy theories may have swayed millions voters in the UK and the US, a new study...
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How Twitter Bots Are Taking Over Old Accounts to Promote Adult Dating Websites

Bots have been a major nuisance for Twitter in the recent past and have played a major role in a number of significant global...
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New York Attorney General Opens an Investigation on Fake Follower Factory Devumi

Over the weekend, the New York Times published a detailed investigation report on Devumi. In case you missed out the investigation, Devumi is a...
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Twitter Notifies 677,775 Users Of Russian Propaganda Tweets, Removes Over 50,000 Accounts

While online social media has helped spread breaking news faster and more effectively over the past decade than traditional news outlets, they have also...
Twitter Blocked an Impostor Buster Bot Because Impostors Were Complaining

Twitter Blocked an Impostor Buster Bot Because Imposters Were Complaining

Twitter has had a troll problem for a very long time now. If you’re even half as active on Twitter as the company wants...

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