25 Best Minecraft Mods that You Should Try in 2021

30 Best Minecraft Mods You Must Install

Minecraft in itself gives you a chance to have infinitely random experiences with each new world being different from any that has existed before. Mods in the game take that experience to the next level. Minecraft mods can help turn your unexciting Minecraft experience into a fun time. With thousands of mods to choose from, we have mentioned some of the best Minecraft mods you can use to make your time in this sandbox game more enjoyable. The list below has been divided into various categories, including mods for a performance boost, mods to add Zombies and Pokemon to your world, and much more. So without further ado, let’s start listing the 30 best Minecraft mods for you in 2023.

Best Minecraft Mods (2023)

The mods we have selected for you are working on different versions of the game. As per our internal testing, most of these mods even work with older Minecraft versions, like 1.16.5 and 1.17.1. But, you can always check the download pages of each mod to figure out if they support your version or not. We have shared the download links and in-game screenshots alongside the overview of each mod down below.

Note: It is important to mention that the mods will be limited to Minecraft Java Edition because of the difference between Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition. The latter does not have Minecraft mod support if you were unaware.

What are Minecraft Mods and How to Install Them?

Minecraft Mods are add-ons or game-level changes to the existing Minecraft gameplay experience. These are community-based and free, created by editing the easily available source code of the Java version of the game. You will find thousands of Minecraft mods online with dedicated updates even after years of release. As for installing them, you need to create a folder called ‘Mods‘ in your Minecraft directory and place the downloaded mods in it.

Many mods will also require you to set up Minecraft Forge for them to function properly. Lucky for you, we have already compiled an in-depth guide on how to download and install Forge to use Minecraft Mods. With that said, let’s move on to the list of Minecraft mods that we have divided into separate categories to make it easier for you to explore.

Tools & Optimisations for Minecraft

These mods are focused on improving the overall Minecraft gameplay experience without making you feel like you are playing an entirely different game.

1. JourneyMap

Minecraft players share the struggle when it comes to unreliable maps and a complete absence of a HUD-based mini-map. This mod aims to tackle that with a detailed but small map placed in the corner of your screen. You can not only see the world and where you are heading but see the entities, including mobs present in the area as well. It also shows the name of biomes, which can be especially handy if you are new to the game.

Download JourneyMap

2. OptiFine

One of the most popular mods of all time, OptiFine is treasured by low-end PC gamers. It not only enhances your graphics in the game but also greatly helps in improving the performance with custom settings options. We have an in-depth article dedicated to getting started with OptiFine. It will teach you how to get the best FPS on Minecraft using OptiFine.

Download OptiFine

3. Quark

Essentially, the Quark mod aims to provide as many gameplay enhancements as possible without compromising the performance even a bit when compared with the non-modded Minecraft game. This mod offers a boatload of features, including improved mount HUD, inventory search, item sharing, camera mode, and more. You can read about all the features on their official website. From what we tested, it certainly delivers on that promise. Though, it’s a dependent mod that additionally requires you to install AutoRegLib mod as well.

Download Quark Mod
Download AutoRegLib

4. Immersive Portals

This mod is comparatively simpler than the others in this category but still useful for players who are getting started with making portals in Minecraft. As the name suggests, the Immersive Portals mod makes all the portals in Minecraft see-through. You still won’t be able to hear sounds from the other end until you enter the portal, but you won’t have to worry about stepping into your death (or a wrong location) each time you enter a nether portal. Also, as a bonus, there’s no waiting time when you enter the portal, and you land directly on the linked map location.

Download Immersive Portals Mod

5. WorldEdit Minecraft Mod

This mod is technically a map-builder but what makes it unique is that it runs inside the game. Yeah, you can use mathematical equations, shared construction files, and even 3D brushes to build and customize your in-game structures. The WorldEdit mod is the dream of any Minecraft player who is into custom structures. Since I am not the best builder, you can see an official screenshot to get you an idea of what WorldEdit can do for you.

Download WorldEdit Minecraft Mod

Entity Based Minecraft Mods

These Minecraft mods are focused on changing how entities in Minecraft look, spawn, and act. For those unaware, entities are any dynamic objects in-game other than the main character. These include villagers, mobs, and even animals.

6. LotsOMobs

From elephants and giraffes to cavemen, this Minecraft mod adds more than 45 new mobs to the game. All the mobs have unique drops that you can use to create new in-game items such as fur armor. It also gives you a ton of new blocks and matching items to make the experience feel more natural to the game. Unfortunately, this is an old mod and will only work if you run it on Minecraft 1.9.0 or lower.

Download LotsOMobs Mod

7. Animal Bikes

Official screenshot from Minecraftmods

Yes, this mod does exactly what the name suggests. It takes your ability to ride horses in-game and applies it to almost every other mob you have in Minecraft. From an ender dragon to a creeper, there are several creatures waiting for you to make them your Animal bikes. You can use this mod on Minecraft version 1.14.4 (came out in 2020) or later.

Download Animal Bikes Mod

8. Pandoras Creatures

If having realistic-looking animals in Minecraft isn’t your thing, this mod is exactly what you need to change those entities. This mod offers a small bunch of well-designed mystical creatures that you can interact with. The variety isn’t the attractive part of this mod, but the quality certainly lives up to our expectations.

Download Pandoras Creatures

9. More Dogs

As you can guess from the name, the More Dogs mod adds a variety of dogs to the game. Minecraft isn’t known for the types of dogs it has by default, but if you are a dog lover, this simple mod will make your overall Minecraft experience way more fun, cute, and wholesome.

Download More Dogs Minecraft Mod

10. Extra Golems

Who doesn’t love Iron Golems? They are the most powerful friendly entity in Minecraft and protect villagers and even you at some point in the game. This nifty mod enables us to make Golem beyond iron blocks. You get a choice from among 40 golems, ranging from glass to diamond. So yeah, you can make even more powerful Golems to safeguard you in Minecraft.

Download Extra Golems Mod

World-Changing Minecraft Mods

These Minecraft mods are heavy, serious, and powerful. They change the way you experience and play Minecraft. World-changing mods are also the most fun ones, and we suggest you use at least a mid-range PC to avoid any lags and stutters in the gameplay.

11. Pixelmon

The Pixelmon mod brings all the Pokemon games into your Minecraft world. The Pokemon don’t have the Minecraft drawing style, but they still feel the same. You can go on adventures, capture Pokemon, or visit iconic locations like the Pokemon center in the anime or game. The Pixelmon mod offers the whole experience of a pokemon world in Minecraft.

Download Pixelmon

12. Decimation: Zombie Apocalypse

No list of mods is complete without zombies, and Minecraft is no exception. This zombie mod brings a realistic zombie survival experience with a resident evil like city, blood & gore, and a huge amount of hungry zombies to Minecraft. You have to work with other survivors and not only survive but also find a cure to end the zombie apocalypse. This immersive experience makes Decimation one of the most well-crafted Minecraft mods of all time.

Download Decimation: Zombie Apocalypse Mod

13. Fossils and Archeology Revival

The aesthetics of Minecraft always make you want to have Dinosaurs and ancient creatures in it. Well, this mod does that and a lot more. You get 50 prehistoric creatures in a single mod in an archeological world, where mining trips quickly become archaeological studies with beautiful rare blocks. It’s one of the limited mods that can keep up with Minecraft updates and is still planning to stay up-to-date, so don’t forget to try it out.

Download Fossils and Archeology Revival Mod

14. The Lost Cities

Lost Cities is an aesthetic Minecraft mod that takes you to a post-apocalypse world with abandoned buildings and structures. Instead of a normal Minecraft world, you get to play in a well-crafted modern city with everything from a subway system to tunnels with ample loot. It has a lot of The Last of Us vibes but without the hoard of zombies trying to kill you.

Download The Lost Cities Mod

15. The Aether II

This Minecraft mod is a direct sequel to the extremely popular Aether mod. Once installed, the game starts in a world based in clouds with fantasy creatures and mysterious structures surrounding you. We get multiple new biomes, types of equipment, creatures, and overall interaction system within the game. If you are tired of exploring the same old Minecraft biomes and structures, this would surely be a good change of pace for you.

Download The Aether II

Gameplay Changing Minecraft Mods

The following mods don’t add new mobs or locations to this popular sandbox game. But instead, these mods make changes to the core gameplay rules of Minecraft. They are aimed to experiment with the way we perceive and play the game.

16. Physics Mod

This destructive mod implements real-life physics to the blocky rules of Minecraft. The literal physics mostly applies to the way we break blocks, and it straight-up looks bizarre if you have been playing the game for a long time. For instance – when you break a wood block, you won’t see a small block you can pick up. Instead, you will see different shaped chunks of wood scattered around.

Download Physics Mod

17. BiblioCraft

If the physics mod seems a little too much for your taste, BiblioCraft is the cutest little mod that you will try on Minecraft. It started as a way of creating bookshelves in Minecraft homes but has essentially turned into an ultimate furniture and storage mod. You can use this mod to decorate your house and take it to the next level. Who’s going to build the Antilla in Minecraft then?

Download BiblioCraft

18. Biospheres

Continuing the spirit of breaking how we perceive the Minecraft world, we have the Biospheres mod. It doesn’t essentially change the way you play the game in any sense, but it does provide us with somewhat spherical biomes. If you are a Minecraft player, you know spheres are a rare occurrence in the Minecraft world. But the mod looks appealing with planets like Biomes connected by bridges.

Download Biospheres Mod

19. Global GameRules

As the name suggests, this Minecraft mod allows us to set gameplay rules that are applied to the world when it’s loaded. It enables you to enter a more controlled world if you want to play Minecraft in hardcore or survival mod. We don’t get anything new in terms of gameplay but the Global GameRules mod enables us to change the existing game rules that are inaccessible in general. Some of these changes are health regeneration, the ability to avoid mobs and getting burnt by fire, and much more in Minecraft.

Download Global GameRules

20. No Cubes Mod

This is the most mind-bending game-breaking Minecraft mod that I have come across. Minecraft is known for its block-based gameplay, and well, this mod smoothens it all out. Yeah, no blocks anymore. As a player, you refuse to believe the game you are playing is Minecraft once you install this mod. The game doesn’t look bad, but it certainly doesn’t feel like the game you love in any sense. You can break your perspective by trying it from the link below.

Download No Cubes Mod

The final category here contains the best Minecraft mods that are too unique to fit into any other category. No one imagines or especially demands these mods, but they exist to make you question if this was even possible.

21. EyeMod Mod

As you might have already guessed, this Minecraft mod gives you a phone inside the game. Much like GTA 5’s in-game phone, it gives you some essential features and a whole new way to interact with your world. Rather than a phone, the actual in-game item looks more like a tablet, but it still gets the work done.

Download EyeMod Minecraft Mod

22. Portal Blocks

If you are a veteran in the gaming world, you might remember the popular game Portal. Even if you don’t, it had a simple concept, where you could create connected portals anywhere in the game. This mod gives you that same option by adding a portal gun and a whole Portal 2 themed environment to Minecraft. Due to Minecraft’s game rules, Portal Blocks is limited in terms of functionality, but it is a fun mod to try.

Download Portal Blocks

23. Computer Craft

This mod is entirely focused on bringing coding to the world of Minecraft. You might need some coding skills to make the most out of it, but even if you don’t, using a PC inside Minecraft feels nothing less than magic. You can download the Computer Craft mod from the link below.

Download Computer Craft Mod

24. Vehicle Mod

Official Screenshot

There is not much to explain in this mod. You get a faster way to travel in the world of Minecraft, which players have been asking to bring for years. The Vehicle mod adds in-game vehicles in a variety of shapes, colors, and form factors. Beyond traveling, they also help you farm, transport goods, and soar to the skies above. There’s also a fuel system to make it feel more realistic.

Download MrCrayfish’s Vehicle Mod

25. Instant Massive Structures

This mod is a personal favorite of mine because of the endless ways you can use it. Using this Minecraft mod gives you the ability to make massive real-life structures instantly inside the game. The best part is that you get over 800 structures to choose from. The mod runs on an older 1.12.2 version of Minecraft but you can use the worlds from that version in the newer game versions too. The structures use only the default rules and blocks to function.

Download Instant Massive Structures Mod

26. FramedBlocks

There is no doubt that the world of Minecraft prefers cubes over any other 3D shapes and while most players have gotten used to that, it is still a troublesome restriction for builders. The FramedBlocks mod tries to fix that by adding slopes, prisms, and a bunch of other framed blocks to the game. You can use it to create almost any polygonal shape with all in-game building blocks. Though, if you want to create a sphere in Minecraft, that’s a totally different story.

Download FramedBlocks Mod

27. Pam’s HarvestCraft 2

It has been a long since Minecraft added a new food item and this mod is going to fix that by adding over 120 food items to the game. From fruits to butter, everything is on the dining table now, though. Moreover, you get special crafting recipes for each of the new items. So, they integrate well within the vanilla game, and you also get a bunch of utensils and new tools to cook your food.

Download Pam’s HarvestCraft 2

28. Enchantment Descriptions

As the name reveals, this mod simply adds descriptions for all the enchantments in Minecraft. While it might look basic on the surface, it is truly game-changing for new players. Not to forget, even some veterans can get confused with a few enchantments that don’t have intuitive names, for example – channeling.

Download Enchantment Descriptions

29. Fastcraft

One thing that Minecraft Bedrock does better than the Java edition is optimization. Unless you have a powerful system, you are bound to come across FPS issues or subtle lagging. Luckily, with Fastcraft, even a potato can run Minecraft worlds to their fullest. So, whether you are using other mods or not, Fastcraft is a must-have for slower PCs.

Download Fastcraft Minecraft Mod

30. Little Tiles

While Minecraft lets you create basically anything in its world, it unintentionally applies a limit on creativity when it comes to detailing. So, you either have to let go of the details or make extra large structures to incorporate them all. But what if you could hammer down the large blocks into smaller cubes? That’s what the little tiles make possible. You can use this mod to turn a single Minecraft block into cubes that are 4096 times smaller.

Download Little Tiles

Install the Best Minecraft Mods to Elevate Your Experience

You are now ready to install these free mods and change the way you experience Minecraft completely. Do share with us which mod is your favorite or which mod you plan to install right away in the comments below. We are available to help if you face any trouble while installing the mods in your game, so feel free to reach out. Furthermore, if you want to try a slimmed-down non-modded version of the game, you can play Minecraft in your browser. As for fans who want to play something entirely new but Minecraft-like, you can try one of the alternatives to Minecraft like Roblox.


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