50 Best Google Chrome Extensions You Should be Using

The biggest advantage that Google Chrome has over any other web browser is the extensive library of extensions available on the Chrome Web Store. Of course, popular extensions are available for other browsers too, but the sheer number and the quality of extensions available for Chrome are unmatched. Now you can even use Chrome extensions on Android devices, which is super cool. That said,  since the number of extensions available on the Chrome Web Store is so extensive, it is difficult to find the best extensions useful to a user. That’s why we created this list of the best Google Chrome Extensions you should get in 2024.

Chrome Extensions for Privacy and Security

1. Click&Clean

Click&Clean is one of the must-have Chrome extensions for privacy and safety. As the name suggests, it deletes your browser history, URLs you have typed, cache, cookies, and downloads in just 1-click once you close the Chrome browser! The extension is a kill switch that you can press to delete the traces of your internet session immediately. Not only can it remove the aforementioned details, Click&Clean also offers an app that can clean temporary files on your computer’s hard disk to make way for disk space.

Install: Click&Clean

2. Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is a great extension that protects your online privacy while you are browsing the internet. It blocks spying ads and invisible trackers and ensures that companies can’t track your browsing without your consent. One of the biggest problems with online browsing today is the trackers that follow you across websites and generate information about you to deliver targeted ads. Privacy Badger protects you from such kinds of invisible trackers.

Install: Privacy Badger

3. uBlock Origin

While you might think that most of the information on the web is free, you are actually paying for it with your privacy. Invisible trackers track you across sites and deliver targeted ads. While the extensions mentioned above stop invisible trackers from tracking browsing data, uBlock Origin blocks those persistent ads from showing on the websites. uBlock also allows you to whitelist the websites of your favorite creators so that you can browse the internet ad-free without keeping a guilty conscience.

Install: uBlock Origin

4. DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

DuckDuckGo became popular as an alternative search engine to Google (Bing was never in the picture) as it promised users that it doesn’t track any of their data. Now, the service has also launched its Chrome extension, which helps users protect their privacy across the internet.

Like Web of Trust, DuckDuckGO provides a privacy score to each website and can even forcibly improve a website’s privacy grade using encryption. It also has a tracker blocker that stops advertisers from tracking you on the sites you visit. Lastly, the extension doesn’t store user data keeping your online presence safe and secure.

Install: DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

Chrome Extensions for Better Reading and Video Experience

5. Adobe Acrobat: PDF edit, convert, sign tools

Adobe Acrobat is perhaps one of the best Chome extensions on this list because of the expansive list of things it can do right from the browser. For starters, Acrobat takes over as the default PDF viewer, making the viewing process much more seamless than Chrome. However, what sets it apart is that you can edit entire PDFs in the extension itself.

This includes highlighting text, reordering pages, and splitting PDFS. You can even convert the PDFs to different formats and quickly sign them online. While the extension is free, some features need an Adobe account. Get started by installing this wonderful Chrome extension.

Install: Adobe Acrobat: PDF edit, convert, sign tools

6. Dark Reader

Dark Reader is an extension that brings dark mode to the internet. Whenever you are on a website, all you need to do is click on the Dark Reader extension icon, which will apply the dark theme to that website. It also gives you more granular control over the applied dark theme as the user can control brightness, contrast, adjust sepia filters, change font settings, and more. Using Dark Reader, you can get Chrome dark theme for any website you visit. If you love dark mode, do give this one a try.

Install: Dark Reader

7. Magic Actions for YouTube

This one is for people who spend most of their time watching videos on YouTube and cannot escape its vortex. I am one of those people, and the Magic Actions extension for YouTube has been a great partner in crime for me. The extension brings features like Auto HD (always play videos in HD), instant control over volume by scrolling the mouse wheel, Cinema Mode, 1-click snapshot, day/night toggle switch, managing watch history, and more. If you spend a lot of time on YouTube, you should give this one a try.

Besides Magic Actions, you can also look at Enhancer for YouTube, which has similar features in a much better UI. It supports customizable keyboard shortcuts, playback speed control, and more.

Install: Magic Actions for YouTube / Enhancer for YouTube

8. YouTube Rabbit Hole

YouTube Rabbit Hole is a not-so-popular Chrome extension, but believe me, it’s one of the best Chrome extensions in 2024 that you can use. You already know how algorithms lull you into clicking on likable videos taking you deeper into the rabbit hole. Within a moment, you are watching videos on conspiracy theories and whatnot.

You can install the YouTube Rabbit Hole extension to protect yourself from watching videos created by smart algorithms. It removes all the recommended videos, trending videos, comments, and more from the YouTube page. Note that the extension allows you to customize the YouTube elements.

Install: YouTube Rabbit Hole

9. Picture-in-Picture Extension

YouTube has a built-in Picture-in-Picture mode, but if you want to use the same PiP mode, you will need to install a separate extension. No matter which website you watch videos on, you can create a PiP window with this extension.

Install: Picture-in-Picture Extension

10. Controls for Instagram Videos

Controls for Instagram Videos is a simply Chrome extension that adds playback controls to Instagram videos. Once you install this extension, you will automatically get options like playback speed, picture-in-picture mode, seek bar, and a volume control option on Instagram videos. This makes scrolling through Instagram and watching reels a much better experience, which, otherwise, is not possible to the lack of media playback options on the social media platform.

Install: Controls for Instagram Videos

11. Read Aloud

If you prefer listening to long essays and articles on the web, then the Read Aloud extension is for you. It uses text-to-speech (TTS) technology to convert texts to audio, and the extension supports more than 40 languages. That’s amazing, right? For researchers and students, this is a must-have Chrome extension.

Install: Read Aloud

12. Turn Off the Lights

Turn off the Lights is another extension that is a must for users who watch many videos on places like YouTube. The extension basically fades the entire page while highlighting the video you are watching, giving you an immersive experience. The best part about using this extension is that it works for all known video sites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Hulu, Netflix, Metacafe, YouKu, and more.

Install: Turn Off the Lights

13. Pocket

Pocket is a read-it-later service that allows users to save articles offline for later reading. Apart from having a Chrome extension, Pocket has its own Android and iOS app, allowing users to read articles on the go. It’s one of those services which you never realize you need until you use it once. If you like to read many articles on the web, Pocket will be an extremely valuable service to you.

Install: Pocket

14. InstaPaper

Like Pocket, InstaPaper is a read-it-later service that helps you save web pages to read later on your iPhone, iPad, Android, computer, or Kindle. Although Pocket was the first read-it-later service to hit the market, I prefer InstaPaper over it because it offers a far better, minimalistic, and eye-pleasing UI.

Install: InstaPaper

15. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper is a great extension if you are already using Evernote’s service. While the web clipper can act as a read-it-later service, as it can save the offline version of an article and the entire article itself, I mainly use it as a research tool. As you all know, Evernote is already one of the best note-taking apps out there, and having a web clipper that can save articles, bookmarks, and take quick screenshots, is just a boon. If you are using Evernote, its web clipper extension for Chrome is a must-have.

Install: Evernote Web Clipper

16. Imagus

Don’t let curiosity kill the cat with this Chrome extension. With Imagus, you can enlarge thumbnails, images, and video previews on websites like Amazon, YouTube, and Google Search. Simply hover your cursor over any thumbnail or image preview, and it will pop up in a large size on the same window. Several customization options are also offered, which help you choose the image animation style and time delay for the image to appear once you hover on its delay. In my opinion, this is one of the best Chrome extensions for YouTubers and shoppers.

Install: Imagus

17. Google Scholar Button

As you all know, Google Scholar is Google’s search engine arm that indexes and searches only scholarly articles. It’s a great tool for students who want to find the source of the article they are citing. Google Scholar Button allows students to do that without opening a new tab every time.

The extension adds a browser button to access Google Scholar from any web page easily. Users can search inside the box which appears when they click on the extension icon and get the results right there. It’s a great tool for cross-referencing articles without going back and forth in different tabs.

Install: Google Scholar Button

Chrome Extensions for ChatGPT and AI

18. SciSpace Copilot

SciSpace Copilot will be a dream come true for those who are into in-depth research and analysis. This Chrome extension sits beside your research papers and websites like a companion. Essentially, the extension focuses on breaking down whatever paper or article you view into digestible concepts.

All a user needs to do is visit the document and tap the extension, and it will read it on their behalf. You can then ask it questions regarding the paper and even double tap any line or paragraph to get a full explanation. SciSpace Copilot works across various websites, including Nature, Google Scholar, Wiley, Medium, and many more.

Install: SciSpace Copilot

19. WebChatGPT

For all the amazing variety of things it can do, ChatGPT is sadly still limited to 2021 data. Even the all-new GPT-4 language model isn’t faring any better. And while ChatGPT is getting Internet access through plug-ins, that’s still some time away. However, there are a plethora of Chrome extensions for the bot that gives it power. One such is WebChatGPT which, true to its name, gives the AI chatbot access to the Internet.

WebChatGPT is an add-on to the bot that adds relevant web results to any query you ask it. The integration has been well placed as the bot intelligently reads the web results and infers answers from it. Users can also customize from various options, including the number of web results, time scale, and even the region. There is also a handy toggle to turn the extension off if you don’t need it. This extension is a godsend for those looking to get ChatGPT on Google Chrome.

Install: WebChatGPT

20. ChatGPT for Google

Since it was released, ChatGPT has exploded in its popularity. With people using the chatbot for practically everything, it’s no secret that we have a tab of ChatGPT open all the time. However, it can get annoying to switch back to that tab over and over again. However, one of the best Chrome extensions comes to the rescue.

ChatGPT for Google automatically adds the chatbot right inside the search engine. All you need to do is set it up once by logging into your OpenAI account. Once done, every time you search Google for a query, the extension will show up ChatGPT output right beside the Google pane. This applies to all kinds of queries, including conversations and code alike. So, install this Chrome extension the next time you feel like using Google and ChatGPT at once.

Install: ChatGPT for Google

21. TweetGPT

Artificial intelligence isn’t just limited to talking with a chatbot. If you want to inject some AI into your social media feed, there’s a way. Enter TweetGPT, a handy Chrome extension that connects ChatGPT and Twitter. The extension requires a one-time setup for users to grant the necessary permissions. Once done, you’re good to go.

TweetGPT helps users by automatically forming a wide variety of Tweets for them. All you need to do is click the robot icon, input your topic, and select the mood you wish to target. The extension contains moods like funny, snarky, optimistic, excited, smart, and more. TweetGPT outputs a Tweet within mere seconds. You can keep requesting new Tweets until you find the one you’re satisfied with. For ones who take their Twitter game seriously, TweetGPT is a good extension to have.

Install: TweetGPT

22. Promptheus

ChatGPT might soon be gaining the new GPT-4 model, but it still doesn’t support voice input which is a bummer. Promptheus is one of the best Chrome extensions for users tired of typing everything out. This simple yet effective extension adds the voice input ability for ChatGPT. This means you can easily use your voice instead of typing out your prompts.

As expected, the inputs appear directly in the chat bar, and the bot receives them duly. The extension hovers on the top right side of ChatGPT and will glow when you’re using it. For the folks out there with butter fingers or simply wanting more ways to interact with the bot, Promptheus will be a good fit.

Install: Promptheus

23. Wiseone

There are a lot of times when we read a complex article but understand very little about it. For those times and more, Wiseone is one of the best Chrome extensions to rescue you. Integrated into the browser window, Wiseone intelligently reads the entire article displayed and provides various functions. There are various options like summarize, suggestions, and even an ask me anything page. However, you can hover over any text; the extension will provide contextual information.

The summarize feature automatically shrinks the article into bite-sized pieces for users to sift through. The suggestions tab, on the other hand, displays competitor articles on the same topic that users might want to visit. Finally, the AMA mode turns the extension into the article expert. You can choose to ask it anything from that piece of content, and it will respond easily. If related information isn’t available, Wiseone doesn’t make things up and mentions that it’s unavailable in the article. The extension works across all types of content, including news, resources, and more. Check this one if you want a mini AI tutor in your Chrome tab.

Install: Wiseone

Chrome Extensions for General Productivity

24. StayFocusd

Everyone opens their laptops, swearing that they will be productive this time. However, the web is a big, distracting place with its own agenda. That’s why a few hours later, you have spent all your time on social media, watched a couple of hours of video, ranted on Twitter, got jealous of your Facebook friend’s statuses, and did everything other than being productive.

If that sounds familiar, stop everything right now and download StayFocusd extension for your Chrome. StayFocusd is a productivity extension for Google Chrome that helps you stay focused on work by restricting your time on time-wasting websites. Once your allotted time has been used up, the sites you have blocked will be inaccessible for the rest of the day.

If distraction-free internet is what you want, we also recommend you to check out Web Lock, another Chrome extension that’s an app lock for websites. You can block any distracting websites to stay focused on your work.

Install: StayFocusd / Web Lock

25. Raindrop.io

If you don’t use a bookmark manager, you should leverage it for maximum productivity. Raindrop.io is a one-stop bookmark manager that allows you to save anything from photos to links, clip articles, PDFs, webpages, and more. You can neatly organize all your bookmarks with tags and sort them based on many parameters.

The whole database is searchable too. Not to mention, Raindrop.io supports syncing, too, so you can access all your bookmarks on your smartphone too. You can find more bookmark managers for Chrome from our linked article.

Install: Raindrop.io

26. Kami

Kami is a solid Chrome extension for students, teachers, researchers, and educators. It’s a PDF and documents annotation tool that can be a life-saver for students and educators. You can import any PDF, image, or document, annotate it and then describe everything using the webcam. It helps you create videos on the go, as the company has partnered with Google Classroom for seamless creation and syncing with Google Drive.

The only con about this extension is that it’s not free for the most part, and you will have to pay even for the most basic features. Simply put, if you are a student who wants to create detailed notes or a serious educator making videos for the internet, Kami is the best Chrome extension you can go for. Besides that, you have Additor, which offers similar features without much charge. If Kami is beyond your budget, then take a look at Additor.

Install: Kami / Additor

27. Noisli

If you want to be productive but get distracted by all the noise around you, check out Noisli. Noisli is one of the best and most beautifully designed productivity companions. No matter if you are in an environment where it is too loud or too quiet, with Noisli, you can create and listen to your favorite background sounds to focus and concentrate on your tasks.

The extension gives a lot of options to choose from. You can choose the background noise depending on your preference, or let Noisli do it depending on what you are working on. It’s one of the best productivity tools you will ever have. Alternatively, you can also check out Rofocus, which offers similar features in a neat UI.

Install: Noisli / Rofocus

28. Marinara

Another great way to improve your productivity is by using the Pomodoro technique. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it states that you should work in a cycle of deep work and rest. The basic cycle is 25 minutes of work followed by 5 minutes of rest. However, you can change the time as per your capacity.

Marniara helps you in using this Pomodoro method by bringing a Pomodoro clock to Chrome. The extension not only times your work and breaks but also records it. The record is a great way to say how productive you have been in, say, last week or last month.

Install: Marinara

29. Grammarly

If you are productive on the web, a good chunk of your time is spent on writing things. Whether you are replying to emails or drafting your next article on Google Docs, Grammarly is an extension that can help you write better. It uses its underlying technology to identify grammatical errors in your writing, which any other word processor otherwise misses.

The best part is that Grammarly does this automatically and suggests the corrections in real time. If you are unsatisfied with its service, you can find Grammarly alternatives from our curated list.

Install: Grammarly

30. Bitwarden

While many password managers can help you secure your passwords, Bitwarden is probably my favorite as it is truly cross-platform, offers more features with its free tier, and is cheaper than most password managers. That’s why when it came to choosing a password manager extension, I went with Bitwarden.

We all know the benefits of using a password manager. Still, my favorite feature is the generation of secure and random passwords whenever you sign up for a new service. Other than that, the auto-login feature is deeply appreciated. If you are still not using a password manager, I suggest you do it right now.

There’s also LastPass that you’d see in a lot of recommendations. However, LastPass has lost its credibility after being hacked for the second time in November 2022. If BitWarden seems to be not working out for you, you can try Dashlane instead. You can also check out our list of LastPass alternatives to find other suitable options.

Install: Bitwarden/ Dashlane

31. Pushbullet

I have always loved the convenience of owning an iOS and macOS device. The way every service is synced across the devices is just beautiful. However, there is no such thing on an Android device. That is why Pushbullet is such a powerful service, as it brings the same iOS and macOS synergy to your Android device with the help of its Chrome extension.

With Pushbullet, you can reply to messages, chat on services like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, share links and files, see all the notifications, and do so much more. PushBullet is like having your Android device on your desktop.

If you use Android, Pushbullet is a must-have extension. If you find Pushbullet’s premium plan expensive, then go through our article on the best Pushbullet alternatives. I would recommend Crono, which is very similar to Pushbullet and is mostly free.

Install: Pushbullet / Crono

32. Todoist

A to-do list is one of the best ways to ensure you remain productive throughout your day. Not only does a to-do list make it easier to remember all your tasks, but it also helps you take things step by step, making it easier to tackle larger projects. Todoist is one of the best Chrome extensions for managing a to-do list on the go.

With the desktop and smartphone apps for Todoist, you can enter new to-dos on any device and have them sync across all your devices without a hassle. Plus, if you get the premium version of the service, you get many added features to make task management better and more fun. Todoist can also let you add websites as tasks, set reminders and due dates, set priority levels, and even collaborate on tasks with your entire team. If you want to streamline their daily workflow, you should check out Todoist for Chrome.

Install: Todoist

33. Honey

Honey is slightly different from other productive extensions on this list as it doesn’t help you get more work done; rather, it helps you save time in the work you are already doing. If you are a thrifter by nature, you must be spending a lot of time searching for coupons before you make an online purchase, and since most of our shopping is done online these days, that time adds up pretty quickly.

Honey saves you the time you spend searching for coupons by automatically applying the best available coupon while making a purchase. Honey is the best Chrome extension for users who want to save money and time.

Install: Honey

34. Save Image as Type

This Chrome extension is a lifesaver for those users who want to download images in a specific file format. Sometimes you download images, and it turns out a WEBP file. In such cases, you must open a photo editor and convert the image to JPG or PNG. Save Image as Type extension lets you directly download an image from the web in an image format of your choice. That’s awesome, right?

Install: Save Image as Type

35. Clipt

Clipt is a Chrome extension from OnePlus Labs, which makes it easier and more seamless to use devices of different ecosystems together. Once you have the Clipt extension installed and the Clipt app on your smartphone, you can easily share your clipboard between your devices. So, you can copy things on your laptop and paste them on your phone, and vice versa. Similar to PushBullet, Clipt also lets you send files between your devices more seamlessly, which is great.

Install: Clipt

36. Magical- Text Expander & Autofill

If you perform repetitive tasks like entering data in fields and sending the same emails with different text fields, this extension will prove to be a life changer for you. Magical – Text Expander & Autofill can help you create shortcuts for repetitive tasks and launch them with just a click. You can autofill spreadsheets and send customized messages without typing them entirely. Magical is compatible with emails, chats, sheets, and more. It is undoubtedly one of the best productivity Chrome extension catering to several working professionals.

Install: Magical

Chrome Extensions for Gmail Productivity

37. MailTrack

One of the things that made WhatsApp really popular was the double-green checkmarks, which helped users see if their messages were read. MailTrack brings that same double-green checkmark feature to your Gmail account. MailTrack.io has developed the extension, letting you know if the emails you’ve sent have been read or not. The best part is that the service is free to use forever.

Install: MailTrack

38. Checker Plus

Checker Plus is a great way to manage multiple email accounts from Chrome. It brings Android-style notifications to your Chrome, allowing you to mark emails as read and delete them. It even shows an iOS-style badge on the extension icon, allowing you to see how many unread emails you have.

Using the extension, you can easily switch between accounts without opening a new window or tab. Lastly, it allows you to run this notifier in the background when Google Chrome is closed and still show a new email alert.

Install: Checker Plus

39. MailButler For Gmail

MailButler is your assistant for Gmail. It offers features like send later, mail tracker, reminders, signatures, notes, message and email templates, and many more. I especially love the snooze features, which remove the emails from the front for a predefined time so that I can deal with them later.

Another handy feature is that it creates a handy opt-out button on top of every newsletter, so you don’t have to search for that pesky unsubscribe button. There are many features, and it will take an article of its own to describe everything MailButler offers. That’s why install the extensions and see for yourself how much more productive an extension can make you.

Install: MailButler For Gmail

40. Gmail Tables

Everyone who has ever sent an email knows it is next to impossible to create a table in Gmail. Well, the “Gmail Tables” extension helps you solve this problem. When installed, it adds a table button to your Gmail’s compose window, allowing you to access and insert tables easily. The table is fully customizable.

You can decide the number of rows and columns, the spacing between the cells, border size, table width, and even the color. Since I started using this extension, my life has been so much easier. No more adding links to tables or copying and pasting. Just click on a button and insert a table at your will.

Install: Gmail Tables

Chrome Extensions for Tab Management

41. The Great Suspender

There’s no denying that Chrome is a memory hog, and if you have multiple tabs open in Chrome, they massively impact your RAM usage and battery efficiency. That’s where The Great Suspender comes in. This Chrome extension basically puts unused tabs to sleep, or you can say it suspends tabs that you aren’t using. This way, it helps in freeing up memory on your computer. When you navigate to a suspended tab, it is reloaded, and you can continue browsing.

The Great Suspender was removed from the Chrome web store, but a fork of the original repo is now available instead, and it’s just as good and reliable. If you are a heavy multi-tasker and have tons of tabs open all the time, this is one Chrome extension you must install.

Install: The Great Suspender

Chrome Extensions for Customizing New Tabs

42. Start.me

If you are someone who likes to see all the web information on a single dashboard, then this is the extension for you. Start.me turns your Chrome New Tab Page into a beautiful personal dashboard. With this, you get instant access to all your bookmarks, favorite web pages, news feeds, notes, web apps, and more.

You don’t have to search for anything ever again. Open the new tab page and click on the app or website you want to open. It also has a cute little weather widget, so you always know what to carry outside.

Install: Start.me

43. Infinity New Tab (Pro)

Infinity New Tab (Pro) is a useful Chrome extension for anyone looking to make the most of their new tabs. The extension shows up a handful of frequently visited websites on your new tab page, making navigating websites you often visit easier. You can customize these shortcuts if needed, and the extension will even let you add a to-do list to your new tabs to make it easier to keep track of things you need to do.

Install: Infinity New Tab (Pro)

Chrome Extensions for Media Creation

44. Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder

One of my favorite features of Firefox Quantum, is the built-in screenshot tool that comes with it. It makes taking and sharing screenshots of your browser a really easy task. While Chrome has no such feature, download the Awesome Screenshots extension if you need it. It not only lets you capture a screenshot on your web but also lets you record videos if you need to.

The extension allows you to use screen capture tools to screenshot all or part of any web page, add annotations, and comments, blur sensitive info, and share with one-click uploads. That said, there are more such extensions (Screencastify, Nimbus, etc.), and you can explore all of them in our article on the best screen recording extensions for Chrome.

Install: Awesome Screenshots

45. Loom / Screenity

Loom is an easy-to-use screen recorder software for Chrome. The extension lets you record your Chrome window with just a single click and gives you an easy-to-share link once you finish recording. It’s the best way to record Chrome and share the recording with others without uploading the file somewhere.

Other than that, I would strongly recommend Screenity, which does everything Loom offers and adds new enhancements. You can add your face cam to screen recording, create GIFs from screen recording, edit videos, annotate while recording the screen, and much more. Simply put, if you have to pick one screen recorder for Chrome, let it be Screenity.

Install: Loom / Screenity

Other Useful Chrome Extensions

46. Teleparty / Scener

Covid-19 mainstreamed watching movies and TV shows together with friends digitally. Teleparty (Previously known as Teleparty) is a great Chrome extension for watching movies remotely with friends. The extension supports Netflix, YouTube, Disney Plus, Hulu, Prime Video, and HBO. Playback is synced during Teleparty, and you can chat with your friends while watching movies.

While Teleparty is limited to text chat, you can try Scener to be on a video call with your friends while watching videos together. However, accessing the video calling feature on Scener requires a premium subscription.

Install: Teleparty/Scener

47. ImageAssistant Batch Image Downloader

Downloading multiple images from a webpage is a painstaking task, as you must repeatedly click on the Save Image button. But this Chrome extension is here to make it easy for you. ImageAssistant Batch Image Downloader can detect images automatically on a webpage, and you can download them in a batch by selecting the desired images. The extension also offers customization options to download high-resolution images or save them in a particular folder.

Install: ImageAssistant Batch Image Downloader

48. Volume Master

This is a must-have Chrome extension if you watch a lot of media on Google Chrome. Volume Master is a powerful extension that lets you control the volume of the current tab with a simple slider and boost the volume by 600%. If multiple tabs are playing audio, you can use it to quickly jump between those tabs and mute the ones you don’t want to listen to. This is the perfect extension for managing volume on Chrome.

Install: Volume Master

49. Typio Form Recovery

This extension is for those users who want to autosave values in a data field in case the browser crashes or the computer shuts down. There are also other use cases. If you enter the same data values in an entry field, you don’t need to copy and paste them manually. The extension remembers those data values, and you can paste the data right from the browser. This extension has helped me a lot of times, and I think you should try it if you want to autosave general data like name, address, email, and more.

Install: Typio Form Recovery

50. Google Dictionary

As the name suggests, Google Dictionary is a simple Chrome extension that allows you to check the definition of words with just a double click. So install the app for a hassle-free learning experience while surfing the web.

Install: Google Dictionary

Bonus: Momentum

Sometimes, to become productive, you need a constant reminder and motivation to work. Momentum is an extension that helps create a configurable new tab, which gives you a moment of calm and inspires you to be more productive. The extension automatically updates the new tab’s background with a new soothing picture and an inspiring daily quote. It also allows you to add your daily focus and to-dos, which are visible on the new tab. It’s the best way to remind you of what must be done.

Install: Momentum

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    another VPN alternative is better net which just gives a little app suggestion as an ad in a small box and gives unlimited von usage, and some of the apps are also useful

  • Manik mittal says:

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  • John McEllis says:

    Feedbro is the best feed reader. Hands down.

  • Pandurang says:

    Informative article. Tunnel Bear VPN provides 500MB free/not 500GB…

    • Rupesh Sinha says:

      Thanks for pointing out. We’ve corrected the mistake. 🙂

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