Google Is Adding Three Cool AI Features to Chrome

new AI features in Chrome
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In Short
  • Google has rolled out three AI features to Chrome with version 121 released to Windows and macOS users in the US only.
  • New AI features in Chrome are smart tab organization, Help Me Write, and AI-powered theme generation.
  • Google has said that it will be integrating the Gemini model into the Chrome browser later this year.

Google Chrome has the highest market share among all the browsers, but Google has so far left it untouched, amid the mad rush to make everything about AI. But that’s going to change now. Google is adding three generative AI features to the Chrome browser.

These new features have already been rolled out to the Chrome 121 stable release on Windows and macOS. That said, keep in mind that the new AI features are currently available to desktop Chrome users in the US only. Here are the new AI features coming to Chrome.

Organize Tabs, Write Better, and Generate Themes Using AI

Google is bringing tab organization on Chrome, and it will use AI to smartly put similar tabs in a group. For example, if you are researching a topic, planning for a trip, or looking for a recipe, the new AI feature in Chrome can quickly organize the tabs and create tab groups automatically. You can use the feature by right-clicking on a tab and choosing “Organize Similar Tabs“. It can be also accessed from the top-left drop-down menu.

smart tab organization in chrome using AI
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Next, Google has integrated the “Help me write” feature in Chrome. The feature has been already available in Google Docs, and now it’s coming directly to Chrome. It will allow you to write reviews, craft a reply, or draft anything on the internet wherever you find a text box.

To use it, right-click on a text field and choose “Help me write”. Bear in mind, the feature is not part of the Chrome 121 release. It will be added next month with another Chrome release.

help me write AI feature in Chrome
Image Courtesy: Google

Finally, the last Chrome AI feature has been added to themes. You can now generate AI-powered custom themes based on your mood, subject, visual style, and color. You don’t even need to craft a prompt to generate great visual themes. Just select the style and colors, and Chrome will generate a suitable theme automatically.

generate theme using AI in chrome
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While these are basic new integrations, we expect Google to add more meaningful AI features to Chrome in 2024. Microsoft has already started calling Edge an “AI Browser”, and Opera has integrated a bevy of AI features into its browser. Arc is also experimenting with smart features to bring new AI experiences to Arc Max.

While Google has said that it will be integrating its Gemini AI model into Chrome this year, we expect the company to come up with fresh ideas to enhance the browsing experience on Chrome. So what are your thoughts on the new AI features? Let us know in the comment section below.

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