8 Best Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Alternatives for iPhone

Even though I do not fall into the bracket of a power user, I always like to carry around an extra battery pack on me. Especially when I’m on the go or wish to binge-watch my favorite TV series without any interruption, a battery pack comes in super handy. And that’s why Apple’s snap-on MagSafe battery pack for the iPhone 12 series managed to catch my attention right away. While almost everything about Apple’s MagSafe battery pack seems fine, the whopping $99 price tag makes it really expensive for most price-conscious users. If you also find Apple’s newest offering overpriced, check out these 8 best Apple MagSafe battery pack alternatives for your iPhone.

Best Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Alternatives in 2021

Before exploring the rivals, it would be better to first look at the MagSafe battery pack specifications, its pros and cons, and other details. It will offer you a better perspective about whether or not Apple’s magnetic battery pack deserves your hard-earned money. But if you are in a hurry, use the table below to navigate through the best alternatives for the MagSafe battery pack for iPhone 12 series.

A Close Look at Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Specs

Flaunting a compact design, the Apple MagSafe battery pack is convenient to carry. The smooth plastic finish offers a much-improved grip, but the battery pack comes only in a white color variant.

Apple Releases a $99 MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone 12 Series

Despite a measly 1,460mAh battery, the MagSafe battery pack can provide a full charge to iPhone 12 mini, up to 75% charge to iPhone 12/ 12 Pro, and up to 50% charge to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Well, as you can clearly see, these are not the best numbers when you compare the MagSafe battery pack to most third-party magnetic chargers for iPhone 12 series. They include bigger battery units, deliver extra charge, and that too at 50-60% less price.

Battery Capacity1,460mAh
Connector TypeLightning
Wireless Charging Speed5W
Wired Charging Speed15W
Wh (watt-hours)11.13
Volts (V)7.62
Charge per deviceiPhone 12 mini: 75-100%
iPhone 12/12 Pro: 50-75%
iPhone 12 Pro Max: 25-50%

The Apple MagSafe battery pack loses the battle against a couple of premium rivals on the wireless charging front (more on this later). Moreover, the battery pack’s 15W fast-charging capability can only be utilized in a wired state. That’s a huge disappointment, considering the fact that it is deeply integrated with iOS and warrants a top-tier price tag.

Hold on! The downsides of the MagSafe battery pack don’t just stop there…

Most third-party magnetic battery packs for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro support wired input and output via USB-C that offers more flexibility for charging other devices. So if you wish to buy an ideal travel companion to charge up not only your iPhone 12 but also other devices, Apple’s offering isn’t the right choice for you.

Why Should/ Shouldn’t You Buy Apple MagSafe Battery Pack: Pros & Cons

Now, many of you must be wondering – what are the upsides and downsides of getting the official MagSafe battery pack over a third-party magnetic battery pack? Well, there are three major pros that you should seriously consider if you wish to go for Apple’s battery pack.

  • First and foremost, the battery pack is neatly integrated with iOS, which brings in multiple upsides. For instance, it supports auto power on and shows charge status on the lock screen as well as home screen and Today View widgets. 
  • Second, the MagSafe battery pack is undoubtedly more efficient than any other rivals in the market. And with efficiency, I mean being able to hold power longer and fight out threats like overheating and shortcircuits with enhanced safeguards. If you take a close look at the total battery capacity (vis-à-vis the actual charge per device), Apple’s offering outnumbers its opponents.
  • Third, the MagSafe battery pack offers two ways to use passthrough charging. If you plug in a 20W power adapter into the battery pack, it will charge the battery pack as well as the iPhone 12. If you plug in via the Lightning port of your iPhone 12, both the smartphone and the MagSafe battery pack will charge via reverse wireless charging. 

As to why you shouldn’t buy an Apple MagSafe battery pack, there are three things I would like to highlight.

  • For starters, if you want an accessory with plenty of juice for both gaming and video streaming on the move, Apple’s MagSafe battery pack may not be the right pick for your smartphone. Clearly not for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which won’t get more than a 25-50% charge. 
  • Lack of a USB-C port means you won’t have the flexibility (of course without using an adapter) to power up other devices.
  • In an age where fast charging has become an essential feature for many, Apple is stuck at a tepid 5W wireless charging speed and 15W wired charging speeds. That too when you are paying an extravagant price, which feels rather ironic – if not too painful! 
Efficient charging solutionGrossly overpriced
Deep integration with iOS.
Charge status shows up on the lock screen and widgets
Low battery capacity
Auto power onLacks USB-C port
Slow 5W wireless charging

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Third-Party Magnetic Battery Packs

While exploring Apple MagSafe battery pack alternatives for the iPhone 12 series, you should consider a few important things. They are as follows:

1. MagSafe compatibility: All the magnetic battery packs included in this roundup are MagSafe compatible. Do not consider them as MagSafe certified. Hence, their charging speed is capped at 7.5W, meaning it’s faster than Apple’s offering. But most magnetic battery packs deliver only a 5W wireless charging speed.

Several battery packs in the market claim to deliver 15-20W wireless charging speeds. You shouldn’t pay much heed to these claims as they are only for marketing purposes.

2. Battery Capacity: Giving more priority to a compact form-factor and comfortable carrying experience, most battery packs come with a 5,000mAh battery. Though it’s usually better to have a big battery for a ton of extra charge, you should make sure that the battery pack is not too bulky.

3. Overheating Issue: Especially when choosing a higher capacity battery pack (i.e the huge 10,000mAh capacity ones), ensure that it offers safeguards against threats like overheating and short circuits.

Best Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Alternatives

1. Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5K

Anker’s PowerCore Magnetic 5K is a complete package and a notable alternative to the Apple MagSafe battery pack. Anker PowerCore sports a pretty lightweight and compact design. The rubberized non-slip plastic finish gives it a neat look and offers you a comfortable grip to prevent accidental slip-off. It only comes in a black colorway.

Unlike Apple’s MagSafe battery pack, PowerCore Magnetic 5K includes a big 5,000mAh battery unit and is compatible with USB-C. That means you can use it to charge other devices like Android phones and Windows laptops with ease. Moreover, it magnetically attaches to the back of the iPhone 12 series for secure wireless charging. In terms of the charge per device, Anker’s offering has the upper hand compared to the MagSafe battery pack.

In comparison to the MagSafe battery pack, the PowerCore provides more than one full charge for iPhone 12 mini, 95% charge for iPhone 12/ 12 Pro, and up to 75% charge for iPhone 12 Pro Max. So, if you are looking for an alternative that can deliver extra juice, Anker PowerCore could be a safe bet.

As for charging speeds, Anker PowerCore goes head-to-head against the Apple MagSafe battery pack with 5W wireless charging. However, PowerCore is not able to amp up the charging speed even when plugged in. While MagSafe delivers 15W fast charging when plugged in, PowerCore remains stuck at the slow 5W, which is the only major downside.

Moreover, PowerCore also charges through magnetic cases. That means you won’t have to remove the case before snapping on Anker’s wireless power bank. Even on the protection front, it’s up to the mark. Thanks to Anker’s well-known MultiProtect safety system, the battery pack can fight out threats like a short circuit and overheat. What’s more, PowerCore is available for just $49 compared to $99 for Apple’s MagSafe battery pack.


  • Well-built, supports USB-C
  • Solid 5,000mAh battery  
  • Highly efficient charging 
  • Charges through magnetic cases 
  • Comes with a MultiProtect system to fight out overheating and short circuit 


  • Delivers 5W charging speed even when plugged in 

Buy from Amazon: $49.99

2. Hyper HyperJuice Magnetic Wireless Battery Pack

While Anker offers the same 5W wireless charging experience as the MagSafe battery pack, Hyper HyperJuice Magnetic Wireless Battery Pack takes the lead in this segment. With a 5,000mAh battery onboard, HyperJuice delivers 7.5W wireless charging speeds to not only beat Apple’s offering but also most of its other rivals on this list. It can fully charge an iPhone 12 and provide up to 75% extra charge to the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Talking about the design, it looks slightly bulky with the rugged plastic shell. Thanks to the curved sides, the battery pack provides a better grip and shouldn’t slip off that easily. Also, the HyperJuice battery pack charges using a USB-C cable (12W In/Out port) and sports a power button and battery indicator at the top. Priced at a reasonable $40, the HyperJuice magnetic battery pack is a MagSafe Battery Pack alternative that I would recommend to everyone.


  • 7.5W fast wireless charging 
  • 12W USB-C In/Out port
  • Rugged construction 
  • Curved sides for better grip


  • Slightly bulky design 

Buy from Hyper’s Website: $39.99

3. Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack Mini

Another battery pack that can give Apple’s MagSafe battery pack a run for its money is the Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack Mini. This battery pack features a compact form factor and a soft-touch fabric finish, offering a comfortable and premium in-hand feel. You can choose between two color variants – black and gray.

Snap+ Juice Pack Mini securely attaches to the back of the iPhone 12 series using the MagSafe technology. So, you can remain worry-free while it’s wirelessly charging your smartphone. Boasting a robust 5,000mAh internal battery, it can provide plenty of extra charge to your iPhone. Mophie’s battery pack provides up to 1.25% extra charge to iPhone 12 mini, up to 1 full charge for iPhone 12/ 12 Pro, and 75% charge for iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Mohpie Snap+ Juice Pack Mini also offers 7.5W wireless charging speeds, just like Hyper’s magnetic battery pack. That is a big plus if fast wireless charging is what you are looking for. However, it falls behind Apple’s offering in terms of wired charging speed and offers 5W charging speeds as opposed to MagSafe battery pack’s 15W.

Additionally, it comes with an adapter to let you power up other Qi-enabled iPhones or smartphones, which is a big plus from a versatility point of view. You can also use the USB-C port to charge the Snap+ Juice Pack Mini or any other device. Add to that the ability to provide secure charging by keeping issues like overheating and short-circuit at bay, and Mophie’s offering becomes a worthy replacement for the Apple MagSafe battery pack.


  • Delivers full charge to iPhone 12/ 12 Pro
  • Pretty compact design 
  • Securely attaches to the back of MagSafe iPhones
  • Also works with other Qi-enabled devices 
  • Supports USB-C 


  • 5W wired charging speed is a disappointment 

Buy from Amazon: $43.10

4. Belkin Boost Charge Magnetic Wireless Power Bank 2.5K

Belkin is well-known for producing high-quality chargers for Apple devices. And as you may expect, the accessory maker has launched a proficient power bank that snaps onto the back of the iPhone 12 and offers secure wireless charging. With 5W wireless charging speed, Boost Charge goes head to head against the Apple MagSafe battery pack.

Equipped with a 2,500mAh battery, Belkin magnetic power bank can provide up to 50% extra charge to iPhone 12 (up to 8.5 hours of video playback time). Comparatively, this number seems below par as compared to the full charge delivered by Mophie’s Snap+ Juice Pack, HyperJuice, and Anker PowerCore. However, it should be sufficient for daily use.

Belkin’s magnetic power bank supports USB-C and comes with a 3.3ft USB-C to USB-C cable. Design-wise, it is lightweight so that you can comfortably carry it. There is an LED light indicator that makes it easy to know when the power bank needs recharging. Also, the power bank can also charge your iPhone 12 through cases and covers. To sum it up, Belkin Boost Charge is a good Apple MagSafe battery pack rival.


  • Can charge iPhone 12 through cases 
  • 5W wireless charging 
  • Lightweight design 
  • Comes with USB-C to USB-C cable 


  • Low battery capacity (2,500mAh)
  • Comparatively expensive 

Buy from Belkin: $49.99

5. Waitiee 10,000mAh Magnetic Power Bank

If you are searching for an affordable magnetic battery pack with a huge battery for your iPhone 12, you should check out Waitee. The highlight of this battery pack is the massive 10,000mAh battery unit that can deliver multiple charges. Despite a large battery, the Waitiee battery pack doesn’t look bulky. The soft silicone finish coupled with the curved design gives it a neat look while also making it convenient to carry.

Due mainly to the strong magnetic adsorption, it can magnetically attach to the back of your iPhone to deliver 5W wireless charging. The battery pack features two ports (one USB-C and one USB-A port) to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Notably, Waitiee’s wired charging speed can reach up to 20W as compared to the 15W wired charging speed supported by Apple’s MagSafe battery pack.

That’s not all, though. It also includes multiple safety protections against threats like short circuits and overheating. Overall, Waitiee’s magnetic wireless charger seems like one of the best alternatives to the Apple MagSafe battery pack for power users.


  • Massive 10,000mAh battery 
  • 20W wired charging speed 
  • Features multiple ports 
  • Firmly attaches to the back of iPhone 12


  • Wireless charging speed is slow

Buy from Amazon: $37.99

6. Zukakii 10,000mAh Magnetic Wireless Portable Power Bank

Another external charger that packs a solid punch despite being comparatively affordable is Zukakii. Just like Waitiee’s power bank, it also comes with a huge 10,000mAh battery that offers a ton of extra charge to your iPhone 12. That makes it ideal for when you are on the move or wish to indulge in an endless gaming spree.

Equipped with an 8pcs earth neodymium magnet, Zukakii holds onto your smartphone firmly. So, you can juice up your device on the move without worrying about the battery pack falling off. The external charger claims to deliver 5W/ 7.5/ 10W wireless charging speed. Moreover, it can also provide up to 20W wired charging speeds, which is better than the 15W wired charging speed delivered by the MagSafe battery pack.

Furthermore, Zukakii also comes with a USB-C port that allows you to power up other devices. Taking everything into account, it has got all the bases covered to be called a reliable alternative for the Apple MagSafe battery pack.


  • Huge 10,000mAh battery 
  • 20W wired charging speed 
  • Equipped with an 8pcs earth neodymium magnet
  • Features USB-C port


  • May overheat at times

Buy from Amazon: $36.99

7. OISLE Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

Featuring a lightweight and slim design, Oisle’s magnetic power bank doesn’t take long to catch attention. Moreover, it comes in five color variants, including blue, white, black, pink, and red. That means you can choose a matching companion for your iPhone. Good looking design aside, how well does it fare in terms of charging?

Well, OISLE comes with a 4,225mAh battery and charges your iPhone at 5W. It can fully charge iPhone 12 min and can provide up to 70% charge to iPhone 12. With the LED indicator, the battery pack also allows you to keep track of the battery level. Plus, there is a power button on the bottom to let you turn off/on wireless charging. So, in a nutshell, it’s a decent magnetic battery pack with most bases covered.


  • Lightweight and sleek design
  • Comes in 5 color variants 
  • Can deliver up to 70% charge to iPhone 12
  • LED indicator


  • Relatively expensive 

Buy from Amazon: $58.99

8. Ummz MagSafe Wireless Charger Power Bank

Ummz is a capable battery pack for iPhone 12 series despite being priced in the sub $30 bracket. So, what makes it worth serious consideration? Well, there are three notable features that I would like to point out. First and foremost, the external charger features an ultra-compact design and the earth neodymium magnets hold onto the back of your smartphone, so there is no fear of an accidental fall-off.

Second, it includes a 5,000mAh battery that can comfortably deliver hours of extra juice (7.5W wireless charging speed) to your iPhone, so you can take on games or stream videos without your battery dying quickly. And third, the Ummz magnetic power bank is also FCC, ROHS, and CE certified, which makes it a secure wireless charger.

Better still, Ummz includes an induction coil that also enables it to charge your iPhone through cases. Hence, you won’t have to remove the case before charging your device. Plus, the external charger features a USB-C port to let you wirelessly charge any other device in your arsenal. Taking into account all of these notable features, the $25 price tag makes it a hot deal for folks looking to buy a budget-friendly magnetic battery pack for iPhone 12.


  • Features earth neodymium magnet
  • Huge 5,000mAh battery pack
  • 7.5W wireless charging speed
  • Can charge your iPhone through cases
  • FCC, ROHS, and CE certified 
  • Comes with a USB-C port 


  • Charging speed is comparatively slow 

Buy from Amazon: $25.49

Top Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Alternatives for Your iPhone 12 and 12 Pro

These are the best alternatives to the Apple MagSafe battery pack. Both in terms of charging speed and efficiency, these third-party offerings deliver a solid punch. And that too at a much lower price point than the official MagSage battery pack. Now that you have explored the substitutes, let me know your favorite battery pack for the iPhone 12 series. Is it Anker’s PowerCore Magnetic 5K, Mophie’s Snap+ Juice Pack Mini, or the HyperJuice magnetic power bank? Tell me your pick in the comments section below.

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