Morfun Hot Water Dispenser website

Xiaomi’s New Water Dispenser Heats up Water in 4 Seconds

Morfun Hot Water Dispenser website

Xiaomi has launched an ‘instant hot water dispenser’ via its YouPin crowdfunding platform. Called the ‘Morfun Pocket Hot Water Dispenser‘, the device is said to heat-up water in just 4 seconds. According to Xiaomi, the device offers all the functions of a conventional water heater, but in a portable form factor.

The device offers 5 temperature settings, including 45°C, 60°C, 85°C and 100°C. There are also four different water levels to choose from – 120ml, 250ml, 360ml and 500ml. At the top, there’s a touch-enabled control panel which allows users to adjust the temperature in real time. Xiaomi says that the device uses the new ‘non-thermal bile boiling technology’, which allows for the water to reach boiling point in just 4 seconds.

The primary selling point of the Morfun Pocket Hot Water Dispenser is its portability. It measures 117x62x190mm, enabling users to conveniently carry it in a standard handbag. Xiaomi also claims that the device is equipped with a custom-designed water bottle connector that’s compatible with every type of bottle in the market.

The Morfun Pocket Hot Water Dispenser is priced at 299 yuan (~40, Rs. 3,200), but is available for 199 Yuan (~$30, Rs. 2,100) until tomorrow, June 18. You can check out the device on the official Xiaomi YouPin site. There’s no word on whether Xiaomi will bring the device to India, but I won’t be holding my breath if I were you.

Whether or not this particular gadget makes it to India, the Chinese tech giant has launched a slew of quirky little products in the country over the years. The list includes the Mi Beard Trimmer, Mi Truck Builder, Mi Water TDS Tester and even a 2-in-1 fish tank.

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