Xiaomi’s New EDON Foldable Fan Will Blow Fresh Air While Moisturising Your Skin

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Although the Coronavirus has locked down most of the world, this is not stopping companies from releasing new products in the market. We saw Apple release their new iPad amidst the pandemic. Now, Xiaomi has come up with a unique foldable fan that can also keep your skin moisturised in a dry environment.

We have seen some unique electronic products from the China-based tech giant like the intelligent ear pick or the Mi electric toothbrush. Recently, the company announced a new kind of foldable standing fan, the EDON Foldable Fan, that also doubles as an air humidifier.

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Xiaomi likes to mix-and-match features when it comes to home products, like their smart lamp that also acts as a home heater. Well, the EDON Foldable Fan certainly does not act as a heater. However, apart from fanning fresh cool air in a hot environment, it can also make the air humid with a built-in air humidifier system.

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Now, Xiaomi’s EDON Foldable Fan is essentially a wireless fan that comes with an air humidifier system at the base. This humidifier can spread 1-5 micron water mist around a room using Xiaomi’s 3000-RPM cross-flow wind pressure technology. This can turn a hot and dry environment into a cool and pleasant one by making the air humid. As a result, you will be able to say goodbye to your dry skin caused by the non-humid air around you.

With the air humidifier at the base of the fan, it weighs around 1.5 kg. However, thanks to its foldable design, the EDON Foldable Fan is quite portable. And folding it is also an easy three-step process which is pretty efficient.

It comes in two colour variants — white and green. So, if you want one for yourself or for your loved ones, you can get it for a price of Rs 6,909 (~$91).

SOURCE Xiaomi Today
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