Xiaomi’s Intelligent Visual Ear Pick is Actually Neat

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Xiaomi is a company that has invested in several small companies that make unusual products. Yes, the Xiaomi brand name is used for many products other than just smartphones. One such product is the intelligent visual earpick that was launched recently by Xiaomi Youpin.

Xiaomi Youpin is mainly a shopping platform for the company that deals with products like vacuum cleaners, hairdryers, electronic toothbrushes and other daily items. One of their recent products is the Bebird Visual Ear Pick X7 Pro. It is an “intelligent” ear pick that can be used to observe the ear canal and clean it.

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Now, the Bebird X7 Pro is an intelligent ear pick that comes with a 300 Watt professional endoscope that can be used to monitor ear canals. Designed for easy penetration into the ear, the ear pick uses a 15mm lens to capture real-time images of the ear canal. It has a 31.6-degree field of view. The built-in sensors can increase the resolution of the image by 3 million pixels by using an intelligent compensation algorithm.

The X7 Pro is also capable of aligning itself automatically by using a magnetic mechanism. When the device is inside the ear, it automatically aligns itself at the cross-section. It also has a six-axis directional gyroscope that helps in accurate ear picking.

The product also comes with Wi-fi chip that enables it to connect to an Android or iOS device. It has a 350mAh battery inside and it charges through a magnetic charger that comes in the box. According to the company, a single charge can make the product functional for 60 days.

With this intelligent ear pick, you can take out your ear wax with precision. The provided visuals of your ear canal will also help you to check for any extra wax that “non-intelligent” ear picks (talking to you, Johnsons) can miss.

The product is priced at $69 (~Rs 5050) and you can check it out here.

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