xiaomi smart lamp room heater

Xiaomi’s New Smart Lamp Doubles as a Home Heater

xiaomi smart lamp room heater

While Xiaomi is most famously known for its smartphones which are mostly value-for-money propositions, the company is big on creating ecosystem products as well; and in a lot of cases, Xiaomi opts to crowdfund these products, allowing users to get their hands on these devices at a lower price than for what they would retail.

The latest addition to Xiaomi’s crowdfunding projects is a smart lamp that doubles up as a room heater. The device, whose name is something along the lines of “Warm Sun Heating Lamp” (according to Google Translate) comes in two sizes — a square lamp that’s being crowdfunded at ¥799 (~₹8,000) and a bigger, rectangular shaped lamp that’s being crowdfunded at ¥999 (~₹10,000).

The lamp-slash-heater can reportedly start heating the room within 3 seconds of being turned on, and since it doesn’t use a motor, or propel air outwards, it’s silent which is great because room heaters can be quite noisy and annoying.

xiaomi smart lamp room heater image

Since it is a smart lamp, users will be able to control it using the Mijia smart home app, which will allow them to remotely turn the device on or off as well.

According to the crowdfunding page for the smart lamp room heater, once the crowdfunding is over, the retail prices for the devices will be set at ¥1,799 (~₹18,000) for the smaller, square lamp, and ¥1,999 (~₹20,000) for the larger rectangular one.

Check out the Xiaomi Smart Lamp on Youpin

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