Xiaomi Announces 80W Wireless Charging; Can Fully Charge a Battery in 19 Minutes

xiaomi 80W wireless charging

Xiaomi is fast-improving its charging technology to make it quicker for users to juice up their smartphones. The super-fast wired charging solutions are being matched by wireless charging, and now, it seems like we will soon only rely on wireless charging. The Chinese giant is following up its 120W wired charging tech from earlier this year with a new 80W wireless charging solution today.

Yeah, Xiaomi has announced a new technology that can wirelessly charge your phone at a whopping 80W. Now, you might be wondering – how long will it take to charge a phone via this technology? Xiaomi reveals that its 80W wireless charging technology can charge a 4,000mAh battery pack up to 50% in just 8 minutes. And you only need 19 minutes to fully juice up your smartphone.

The company used a modified Mi 10 Pro to showcase this new 80W wireless charging technology. It did not reveal the exact volt/ ampere distribution, but the video below reveals that the battery seems to be charging at 18V/4.5A (81W) wirelessly. Check out this super-fast wireless charging solution right here:

The company refers to this as the third breakthrough in wireless charging for them. It first debuted 30W wireless charging (present aboard the Mi 10 that launched in India) earlier last year, followed by 50W wireless charging aboard the Mi 10 Ultra. This was also the first Xiaomi smartphone to support 120W wired charging.

Now, you can see that Xiaomi not only supports fast wired charging but also making some serious headway in the wireless charging space as well. It won’t be long until we will only rely on wireless chargers to juice up all of our devices. There is currently no information about which Xiaomi phone will be the first to adopt this 80W wireless charging technology.

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