This is the World’s First “Smart” Mask That Connects to Your Smartphone

C-mask feat.

Since the rise of the Coronavirus, face masks have become an essential add-on to our everyday attire. We have seen a lot of different kinds of face masks pop-up in the consumer market. You have the over-protective BioVYZR, the self-sterilizing “Leaf” mask, and the mask that shows our lip movement. However, none of these masks can connect to our smartphones and translate languages. Well, now we have the “C-Mask” that can do both.

Developed by a Japanese robotics startup, Donut Robotics, the “C-Mask” is the world’s first “smart mask” that can connect to smartphones while it protects users from the Novel Coronavirus. The “smart” mask can also translate the Japanese language into 8 different languages with the help of the company’s “C-Connect” app.

C-mask 2

A Smart Wearable for Your Face

Now, the “C-Mask” looks just like any other regular face mask. However, there is a small power button at the top-right corner of the mask which users can press to turn on the mask.

After turning on, the mask uses Bluetooth technology to connect to a smartphone. Now, after a successful pairing of both the devices, the “C-mask” essentially becomes a smart wearable device with which users can perform various tasks that require a smartphone.

For starters, the mask can translate languages as I mentioned earlier. However, for additional translation services, you have to pay a monthly fee. Nonetheless, apart from the translation feature, the “C-Mask” can also take dictation, and even make phone calls from your device.

C-mask 3

Another nifty feature of the mask lets you control the volume of your voice (translated or native) to cut-off the issue of muffled voice while wearing the mask. So, with the “C-Mask” on, you can rest assured that your voice will sound crystal clear on the phone even when you’re wearing the face mask.

So, as these awesome features come with the “C-Mask”, the name of the mask comes from these very features. The company gave the name “C-Mask” for following the “five Cs” that this mask prioritizes — Connection with smartphones, clear voice, cool design, clean material, and combat against the Coronavirus.

C-mask 1

The company aims to distribute the first 5,000 C-masks in Japan by September. Once done, the company will then take orders from European, American, and Chinese consumers.

Now, each C-Mask costs around 3,980 Yen (~$37) which roughly translates to Rs 2760. You can check out the “smart” mask on Donut Robotics’ official website.

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