BioVYZR Is a Face Shield With Built-in Air Purifier System

BioVYZR feat.

The Novel Coronavirus pandemic has created an unprecedented demand for face masks and face shields. We have seen companies like Apple, TikTok, and Uber deliver face shields and masks to the global population. However, choosing an appropriate mask for the ultimate protection can be hard as most of them do not block the necessary pathogens to prevent C-19. Well, the BioVYZR takes this protection to a step beyond the ultimate level.

Developed by Toronto-based VYZR Technologies, the BioVYZR is a 360-degree face shield that comes with a built-in air purifier system. Well, calling it just a “face shield” is also an understatement for the BioVYZR.

The BioVYZR encloses the entire face of a person up to his/her chest. As a result, it provides all-around 360-degree protection from most of the particulate matter in the air. Further, it also prevents the user to touch his/her face frequently. So, no matter where you are, be it in the yellow or the red zones, the BioVYZR will protect you from the deadly Coronavirus and all the other allergens and pathogens in the air.


Now, the highlighting feature of the BioVYZR is that it comes with a built-in air purifier system that uses an N-95 filtration system and a physical fan at the back to filter out 95% of the particulate matter in the air. The battery-powered motor fan at the back of the face shield drives air into the BioVYZR and creates positive pressure inside. This pressure created by the fan drives out the exhaled air of the user through two air vents.


The air that flows inside the BioVYZR through the fan gets filtered with a replaceable N-95 air filter that prevents pollen, dust, allergens, and airborne pathogens to enter the enclosure, providing the user with the purest form of breathable air.

Currently, the product is in the prototype stage and the team has a working demo of the BioVYZR. However, the company is trying to get the product into mass production soon and ship it to customers by the end of this month or early June.

You can check out the BioVYZR on Indiegogo. It has already raised over $215,000 (~Rs 1,62,81,500) from 622 backers and each BioVYZR costs $171 (~Rs 12,955). The N-95 filters, however, are sold separately. A box of 10 filters costs $13 (~Rs 1026).

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  • ruth says:

    how soon can I get it? if I get it for all the teachers in my childcare center, may i get some discounts? and how much will it be?
    Thank YOu

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