CoWIN KYC-VS API Helps Track Vaccination Status of Customers

CoWIN KYC-VS API Helps Track Vaccination Status of Customers
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If you have tried stepping outside your home in the recent past, you would know that your vaccination status is a key entry factor to keep you protected against the virus. Whether it is for visiting a shopping mall or boarding a train or flight, you are asked to confirm that you are vaccinated. While you can always download your COVID-19 vaccination certificate and show them, the Indian government is now making the process less complicated.

CoWIN KYC-VS API Launched to Track Vaccination Status

CoWIN has developed a new Know Your Customer’s/ Client’s Vaccination Status (KYC-VS) API to help businesses verify the vaccination status of their customers. It will come in handy while availing public transport, booking a hotel, and more. Instead of showing your vaccination certificate, you can now directly confirm your vaccination status.

Once a user enters their name and contact number on a KYC-VS API-enabled website, they will receive an OTP. After confirming it, CoWIN will send a response indicating the individual’s vaccination status.

“A real-life example could be when at the time of booking a railway ticket, an individual will input the necessary details for buying the ticket and if required, the concerned entity will also get the vaccination status in the same transaction, with the due consent of the individual,” reads the government’s press release.

The government says that the KYC-VS API is both consent-based and privacy-preserving. Furthermore, the developers on the CoWIN team have prepared a webpage with this API that businesses can integrate in any system. Meanwhile, if you haven’t booked your vaccination slot, check our guide to book COVID-19 vaccination slots through WhatsApp.

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