Here’s Why You Should Buy MSI Gaming Laptops with RTX 40-Series GPUs

The budget gaming segment has been dominated by GTX 1650s and RTX 3050/3060 graphics cards for a while. However, with the newest RTX 4050 and RTX 4060 GPUs now available in MSI laptops, there are even more choices for users. And as a gamer, you must be confused about whether to get a laptop with the current-gen RTX 4060 & RTX 4050 GPU or consider one with previous-gen RTX 3060 or 3050 models instead. After all, the price bracket of these gaming laptops is similar.

But, since the RTX 40 series is a crucial upgrade for gamers, you should definitely prefer it over RTX 30 series. Even MSI recommends the same, and they have launched the brand-new MSI Thin GF63 with the latest RTX 40 series graphics. It is MSI’s most popular gaming laptop for students, and having the RTX 4050 & 4060 GPUs from the next-gen GPU lineup, these RTX 40-series cards offer many advantages to enhancing your gaming experience, as compared to older RTX 30-series GPUs. We explain the advantages of picking an MSI gaming laptop with an RTX 40-series GPU over an RTX 30-series GPU here. These advantages are based on specifications, performance, and other innovations.

MSI GF63 Series Packs Ada Lovelace RTX 40-Series GPUs

NVIDIA’s new RTX 4060 and RTX 4050 GPUs are built on the Ada Lovelace architecture. These graphics cards include new fourth-gen tensor cores and the new Optical Flow Accelerator, which makes it possible to upgrade NVIDIA’s revolutionary AI technology, DLSS 3, for performance enhancement. They also feature third-gen RT Cores that increase performance in real-time ray-tracing workloads. MSI combines the brand new architecture with the right hardware to give gamers the fine-tuned experience they expect with these features on the brand new MSI GF63 laptops.

The MSI GF63 laptop series sports an IPS-level display to showcase the latest games in beautiful color and detail, paired with a 144Hz refresh rate for the most competitive moments in your favorite esports titles. Cooler Boost brings the revolutionary cooling needed for the new gaming era on the latest MSI GF63 laptops featuring RTX 40 Series GPUs. Thanks to this, these laptops can operate with lesser noise and steady temperatures even during heavy workloads. Compared to others, the MSI GF63 stays up to 10% cooler and quieter during heavy combined use of the CPU & GPU.

With these features and a combination of powerful specifications, the MSI Thin GF63 is famously good for students and it packs sufficient power for them to start learning design, engineering, or programming on a more advanced level by taking advantage of a high-end laptop with plenty of resources to allocate for any of these tasks.

MSI GF Series Gaming Laptop

MSI GF63 12VF & 12VE laptops are available with RTX 40 Series GPUs and up to 12th-generation Intel Core i7 processors. With the hybrid performance and efficient core architecture of 12th-Gen Alder Lake Intel CPUs, gamers get fast and efficient processing. With Hi-Res audio support, the MSI GF63 series offers premium sound quality.

Talking about the graphics, if you look at the specs comparison between the current-gen RTX 4060/4050 compared to the older-gen RTX 3060/3050 GPUs available in many gaming laptops from MSI and others, you’ll notice that the RTX 4050 has come up to speed with the RTX 3060 in terms of the VRAM capacity. The other GPU, RTX 4060, now has 8GB of VRAM, which will be important for running future AAA games.

Furthermore, the tensor cores, ray-tracing capabilities, streaming encoder, and DLSS support have all been overhauled. Below, you can see how the RTX 40 series will deliver a smoother gaming experience, thanks to DLSS 3 and the new architecture.

SpecificationRTX 4060 (Current Gen)RTX 3060 (Previous Gen)RTX 4050 (Current Gen)RTX 3050 (Previous Gen)
Tensor Core4th Gen3rd Gen4th Gen3rd Gen
RT Core3rd Gen2nd Gen3rd Gen2nd Gen
Streaming CodecNVENC with AV1NVENC (x264)NVENC with AV1NVENC (x264)

The new manufacturing process is based on TSMC’s 4N node, which brings massive gains to efficiency as well. This new architecture also brings an eighth-gen NVENC encoder for streaming & recording, which will highly benefit streamers as well as other content creators. This new encoder comes with AV1 Encoding, which is much more efficient than the previously used H.264. Overall, MSI GF63 laptops come with the latest innovations in both the CPU & GPU departments, so you get the best gaming experience possible.

RTX 40 Series Brings Higher Power Efficiency; Better Battery Life

The RTX 40 series GPUs are based on a new manufacturing process, which enables more transistors to fit on the chip while occupying the same space. Because of this, the power efficiency of NVIDIA RTX 4060 and RTX 4050 GPUs is higher than the previous-gen counterparts. These GPUs are available in both low and high TDP configurations, based on the kind of MSI laptop you purchase.

With better performance-per-watt, the GPUs essentially run at a lower power level whilst being able to provide higher performance. Take a look at this chart showing the power consumption and performance output compared to the Turing and Ampere architectures. Further, it means MSI gaming laptops with RTX 40-series graphics will deliver a longer battery life on a single charge.

nvidia ada lovelace architecture efficiency improvements
Architecture Comparision (Source: NVIDIA)

Supercharge Your Games With DLSS 3 AI Frame Generation

DLSS 3 brings Artificial Intelligence powered frame generation, which completely revolutionizes your gameplay experience. The company first added DLSS Super Resolution, which NVIDIA brought with the RTX 20 Series. This was their first introduction of AI-powered image quality enhancement for games, and so far it has far exceeded traditional anti-aliasing techniques by bringing better quality & performance at the same time. Today, over 200+ games support NVIDIA DLSS. The latest DLSS 3 is also seeing massive adoption in 35+ games.

Now, combining DLSS AI Super Resolution and DLSS Frame Generation brings us to DLSS 3. With this, the performance and visual quality of games get a serious overhaul. DLSS 3 is a serious breakthrough in AI graphics technology with which the GPUs can use pre-existing frames and produce extra FPSm contributing to the smoothness of the game.

High refresh rate gaming is attainable even at higher graphics settings, thanks to DLSS 3. For example, here’s how Cyberpunk 2077 gets a major performance uplift with DLSS 3, going from a 22FPS with ray-tracing enabled to a staggering 98FPS by enabling DLSS 3. If you are curious, learn about how DLSS differs from XeSS and FSR via our linked guide.


RTX 40 Series Has Better Performance Than RTX 30 Series

With every new generation, performance barriers get broken. The RTX 4060 and 4050 are both better choices than the previous generation RTX 3060 & 3050 in terms of overall gaming performance. Thanks to a refined architecture, the entry-level RTX 4050 rivals the RTX 3060 in synthetic benchmarks such as 3DMark Time Spy. For comparison, we chose popular gaming laptops from MSI, and here’s how the GPUs performed. The MSI Thin GF63 12VE with RTX 4050 scores 6,650 points in the 3DMark Time Spy benchmark, while the MSI Thin GF63 12VF with RTX 4060 scores 7,400 points.

3DMark Time Spy Comparision between RTX 4060, RTX 4050 and RTX 3060 graphics cards

In gaming performance benchmarks of the RTX 40 Series laptop GPUs, we can see that the RTX 4060 is 25% ahead in Shadow of the Tomb Raider compared to its predecessor and gets 101FPS at 1080p, maxed-out settings. In Cyberpunk 2077, it is 35% faster and able to deliver 85FPS on Full HD, Ultra settings. At the power limits these new GPUs operate, the efficiency improvements can be clearly seen here!

Here’s Why You Should Buy MSI Gaming Laptops with RTX 40-Series GPUs

If you were debating whether it is better to get an RTX 40-series or RTX 30-series laptop, and if MSI is your brand of choice, you are bound to get the best gaming experience with the latest RTX 40-series laptop. While the raw benchmark performance scores of the RTX 3060 are slightly higher than the RTX 4050, the new architecture brings breakthrough AI graphics technology and better performance at a similar entry point.

The RTX 40 series is supercharged with DLSS 3, and below is an example of how advantageous it is compared to DLSS 2 on previous-gen GPUs. As you notice see, the RTX 4050 yields 78% better performance compared to the RTX 3060, delivering 89FPS for a smoother and immersive gameplay experience. The RTX 4060 gets almost double the FPS compared to the RTX 3060, offering 99FPS instead of 50FPS. This is all thanks to DLSS 3 and NVIDIA’s Ada Lovelace architecture bringing innovative AI-powered performance and image enhancement features.

Here’s Why You Should Buy MSI Gaming Laptops with RTX 40-Series GPUs

RTX 40 Series is Better At Ray Tracing

With every new generation, NVIDIA aims to make things more efficient when handling highly intensive ray-tracing workloads. When real-time ray tracing is enabled, various aspects of in-game graphics like the reflections and shadows are rendered more realistically. This has been a big change, and the games that support ray-tracing features in their graphics settings are quite hard to run on many PCs. Read our detailed explainer to know more about ray tracing and how it improves graphics in your games.

In RTX 40 series, NVIDIA has introduced the Ada Lovelace architecture that comes with third-gen RT cores, along with several other improvements, as explained before. Ray tracing is intensive and extremely hard to adapt across a parallel processing system of a GPU. With every new generation of RTX GPUs, gamers have received more features to make ray-tracing more efficient to run.

NVIDIA has been able to work on this and has introduced Shader Execution Reordering, also known as SER. The ray-tracing workloads received by the GPU can now be processed more efficiently, with on-the-fly rescheduling to fully utilize the GPU’s capabilities. With SER, the NVIDIA RTX 40 series GPUs have increased ray-tracing performance by 2x, and this translates to ~25% improvement during gaming with ray-tracing enabled.

NVIDIA Shader Execution Reordering Advantages
SER Performance Gains (Source: NVIDIA)

NVIDIA’s third-gen RT cores also include a new Opacity Micromap Engine and Micro-Mesh Engine. Both of these help increase the GPU’s efficiency when it comes to processing ray-tracing workloads. Overall, the RTX 40 Series GPUs bring many innovative upgrades to completely revamp your gaming experience.

In addition to all of this, MSI’s Thin GF63 is an affordable laptop with a starting price of below 80,000 INR. While most of the RTX 40 Series laptops are selling at around the 100,000 INR price point, MSI has considered affordability and priced their Thin GF63 with RTX 4050 at a highly appealing price. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase your MSI Thin GF63 with RTX 40 Series today from authorized retailers such as Amazon, Flipkart, or MSI’s retail store locations.

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