What Is Snapchat+ Subscription? Everything You Need to Know

In Short
  • As a Snapchat Plus user, you can access exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features to enhance your Snapchat experience.
  • Snapchat+ is priced at $3.99 per month. However, in India, the subscription is priced much cheaper at Rs. 49 per month.
  • With Snapchat Plus, you can access exclusive perks, including the option to pin a friend as a BFF, an exclusive badge, a story rewatch count, and more.

After WhatsApp Business and Telegram, Snapchat also launched its very own paid subscription service back in Summer 2022 in a bid to boost revenue. Dubbed Snapchat+, the subscription gives users early access to new features along with exclusive access to specific features in the ephemeral messaging app. In this article, we have detailed everything you need to know about the Snapchat Plus subscription.

What is Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat+ is Snapchat’s premium subscription that offers users access to “a collection of exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features” in the messaging app. It comes with a bunch of cool perks, including the option to pin a friend as a BFF, an exclusive badge, a story rewatch count, and more. However, it’s worth noting that Snapchat+ subscription doesn’t remove ads on the platform, which is a big letdown.

Snapchat is not the only messaging app that recently introduced a subscription offering. Popular messaging services, including WhatsApp and Telegram, have announced WhatsApp Premium and Telegram Premium over the past few months.

Snapchat Plus Features

Here’s the complete list of Snapchat Plus exclusive features that you can make use of right now:

  • Story Timer
  • Custom Notification Sounds
  • Pin a BFF
  • Snapchat+ Badge
  • Story Rewatch Indicator
  • Friend Solar System
  • Custom Icons
  • Friend’s Snapscore Change
  • Chat Wallpapers
  • Story Boost
  • Replay Again
  • Priority Story Replies
  • Post View Emomjis
  • Bitomji Backgrounds
  • Custom App Themes
  • Chat Effects
  • Home Tab
  • Map Appearance
  • Snapstreak Restore
  • Unpin Snapchat AI
  • Extended Best friends List
  • Custom Chat Colors
  • Extended Snaps
  • Peak a Peak
  • Free Dreams
  • AI Camera Mode
  • AI Captions

1. Story Timer

Up until now, a Snapchat story would expire after 24 hours. However, Snapchat+ subscribers can now set custom timers on their stories. Subscribers can set up a timer starting from 1 hour, to as long as 1 week. This means you can now post a story on Snapchat and keep it live for up to a whole week.

Custom Story Expiration

2. Custom Notification Sounds

Snapchat Plus subscribers can also set up custom notification sounds for different contacts. This can come in handy and let you know who sent you a Snap or a chat, without having to check your phone for the name. You can set up custom notification tones for specific contacts within the Snapchat settings. There are a total of 12 sounds you can choose from.

Custom Notification Sounds

3. Pin a BFF

Snapchat+ will offer a way for you to pin a friend to the top of the chat window as your #1 BFF. However, it doesn’t look like you have to be a BFF with the person to pin them. As we detailed in our Snapchat emojis explainer article, those who manage to be each other’s top friends for two consecutive weeks will get a red heart next to their name in the chats list and be known as BFFs.

Pin No.1 BFF Snapchat

4. Snapchat+ Badge

As part of the Snapchat+ subscription, you will also get an elusive star icon next to your Snapchat profile name to indicate that you are a Snapchat+ subscriber. Others will presumably see your Snapchat+ badge when they visit your profile.

Snapchat+ Badge

5. Story Rewatch Indicator

As the name suggests, Snapchat+ will let you see the number of times your friends have rewatched your story. However, it looks like the feature is experimental at the moment and could expand to other users in the near future. As The Verge reports, features that rely on interactions with others will eventually be released to all users.

Story Rewatch Count Snapchat Plus

6. Friend Solar System

The Snapchat+ subscription also brings the Friends Solar System feature for paid subscribers, where your top eight friends are represented by planet-like friendmojis and you’re the Sun. Their position in the solar system is indicative of their closeness to you.

For example, Mars is the nearest planet to the Earth and likewise, the user represented by Mars friendmoji becomes your closest friend. We have explained it briefly in our Snapchat Planets Order guide, so do check it out in case of any remaining confusion.

Snapchat Planets

7. Custom Icons

Another new feature with a Snapchat+ subscription is the ability to switch to custom app icons. You get over 30 custom Snapchat app icons to choose from. Moreover, the company keeps adding new icons regularly for Snapchat Plus users.

App icons Snapchat plus

8. Friend’s Snapscore Change

As a Snapchat Plus subscriber, you can tap on your friend’s Snapscore and see how it has changed since the last time you saw it. Usually, updating someone else’s Snapscore may take a few hours—or even days—to update, so you have to wait until the update, but with Snapchat Plus, you can check your friend’s updated Snapscore in real time. Here’s our detailed article on how to find your Snapscore and raise it.

View Snapscore Change

9. Chat Wallpapers

Snapchat also offers a new feature to Snapchat Plus users to set custom wallpapers for chats and group chats. Using this Snapchat Plus feature, you can personalize your Snapchat chats and set wallpapers that you feel best describe your friendship with the other user.

custom chat wallpapers snapchat

10. Story Boost

Story Boost is another Snapchat Plus feature that can be availed by subscribing to the paid service. As the name suggests, this feature boosts your story for 24 hours and it gets pushed to the #1 spot so that it can be seen by more of your friends. Remember, you get one Story Boost per week with your Snapchat Plus subscription.

story boost Snapchat Plus

11. Replay Again

While normal Snapchat users can replay a snap only once as long as they are on the chat screen. But, with Snapchat Plus, you get two Snap replays. If you have subscribed to Snapchat Plus, you can replay any snap two times after you have viewed it.

12. Priority Story Replies

When you subscribe to Snapchat Plus, your replies to community stories posted by Snapchat Stars (Snap Stars) will be prioritized and more visible to them. Thus, your replies to the Public Stories will have a better chance of being seen and responded to. You will also see a gold ring around the comment text box when replying to a community story.

Priority Story Replies

13. Post View Emojis

Snapchat+ subscribers will be able to set an emoji that will automatically be displayed when their friends view the Snap. This means you can now have a sign-off of sorts after each snap you send.

Post View Emoji Snapchat

14. Bitmoji Backgrounds

If you are bored of those regular and limited Bitmoji backgrounds that Snapchat offers, you should subscribe to Snapchat Plus. It will give you access to exclusive Bitmoji Backgrounds you can use right after subscribing to Snapchat Plus. On top of that, some of these exclusive bitmoji backgrounds come with the Snapchat+ logo subtly placed so that you can flaunt your subscription with your bitmoji as well.

Premium Profile Backgrounds

Also, recently, Snapchat has added the ability to create and use AI-generated Bitmoji backgrounds generated from any prompt you throw at it. You will be surprised that many prompt engineering courses are available online to help you become a pro at AI prompting.

15. Custom App Themes

Another cool customization power the Snapchat Plus subscription offers is the ability to customize the app theme completely. While you can choose from many pre-built customized app themes, the subscription also empowers your very own app theme by mixing and matching different options for the camera button and recording frame, along with the custom navigation bar elements like tab & badge color, badge icon, and navigation bar background.

custom app themes snapchat

16. Chat Effects

Chat Effects allow you to change the size of the text while sending it to a friend. All you need to do is drag the text upward or below to make it larger or smaller and click send once it’s the size you want. You can use this to emphasize the text and show your excitement… or anger.

Chat Effects

17. Home Tab

Usually, every time you launch Snapchat on your phone, the camera screen shows up as the default home tab, which often feels frustrating. Well, not anymore, as with a Snapchat Plus subscription, you’ll get the ability to change the default home tab (Camera Screen) to any other tab, such as the chats tab or the spotlight tab. Here’s how you can change the default home tab on Snapchat.

Change home tab snapchat

18. Map Appearance

While the ability to customize your Bitmoji on Snap map was always there, the Snapchat Plus subscription took this ability to a level further. With Snapchat Plus, you can accessorize the look of your Bitmoji by choosing a pet, which will then display with your Bitmoji on the Snap map. You can also choose a car for your Bitmoji, which will be displayed with your Bitmoji every time someone finds you moving on the Snap map.

customize my map snapchat

19. Snapstreak Restore

Until 2022, the only way to restore a broken Snapstreak was to report it through the ‘I lost my Snapstreak’ feature on the Snapchat support page. However, in 2023, Snapchat added a new feature named Snapstreak Restore, which allows users to restore their broken Snapstreak with a button tap.

Snapstreak Restore

While regular Snapchat users get only 1 Snapstreak restore a month, Snapchat Plus users get 5 Snapstreak restore a month, and in my testing, I was even getting 6 Snapstreak Restores.

20. Unpin Snapchat AI

To hop onto the trending AI bandwagon, Snapchat also integrated a ChatGPT-powered bot into its messaging app, My AI chatbot, to help you plan camping trips, write replies, recommend birthday gifts, and much more. While this addition was cool, many users find it irritating as Snapchat has, by default, pinned the My AI at the top of the chat screen.

Luckily, with this subscription, users can get rid of the Snapchat AI chatbot by unpinning or simply disabling it.

21. Extended Best Friends List

Another cool feature Snapchat Plus has to offer is that it gives you the ability to have and view 16 Best Friends on your friends list instead of 8. The Snapchat Plus subscription even tells you which friends have moved up or down on your list since you last checked your best friend list.

22. Custom Chat Colors

Snapchat Plus allows you to customize the chat color, making your name appear in different colors on the chat screen. This is a useful feature as it adds a touch of personalization to your Snapchat chats. Moreover, it’s a fun trip to pass on to friends, convincing them to buy the subscription.

Custom Chat Colors

23. Extended Snaps

With Snapchat Plus, you can now create a zoomed-out version of every snap you capture. This is done using AI-powered image generation. Also, the Extend Snap feature is still experimental and can take up to 15 seconds to process your Snaps.

Extended Snaps Snapchat Plus

24. Peek a Peek

Usually, Snapchat lets you know when someone views your snap or reads your messages on Snapchat, but there is a chance that a few users may be half-swiping into your chats so you won’t know whether they have seen the message. Well not anymore, as now Snapchat Plus users can use the new Peek-a-Peek feature to know when a friend half swipes into the chat.

peek a peek on snapchat - see half swipes

25. Free Dreams

Dreams are Snapchat’s version of AI selfies. The Snapchat Plus feature requires you to upload a set of authentic selfies specifically to generate Dreams. Currently, Snapchat offers a series of 13 photo packs you can choose from with themes like Cozy Christmas, Classic Hollywood, Alternate Univervers, and more. A few themes also allow you to add a friend with Snapchat Plus to your dreams.

Snapchat Dreams

26. AI Camera Mode

Hoping on the AI bandwagon, Snapchat Plus now allows you to create AI-generated snaps based on a text prompt and send them to friends. All you need to do is type a text prompt or choose from a premade option, like “a futuristic disco” or “a planet made out of cheese.” From there, Snapchat will create AI snaps for you, which you can edit before sending to friends and family on the app.

Snapchat AI Camera Mode

27. AI Captions

In a digital world with short attention spans and abundant content, crafting the perfect Snapchat caption can make all the difference in engaging your audience. That’s where the Snapchat Plus AI Captions feature comes to the rescue. All you need to do is tap the T button on the Preview screen, and Snapchat AI will create compelling captions for your Snaps.

Snapchat Plus: Price and Availability

Snapchat+ is priced at $3.99 per month. However, in India, the subscription is priced much cheaper at Rs. 49 per month. It is currently available in a total of 25 countries. We could expect the company to expand Snapchat Plus to more regions in the future though.

Note: Subscription pricing can vary depending on the country you reside in and the device you use. To see the most up-to-date Snapchat Plus pricing, go to your Snapchat Settings and tap ‘Snapchat+.’

Moreover, as per a recent app teardown, Snapchat is said to be working on a “Friends & Family plan” for its Plus subscription. You may soon be able to share your subscription with others, making the sweet perks listed above available to them. And yes, unlike the new Netflix Password Sharing policy, this subscription plan won’t be limited to family members under one roof and will be open to friends as well.

Countries Where Snapchat Plus Is Available

Here’s the complete list of countries where Snapchat Plus is currently available:

  • The United States
  • Canada
  • The United Kingdom
  • France
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • India
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • Oman
  • Bahrain
  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Netherlands
  • Switzerland
  • Ireland
  • Belgium
  • Finland
  • Austria

So, this was all you need to know about Snapchat Plus – Snapchat’s Premium Subscription service. Remember that many of the above-detailed Snapchat Plus features are experimental and are released in advance, allowing subscribers to explore and test them before making them available to the wider user community. Also, many of Snapchat Plus features, such as Camera Border Color, are now unavailable, so do not be surprised if someday one of your Snapchat Plus features vanishes. Also, do check out our other Snapchat guides, such as How to Unlock the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat and How to Reset Snapchat Password Without Phone Number & Email, to become a Pro Snapchatter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What does Snapchat Plus do?

A Snapchat Plus subscription gives you access to many experimental and pre-released features so that you can test them before they are released for general users.

Q. Does Snapchat Plus tell you who viewed your profile?

No, unlike LinkedIn, you won’t get notified when someone views your Snapchat profile even if you have Snapchat Plus.

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    I m a snapchat plus user and i set wallpaper in me and my friends chat but he is normal users and he is not able to see the wallpaper. Why ??

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