What Are Tiny Snaps in Snapchat and How to Use Them

In Short
  • Tiny Snaps on Snapchat that lets you capture your reaction and send it alongside your text message in the chat.
  • This feature is available in early access and is limited to Snapchat Plus Subscribers for now.
  • To use it, type a message in the chat > camera icon > Send button to click your tiny Snap along with the message.

While emojis on Snapchat are the best way to react to messages, they don’t always represent the exact feeling we want to convey. Even the Bitmoji’s on the app isn’t enough. To help with this, Snapchat offers a feature called Tiny Snaps, which lets you capture your reaction along with the chat. Sounds fun, right? Keep reading to learn how this feature works.

What Are Tiny Snaps on Snapchat?

Tiny Snaps are small Snaps that you can send someone along with your text chat. As Snapchat calls it, these are “bite-sized Snaps” that you can click when typing. Like its name suggests, Tiny Snaps doesn’t take up the whole screen like regular Snaps. There is no way to increase their size.

Tiny Snaps Feature Preview

They show up next to the text like an emoji. Plus, they don’t expire and will stay there as long as the text itself. However, this feature is exclusive to Snapchat Plus subscribers at the moment, but may be available to others later on.

How to Use Tiny Snaps on Snapchat

To use this feature, you need a Snapchat Plus subscription. If you already have it, then here is how you can create and send your own Tiny Snaps to your friends.

  1. Open a chat on Snapchat and type a message.
  2. The camera icon on the left of the chat box will change into the Tiny Snap icon. Tap on it.
  3. This will open the camera viewfinder in that small window.
  4. When you tap on the Send button, it will click an image of you and send it along with your message in the chat.
Tiny Snaps Feature Snapchat

That’s pretty much it for Tiny Snaps. So make sure to make the appropriate expression before sending your message in the chat.

This sums up the Tiny Snaps feature on Snapchat. While it isn’t much, it is a fun way to express yourself inside a conversation. Since Snapchat already has a huge library of effects and masks, I would love it if they added those in a later update to Tiny Snaps to make things more hilarious and interesting.

The feature is slowly rolling out to everyone, so you should see it on your app soon enough. In case you have any questions related to Tiny Snaps, then type them in the comment section, and we will answer them.

How Can I Use the Tiny Snap Feature on Snapchat?

The Tiny Snap feature is available from the camera icon next to the text box in the chat window. Just type a message and tap the camera icon next to it to use this feature.

Why Can’t I Find Tiny Snaps on Snapchat?

Tiny Snaps is exclusively available for Snapchat Plus subscribers. You need to get Snapchat+ to use this feature. If you already have the subscription, then update the app to the latest version.

Do Tiny Snaps Disappear?

No. Tiny Snaps do not disappear like regular Snaps that you send to your friends. They remain as long as the messages do.

Why Can’t I Expand Tiny Snaps?

Snapchat does not let you zoom in or expand Tiny Snaps. They remain small, like an emoji next to your chat.

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