Valorant Maps List: All the Maps You Can Play

Developed by Riot Games, Valorant takes its inspiration from other multiplayer shooters such as Counter-Strike and Overwatch. Valorant added a unique twist to the shooter genre by introducing different characters, also known as agents. Every Valorant character in the game can impact how a team progresses in the round. The most important part of the game, however, is the maps. With a total of ten maps in Valorant, you can always expect something different from each one of them.

1. Ascent

Ascent was one of the first maps added to Valorant and remains a player favorite. The Valorant lore says that this map was formed on top of San Marco in Venice, and you can see from the pictures that it takes heavy inspiration from Italian structures and streets. It is one of the most beautiful maps in Valorant.

Ascent A site view

Beauty aside, Ascent has two sites – A and B, but the map can be divided into three parts where opponents meet each other — entry A & B, mid-top to the courtyard, and bottom mid to the market. Unlike Fracture (more on this below), there’s not a single spot from which you cannot expect to face an enemy in combat at Ascent. Every corner is dangerous.

Ascent Map view

As a result, Ascent is a great map for duelists such as Jett, Reyna, and Raze, controllers such as Brimstone and Viper, initiators Sova, Fade, and Breach, and sentinels like Chamber, Killjoy, Sage, and Cypher. But it’s not about which agent you play on Ascent, as long as you have mastered an agent, you will perform well on Ascent and that’s the beauty of the map.

2. Haven

Another beautiful location turned into a war zone, Haven is a beautiful Valorant map that was one of the first to feature three sites, a slight deviation and innovative approach compared to the usual competitive maps. And oh boy does it make for chaotic situations. Clutching on Haven has to be one of the most difficult tasks since it has a very open design and too many tight corners.

Valorant Haven top view

Haven favors Duelists more than other categories, but if you are a sentinel or initiator, you should do well. As for controllers, Omen can be exceptionally capable at B site boxes and generators and should do well with smokes to control opponents entering the sight.

Haven map view

But the same will require quick callouts because the entrances to all three sites are short. As for the best sentinels to play on Haven, Chamber, Sage, and Killjoy, all work exceptionally well, especially Sage with her wall to completely block the B site. This ensures peace of mind that your teammates only have to focus on A and B.

3. Split

Split is a map in which your crosshair placement will be tested extensively. With lots of high spots, it’s a difficult map for defenders. The corners on Split are more forgiving though, and besides duelists such as Jett, Reyna, Raze, Neon, and ISO, the map favors initiators with flashes like Skye and Kay/O.

Split Bike shop

Sentinels like Sage and Chamber are also important, especially Sage to block and hold mid. In the absence of Sage, Chamber can fill in with his trap at mid and hold either A or B with a head hunter, teleport, and rapid comms.

Split Map view

Omen, Brimstone, Harbor, and Viper are great to watch the site while attacking, especially Omen and Brimstone. They make it even more difficult to defend with smokes on A ramps, A screens, B heaven, B back, and B main entrance.

Overall, Split might be one of the most fun maps to play, until you’re on the attacking side at least.

4. Bind

Bind in Valorant is heavily inspired by the Arab Streets map in CS:GO. It has two sites, two lobbies, and a corridor that links A and B, called A Link and B Link. The way from the defender side leads to A Tower and B Hall.

Although there are only two sites, the attackers get a lot of options on this Valorant map. There are two teleporters on the map, one at A and the other at B, which makes rotation much faster and easier.

Bind Market

As for the agents that work the best on Bind, they’re controllers and sentinels like Brimstone, Cypher, Omen, and Sage. If you play initiators, Skye, Fade, and Kay/O are good options. As for the duelists, Jett, Reyna, and especially Phoenix work great, thanks to his flashes and molly that can corner opponents or force them to rotate when combined with a controller’s smoke.

Bind Map View

5. Icebox

Most Valorant players rank Icebox pretty low in their tier list, and while this is no maps tier list, if I made one, I’d put Icebox pretty high on the list. Valorant’s lore says Icebox is located in Russia, and it definitely looks inspired by the cold places in Russia.

Icebox top view

Icebox is an Attacker-friendly map, meaning attackers will have plenty of options to switch it up if something goes wrong. Icebox has two sites and a mid area, which defenders can use to flank the attackers.

Initiators and Sentinels work particularly well on Icebox. Agents such as Sova, Skye, Fade, Sage, and Kay/O are some of the best agents on Icebox. Along with them controllers and duelists Jett, Reyna, and Viper are great for offense and entering the site swiftly.

Sage is especially useful and adds incredible value to the team, thanks to her ability to block B Tube, which the enemies can use to cause unexpected contact

Icebox map view

Sova’s recon darts can help with enemy intel, which in turn helps the attackers plant spike sooner or the defenders understand where the attackers are.

6. Breeze

Breeze is the largest map in Valorant. It’s a pretty balanced map and gives both attackers and defenders equal chances at winning rounds. Although you could get away by using any gun, the map has some of the longest angles to hold in Valorant, therefore, sniping is the most valuable skill here.

Except for Viper who’s pretty good on Breeze, playing controllers on this map is tough. The agents that can get the most out of their abilities on Breeze are Chamber (yes, even after his massive nerf), Sova, Fade, Jett, Reyna, and Skye.

Breeze Mid view

On the other hand, Sage should be good at blocking the tunnel at the A or B site entrance as a whole. Besides, the map has a huge mid-side where defenders have the upper hand. Since this map is huge, if you have an Operator or Marshal sniper gun and the enemies decide to rotate from mid, you could get an easy kill before they could even sight you.

Breeze Map View

That said, both A and B are great for open plants as there’s plenty of space for attackers to hide after planting and show up when the enemy is diffusing for easy kills and clutches. The map recently got huge changes in the Breeze updates patch in Episode 7. The changes mainly made the map more playable for both sides equally and condensed the mid area more.

7. Fracture

Fracture is one of the most hated maps in Valorant. For starters, it features a complex design compared to other maps in Valorant, but that’s where the fun is. Defenders have a clear advantage as there are plenty of spots to keep a watch and kill.

Hence, you will often find attackers on Fracture trying to fake sites so that the defenders holding the site can rotate and the other party with the spike can plant on the opposite site. While this does yield results, it may backfire if the defenders outsmart you and always hold the site.

Fracture ropes

Fracture has two sites and in the middle of the map are ropes that help attackers or defenders go from the front to the back and vice versa. This enables easy backstabbing or sneaky plants if the enemy is not aware.

Fracture Map view

As for the best agents you can play on Fracture, Chamber takes the lead along with Brimstone, Raze, Skye, Breach, Gekko, and Viper. Overall, Fracture may seem complicated at first, but as you get used to it, you understand that it’s one of the most fun maps in Valorant.

8. Pearl

Yet another great map for defenders. Pearl has two sites and an extensive mid-section with lots of openings and doors. The doors lead to mid doors, mid connector, defender side water, mid shops, mid-top, and B Link. Hence, we can safely say this map is defender-friendly as opponents can hold off angles here to scare the attackers.

Pearl Mid

Besides, if you’re on the attacking team, your best chance is to change positions often and utilize the mid area to sneak up and shoot the defenders. Like Fracture, Pearl requires your teammates to hold and fake site at times.

Pearl Map View

As for the best agents for the map, Astra is a must-have, thanks to her ultimate Cosmic divide. Moreover, her smoke can block enemies from entering the main site, she can both stun and make enemies vulnerable to bullets.

Besides, you can also play Jett to hold long sites, a sentinel like Chamber or Killjoy to watch a site. You can also take Breach, Skye, and Gekko for flashes and utils since Pearl has a lot of angles that can be used as flash points.

9. Lotus

Lotus is the latest addition to Valorant, and the Valorant lore states it’s located in and inspired by India. Again, it’s a defender-friendly map as the attackers have to take far more risks to plant the spike. Like Haven, Lotus also has two doors that can help you jump from C to B or vice versa, and a door at A to plant the spike.

Lotus Valorant map

There’s a wall at A link that allows opponents or you to quickly jump to B after breaking it. Also, there are three openings at the C plant — one coming from spawn and C hall, one coming from C link called C waterfall, and the other coming directly from the attacker spawn C door and C lobby.

Lotus Map view

Lotus may look like a complicated map at the start but the more you play it, the easier it gets. Lotus favors Sentinels, Duelists, and a few select initiators. For example — Killjoy, Chamber, Neon, Jett, Reyna, Breach, Sova, and Fade are all amazing agents on Lotus.

You should especially play Breach combined with Skye or Fade’s utilities could easily win matches.

10. Sunset

After a lot of maps with different features and player dynamics, Riot Games finally had to come up with something simple for all types of players. That didn’t take time as another no-gimmick map came with the 10th map Sunset. The map is based on beautiful urban features of LA with two sites, one middle area concept.

Sunset Valorant

In terms of map size and distance, Sunset is one of the smaller maps in Valorant. Although the sites are bigger than other maps, the entry points and the connections are vast and congested. It seems fairly balanced just like the Ascent map.

There is only one manual door in the mid area. Overall, the map will give many an Ascent or Ascent 2.0 vibe. You can always grab any initiator and duelist to rock this map. ISO can be one of the best duelists for this map.

Sunset map view

These are the current maps that you can play in Valorant. What is your favorite Valorant map right now? Tell us in the comments section below. Given the pattern Riot follows for a new map release, we can expect two new ones in 2024.

What are some of the best maps in Valorant?

There’s no definitive answer to this question as it all depends on the type of player you are and the agent you main. Generally, Valorant players tend to like Ascent and Bind the most. However, with the inclusion of Sunset, it has become another fan favorite in terms of simplicity.

What is Jett’s best map?

There’s no such map that’s bad for Jett. Jett’s abilities are universal and are tailored to work on every map. If we still had to pick the best map for Jett, it’d be Lotus and Split. You can use her agility to reach higher points for an early peek advantage in these maps.

What is the biggest Valorant map?

Breeze is one of the largest Valorant maps. Although it contains only two sites, the size of the site and even the spawn looks pretty big. Sometimes you would have to open your ADS to see enemies properly for the map being so big.

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