Valorant Characters: All Agents & Their Abilities Explained

First-person shooter games are always based on aim unless you realize how important utilities are. That is why Valorant’s agent selection is a crucial element to your victory each time you jump into a match. Every Valorant agent has its unique set of abilities and all the characters are important in their own roles. We are talking about all the Valorant characters (updated till Clove) and their abilities in this guide. You will learn how every agent’s ability works and how they impact the gameplay and mechanics in Valorant. So, let’s learn about all the agents and their abilities to help kickstart your winning streak in Valorant.

Complete List of Valorant Characters

Note: These characters have been arranged on the basis of their release date. We have first listed the agents that are unlocked by default in Valorant, followed by the characters that were available to unlock at launch. Then, the remaining agents follow the release timeline.

Jett (Duelist)

Jett with Abilities New
  • Drift (Passive)Jett hovers in the air while holding jump. While drifting down from any height, Jett does not take any damage. She can also glide from one place to another, thanks to Drift. This mobility advantage can catch any agent off-guard in Valorant.
  • Updraft (Q) – Jett instantly flies upwards in the air, allowing her to get a broader view and aerial perspective. Jett can shoot while in the air but with less accuracy. From a standard Updraft, Jett does not take any damage; if the height is in a fall damage range, Jett can use Drift to avoid damage.
  • Cloudburst (C) – Throw an instant smoke in a desired place. The smoke takes away vision from anyone inside or outside of it. You can move around the Cloudburst before dropping it at a place by hovering your aim while holding the ability button.
  • Tailwind (E) (Signature) – Jett activates her Signature for a certain duration. Within this duration, you can press the ability button again to dash. If you use Tailwind without pressing any movement key, it will take you towards the direction you are facing. Otherwise, you can press the desired direction key to dash in that direction. Jett also gains Tailwind back if she gets two kills after using the ability already.
  • Blade Storm (X) (Ultimate) – Jett instantly equips five knives. Jett gets better movement speed and a higher recovery rate while Blade Storm is active. The knives are precise and one shot kills on head contact. The Blade Storm knives are accurate even when Jett is Drifting, Updrafting, or is on the ropes. Killing the enemy replenishes the knives, but if you press the alt-fire button, all blades are fired instantly and are non-recoverable.

Phoenix (Duelist)

  • Heating up (Passive) – Phoenix benefits from his fire-producing abilities that cause damage to others. Heals up to 50 HP every time he stands in his fire. This passive helps Phoenix stay longer in fights, unlike any other Valorant character.
  • Curveball (Q) – Phoenix equips the fire orb in his fingers and snaps it left or right according to which direction they want it to go. The fire orb detonates after a brief second and blinds anyone looking in that direction. The blind affects teammates too.
  • Blaze (C) – Using this ability, Phoenix draws a firewall along the ground, blocking everyone’s vision and damaging anyone who touches the flames. Bend the wall while casting it by moving the aim.
  • Hot hands (E) (Signature) – Phoenix creates a ball of fire and throws it in the direction of your choosing. After a short distance, the fireball lands and creates a pit of fire, damaging any Valorant agent standing in it, including teammates. Only Phoenix heals because of his passive.
  • Run it back (X) (Ultimate) – Phoenix instantly creates a marker where he is standing and turns into a body double. For a brief period, the double can walk around, shoot, use abilities, and die if shot down by enemies or time runs out. After the duration or after getting killed, Phoenix spawns back on that marker with HP and armor he had before turning into the body double.

Brimstone (Controller)

  • Incendiary (Q) – Brimstone takes out the Incendiary launcher and throws a grenade, which detonates after a short delay into a pile of fire. Often referred to as the molly, it burns anyone standing in it and deals heavy damage over time.
  • Stim beacon (C) – Instantly throw a Combat Stim Beacon. Upon immediate activation, it affects any teammate in its AOE to become faster along with gaining reload speed and fire rate boost.
  • Sky smoke (E) (Signature) – Open the tactical map and mark down areas. After marking down areas, Brimstone launches smoke bombs that cover a huge area for a long time. The smoke takes away vision from people in or outside the smoke.
  • Orbital strike (X) (Ultimate) – Open the tactical map and mark a location on the map. Brimstone then launches an Orbital strike at that marked location. The Orbital strike inflicts damage on anyone in the area and destroys any utility or object. While the ongoing strike also blocks vision for anyone outside or inside the strike. The Orbital strike damage affects any Valorant agents, including your enemy and teammates.

Sova (Initiator)

  • Shock bolt (Q) – Bring out an arrow charged with electricity. Shoot it in a direction until it comes in contact with any surface, object, or enemy. Up on contact, the electricity makes a Shockwave explosion dealing damage to any nearby unit.
  • Owl drone (C) – Sova, a Valorant agent from Russia, rings out his drone and sends it forward. The drone can move around and see anything in front of it, giving full vision to Sova. While the drone is scanning, it can shoot darts at the enemy to relay their live location for a brief duration. The drone can be destroyed by enemy fire.
  • Recon bolt (E) (Signature) – Sova equips his Recon arrow. After throwing it in a direction, it sticks onto any object, surface, or enemy, giving live location updates around the location. Enemy fire destroys the Recon arrow.
  • Hunter’s Fury (X) (Ultimate) – Sova unleashes his inner hunter and charges his bow to the maximum potential. Upon activation, Sova can throw big electric strikes in a direction, dealing heavy damage and giving live location updates of the enemy who got hit. The strikes pierce walls and objects and can destroy any enemy utility. Can cast up to a maximum of 3 strikes.

Sage (Sentinel)

  • Slow orb (Q) – Sage creates a crystal orb, which explodes and creates a puddle upon throwing. The puddle slows down anyone or anything walking on it and creates a crystalizing sound.
  • Barrier orb (C) – Uses both hands to craft a crystal barrier, which takes some time to form, to block other Valorant characters from entering a site. A fully formed barrier takes a significant amount of bullets, knife strikes, or some barrier-destroying abilities to take it down. The barrier blocks vision while it is up.
  • Healing orb (E) (Signature) – Generate a healing orb and use it on a teammate or self for health recovery. Healing self causes significantly less healing than healing teammates. Sage is one of the most reliable support agents in Valorant because of her healing ability.
  • Resurrection (X) (Ultimate) – Initiate the resurrection effect by casting it on a dead teammate. After the effect duration is over, your teammate is revived with full HP.

Omen (Controller)

  • Paranoia (Q) – Omen forms a shadow orb in his hands. Throwing it in a direction makes it grow and fade away after traveling some distance. Anyone in its path gets affected by blind for a duration and gets their audio deafened.
  • Shrouded step (C) – Unequip firearm and shows a marker. Once activated, Omen jumps to the marked location after a short delay. This teleportation ability is one of the fastest among any other Valorant agents currently.
  • Dark cover (E) (Signature) – Opens a 3D view of the map, showing a green marker. Once activated, Omen throws a cover of smoke on the green marker, thus, blocking vision for anyone in or out of the smoke.
  • From the shadows (X) (Ultimate) – Open the tactical map and mark a desired location. Once done, Omen can transform into a shadow entity and see around the marked location. After a duration, Omen teleports to that location. During this, if the entity is killed or the ability button is pressed the ability gets canceled. It also makes the enemy mini-map unclear. Omen can interact with the spike, doors, or other interactable while in the shadow phase.

Viper (Controller)

  • Toxin (Passive) – Toxin allows all of Viper’s abilities to apply decay to enemies, which makes them vulnerable and decreases their HP over time.
  • Fuel (Passive) – Viper spawns with a 100-point Toxic Fuel. It allows Viper to control her Poison cloud and Toxic screen ability.
  • Poison cloud (Q) – Viper throws an orb, which upon activation, emits a Poison cloud that blocks everyone’s vision. All the enemies touching it are affected by toxin, lowering their HP over time.
  • Snakebite (C) – Viper throws a Poison vial on the ground, which breaks into a poisonous dump on contact. Anyone within the area of its effect gets damaged over time while getting affected by the toxin. Snakebite damages any Valorant agent, be it your teammate or the enemies.
  • Toxic screen (E) (Signature) – Throw a wall-piercing line of dots toward a direction. After the dots are placed Viper can use Fuel to make a Poison wall along the dotted line. It makes everyone’s line of sight blocked on both sides of the wall. Any enemy touching the wall is affected by Toxin.
  • Viper’s pit (X) (Ultimate) – Shows a marker on the ground. Up on activation Viper starts emitting poison mist around the marker which turns into a pit of poison. Anyone inside this pit gets their vision range reduced. Enemies are instantly affected by Toxin. The pit’s duration is unlimited unless Viper is killed or she leaves the pit for more than 8 seconds.

Breach (Initiator)

  • Flashpoint (Q) – Valorant character Breach throws a blinding flare through any wall or structure. The flare detonates on the other side and blinds anyone looking in that direction.
  • Aftershock (C) – Breach throws a beacon on any wall or structure. The beacon throws a damaging shock on the opposite side of it 3 times. Aftershock damages any Valorant agent near the affected area.
  • Fault line (E) (Signature) – Charge up a Seismic pulse. After throwing it in a direction Breach stuns anyone in its zone for a brief period. It affects both teammates and enemies.
  • Rolling Thunder (X) (Ultimate) – Breach brings out the bigger Seismic charge marking down a large location. Up on casting the area is affected by a big earthquake. It knocks back anyone in the area along with stunning them briefly. Affects teammates too.

Raze (Duelist)

  • Blast pack (Q) – Raze instantly throws a pack of explosives. It sticks to any surface or objects in contact and after a brief time detonates. Up on detonation, it knocks anything that is in its contact and deals a small amount of damage to it or an Enemy. You can also detonate it early by using the Blast pack again before its duration expires.
  • Boom bot (C) – Gear up the Boom bot and launch it in the desired direction. The bot goes forward and scans for the enemy in its front cone radius. Finding any enemy activates the Boom bot and it keeps chasing the enemy with a faster movement speed and deals damage once in close contact. Enemy fire can destroy the Boom bot.
  • Paint Shells (E) (Signature) – Raze equips a grenade which after throwing detonates. Up on detonation, it becomes smaller grenades dealing more damage to anyone or anything in the area. After using a Paint Shell already, Raze gains another one on every two kills.
  • Showstopper (X) (Ultimate) – Take out the rocket launcher and shoot one devastating rocket toward the aimed location. The rocket can kill everyone in the area of effect. Showstopper deals less damage if it hits the outer area of anywhere the enemy is standing. Showstopper also damages teammates too. All of Raze’s abilities deal damage to any agent in Valorant including teammates.

Cypher (Sentinel)

  • Cyber cage (Q) – Throw a futuristic button on the ground. Activate it to create a cyber kinetic cage that blocks vision for anyone in or outside of the caged area.
  • Trap wire (C) – Equip a small cyber trap. Putting the trap in a place will create a wire and if an enemy touches the wire, the wire pulls that enemy towards it for a brief time before it stuns them for a duration. During this, the trap also reveals the location of the trapped target. The trap rearms after a brief period and can only be destroyed by enemy bullets or specific abilities.
  • Spycam (E) (Signature) – Put the camera anywhere. While not being around Cypher can spy on the location where the camera is. You can also throw a tracker from the camera on an enemy. The tracker sends static location information of the enemy until they remove it.
  • Neural theft (X) (Ultimate) – Cypher throws his hat toward a dead enemy. The hat takes a brief initiation time before uploading the location of the rest of the enemies. The location is revealed two times in a delay of 2 seconds.

Reyna (Duelist)

  • Soul Harvest (Passive) – Reyna turns her victims, i.e. other Valorant characters, into soul orbs after eliminating them or getting an assist. The orbs stay there for 3 seconds before vanishing. Reyna can utilize her signature abilities while these orbs are available.
  • Devour (Q) (Signature) – Reyna’s first signature ability is Devour. After harvesting a soul you can use this ability to heal over time (capped at 100 per soul). If Reyna already has 100 hp and no armor then the rest of the heal converts into armor value also known as overheal. Overheal goes away after a brief duration.
  • Leer (C) – Take out a purple eye and throw it in a direction, blinding anyone who looks in that direction of the eye. You can throw the eye from behind a wall, structure, or obstacle, and it is destructible. The eye doesn’t blind teammates and enemies who are too close to the eye can have slight vision.
  • Dismiss (E) (Signature) – Reyna’s second signature ability is Dismiss. Reyna activates one harvested soul and unequips her gun while becoming non-targettable and faster. Reyna also evades any area damage effect.
  • Empress (X) (Ultimate) – Activate the Empress mode. Reyna gains additional movement speed, fire rate, reload speed, and recovery speed. Along with the buffs, Reyna gains a timer of the Empress which keeps refreshing with every kill you get. Empress also buffs up her signature abilities making her go invisible up on casting Dismiss and healing her to the max. Reyna also gains a vision boost during Empress which allows her to find the smallest part of the enemy’s body indicating it in purple color.

Killjoy (Sentinel)

  • Alarmbot (Q) – Put a scanner bot in place. The bot stays hidden until it scans an enemy. Bot chases down an enemy after finding it and explodes on contact. After the explosion, the bot makes the affected enemy vulnerable for a brief duration.
  • Nanoswarm (C) – Killjoy can place swarm grenades anywhere on the map. Once you activate the grenade, it will create an energy field and cause damage to anyone inside the field.
  • Turret (E) (Signature) – Put a sentry gun in place. The sentry scans anyone in 100 degrees forward vision and inflicts damage on them. The sentry deals damage in a burst if the enemy is closer.
  • Lockdown (X) (Ultimate) – Initiate lockdown by putting down the device. It creates a massive energy dome around its range and takes some time to lock everything down within the area. Once the lockdown is successful, all the enemies are disarmed and slowed down for a brief duration.

Skye (Initiator)

  • Trailblazer (Q) – Skye summons a Tasmanian tiger from her trinket. The Tiger can move around and give vision to Skye through its eyes. It can also deal a small amount of damage and stun enemies for a brief duration. Enemy fire can destroy the Tiger.
  • Regrowth (C) – A Valorant character of nature, Skye uses her healing bar and heals teammates near her. Teammates gain up to 100 hp over time. If every teammate is healed completely, the healing bar stops dropping.
  • Guiding light (E) (Signature) – Skye equips a bird trinket and throws it in a direction. While in its path the bird can be detonated. After detonation, it blinds anyone looking in the direction of the bird. When blinding the enemy, Skye also gets information if anyone got affected by the blindness.
  • Seekers (X) (Ultimate) – Skye summons three bigger trinkets and sends them forward. The trinkets chase down the enemy for a short duration. After contacting the enemy, they burst in their face turning them blind and deaf for a brief time. Enemy fire destroys the trinkets.

Yoru (Duelist)

  • Blindside (Q) – Yoru creates a dimensional orb and can throw it anywhere on the map. After a delay, the orb breaks and blinds anyone in sight. You can bounce the orb on a surface once before its detonation.
  • Fakeout (C) – Create an Yoru illusion and send it forward (like Mirage from Apex Legends). The illusion cannot do anything except walking forward and looking exactly like Yoru. The illusion is breakable and blinds anyone once broken. If the illusion is not broken, you will notice that it fades away after a duration.
  • Gatecrash (E) (Signature) – Put a tether mark in place or move it forward. Yoru can teleport anytime to the place where the mark is placed on the map (makes a loud sound). The mark stays in a location for a duration until it fades away. Interestingly, Your can also make the teleport sound without going there using the fake teleport ability.
  • Dimensional Drift (X) (Ultimate) – Yoru puts on the mask and travels to his dimension. While being in his dimension Yoru is invisible and non-targettable to any enemy or enemy scanning utilities. Yoru makes a slight sound while using this ability, and the enemy can spot the sound if Yoru is close to them. The character can use any ability while in this alternate dimension.

Astra (Controller)

  • Astral form (Passive) – Instantly goes into Astral form. Astra can see the full map from this view, use the Cosmic divide, and place stars by only going to the Astral form. Astras original body becomes idle during Astral form activities.
  • Nova pulse (Q) – Detonates a star to create an explosion. Anyone inside the area of the explosion is stunned for a brief time.
  • Gravity well (C) – Astra pulls anyone near a star towards its center. Everyone is affected by the vulnerability of the star pull, even all your teammates if they are standing nearby.
  • Nebula/ Dissipate (E) – This ability turns a star into a small smoke dome. Anyone in or outside the smoke area will have their vision blocked. Astra can also use Dissipate, which consumes the star making a lower duration Nebula but replenishes one star.
  • Stars (X) (Signature) – Put stars anywhere on the map, which take time to get activated. Once activated, these stars can be used as Nova pulse, Gravity well, and Nebula/ Dissipate.
  • Cosmic divide (X) (Ultimate) – Astra goes into Astral form and mark a place. After marking the spot and adjusting it, Astra can make a cosmic wall. This wall activates instantly on initiation. The cosmic wall can block bullets, sound, and vision. The wall fades away after a certain duration.

Kay/o (Initiator)

  • FLASH/DRIVE (Q) – Valorant agent Kay/o has a great utility in Flash/ Drive. You can throw a flash grenade, which pops after a brief duration and blinds anyone looking at it. The flash grenade can also be bounced off a wall or lobbed in a certain direction for faster pop and smaller blind duration.
  • FRAG/MENT (C) – Kay/o makes an energy fragment ball. After throwing, it detonates upon surface contact. It creates a puddle of energy that damages any Valorant character inside the puddle, including teammates.
  • ZERO/POINT (E) (Signature) – Throws a non-damaging knife. It sticks to any surface, object, or enemy and detonates. How, you ask? After detonation, it silences the abilities of enemies affected by the knife. Enemy fire can destroy the knife before detonation.
  • NULL/CMD (X) (Ultimate) – Kay/o initiates a wave of energy that pulses in the direction you are facing. Its range increases over time. If the wave touches enemies, their abilities are locked, and existing utilities are paused. Kay/o gains additional movement, fire rate, reload speed, and recovery speed. If Kay/o dies during his ultimate, he is not eliminated instantly but is immobilized with a lot of additional HP. Teammates can revive Kay/o within a brief duration, and he will gain full HP after reviving.

Chamber (Sentinel)

  • Headhunter (Q) – Chamber equips a handgun from his arsenal. This gun has fewer bullets and has a custom aim-down sight. The handgun instantly kills if the bullet connects with the enemy’s head and deals less damage to other body parts.
  • Trademark (C) – Put down a small trap. If an enemy comes near the trap, it detects their presence and creates a slow field. Chamber also gets a sound queue after trap activation.
  • Rendezvous (E) (Signature) – Chamber uses his signature card to place a marker. Chamber can instantly teleport to the marker anytime but needs to stay within the marker’s range. Unlike any other Valorant character with a teleport, Chamber takes some time to take his gun out after teleportation.
  • Tour de Force (X) (Ultimate) – Equip a custom sniper rifle with 5 bullets. The rifle inflicts heavy damage on impact and kills the enemy even if the bullet hits their leg. This sniper comes with a better turn rate fast scope and better aim accuracy. Moreover, it also comes in super handy as you can buy an OP for your teammate during a cash crunch.

Neon (Duelist)

  • Energy (Passive) – Neon starts the round with a 100-point energy bar, which depletes on using her signature and ultimate abilities. Neon is one of the few characters in Valorant with high mobility abilities.
  • Relay bolt (Q) – Instantly throw a shock bolt in the aimed direction. The bolts hit a surface and bounce off. After the first bounce, it goes in another direction and then makes a concussion circle. This concussion affects any Valorant agent inside the circle, including teammates.
  • Fast lane (C) – Neon shoots two electric walls instantly. It blocks vision for anyone outside or inside the wall. The walls stop at a distance if any obstacle or surface blocks one of the walls.
  • High gear (E) (Signature) – Neon unequips her gun and goes into High gear mode. It makes her fast and equips her slide ability. While running Neon can slide in the direction she’s moving. After using the slide ability, Neon gets the slide back if she gets two kills. Neon cannot gain energy by killing enemies, it replenishes over time.
  • Overdrive (X) (Ultimate) – Neon activates Overdrive instantly, allowing her to go into her High gear mode and charging her fingers to shoot an electric beam. Overdrive stays in effect till the Energy bar goes to 0. Getting kills during Overdrive gains Neon’s full energy bar.

Fade (Initiator)

  • Terror trail (Passive) – Fade marks enemies with a dark mist for a brief duration whenever Haunt or Nightfall hits her enemies. Prowler chases marked enemies without Fades control.
  • Seize (Q) – Fade knots a fear ball. Throw it to create a dark circle. It latches enemies on spot, not letting them move. It also creates decay and a deafening effect on affected enemies.
  • Prowler (C) – From a world of fear, this character from Valorant Summons a Prowler. Fade can control the Prowler and move it around. The Prowler scans for enemies in front and blinds them on contact.
  • Haunt (E) (Signature) – Fade throws a watcher. After a short travel distance, it drops to the ground and scans for enemies. If the watcher spots an enemy, it gives a live location and marks the enemy with a Terror trail.
  • Nightfall (X) (Ultimate) – Initiate a nightmare wave and send it forward. After catching any enemy in the wave, it will mark the enemies with the Terror trail and create a deafening effect.

Harbor (Controller)

  • Cove (Q) – As a water-based Valorant character, Harbor throws a water ball that falls on the ground and creates a dome. The dome is instantly covered by strong armor. The dome also blocks vision in and outside. Enemies can shoot down the armor with gunfire.
  • Cascade (C) – Make a wall of water and send it forward. The wall blocks vision and slows anyone touching it by 30%. Harbor’s wall can be stopped before it goes the full distance.
  • High tide (E) (Signature) – Harbor throws a bigger wall of water piercing any obstacle. The wall block vision and slows down anyone touching it. Bend the wall accordingly while casting it by aiming down the desired location.
  • Reckoning (X) (Ultimate) – Harbor activates a pool of water in front of him. The pool starts moving forward slowly initiating three consecutive concussion strikes on any enemy inside the pool. The strikes stop if the enemy leaves the pool, or they can dodge by moving away after an indicator pops up.

Gekko (Initiator)

  • Globules (Passive) – Gekkos pets turn into a ball after usage or duration. Gekko can claim the balls and revive his pets to use them again. This makes Gekko one of the most unique utility characters in Valorant.
  • Wingman (Q) – Grab the Wingman and throw him in a direction. Wingman runs towards the direction and bounces off the walls or structure. If Wingman finds an enemy, it immediately starts running faster. If the enemy is too close to the Wingman, he will clap and stun the enemy close to it. If you have the spike, you can also send Wingman to plant the spike for you.
  • Moshpit (C) – Throw Mosh towards the ground. After hitting the ground, Mosh explodes and creates a poisonous pit and anyone who stands in the pit takes heavy damage. Enemies with full HP will die if they stand in the middle of the pit.
  • Dizzy (E) (Signature) – Gekko launches Dizzy up in the air. While in the air, Dizzy spits blue goo in the eyes of the enemies he scans and blinds them. The blindness doesn’t affect enemies’ side-eye vision.
  • Thrash (X) (Ultimate) – Activate Thrash and launch him forward. Thrash moves around with a quick movement and gives crucial information to Gekko. During its usage, Trash can jump onto an area and explode. Upon exploding, Thrash disarms enemies in that area and slows their movement.

Deadlock (Sentinel)

  • GravNet (C) – The agent from Norway in Valorant can throw a grenade that detonates and turns into a circular net trap. Any enemy trapped in it goes into crouch mode. Moreover, movement speed slows down when the enemy walks while trapped. Any movement ability like Dash, Teleport, or Gatecrash will negate the slow and crouch effect.
  • Sonic Sensor (Q) – Throw a sensor on a structure or surface, and it attaches to the same. The sensor then detects footsteps, gunfire, reloading, or any noise and applies a concussion effect nearby. The sensor does not trigger if the enemy walks using the shift key.
  • Barrier Mesh (E) – Deadlock’s signature ability is the Barrier Mesh. Throw a disc at any location where it creates a core. Around it becomes an X-shaped barrier that blocks enemies from moving through it. The barrier cannot block any incoming fire, only enemies. It is created by destructible nanowire balls, which can be destroyed to break the barrier.
  • Annihilation (X) – Deadlock weaves a thread of nanowires in a structure or wall. The wires enclose an enemy into a cocoon once it comes in contact. The cocooned enemy is disarmed, cannot move, and is pulled toward the start point of the wires. Once Deadlock’s ultimate pulls the cocoon to its start point, it kills the affected enemy. To free the teammate shoot the cocoon with gunfire. As we’ve mentioned in our detailed Valorant Deadlock guide, Annihilation can be quite hard to master.

ISO (Duelist)

  • Contingency (C) – You can equip this ability to assemble a prismatic energy. Once done, press fire to send forward an indestructible wall of energy. This wall blocks bullets and destroys itself after reaching the endpoint. You can still use abilities through the wall.
  • Undercut (Q) – ISO equips a molecular bolt that you can throw in a direction. It travels in a straight line and applies a brief fragile effect to all the enemies it touches. This fragile effect is similar to Killjoy’s alarm bot. You can throw this molecular bolt through any object. This includes boxes, structures, or even walls.
  • Double Tap (E) – Tapping the signature ability button will start a focus timer. During this timer, you enter a flow state wherein if you kill an enemy, they generate an orb similar to Reyna’s orb. If you shoot the orb, it grants you a purple shield. It can help you evade one tick of damage, including Raze’s showstopper or an instance of Sova’s hunter’s fury.
  • Kill Contract (X) – Valorant’s latest agent ISO creates an interdimensional arena on the battlefield using his ultimate. Once cast, the ability pulls you and the first enemy it hits into an arena. Here, you and your enemy stay until one of you wins the duel by combat. No other player can interfere until the duel is over. If no one wins, both vanish and die in the dimensional arena.

Clove (Controller)

  • Pick-Me-Up (C) – Butterflies hover over the deadbodies when Clove gets a kill or an assist. It starts a timer to use the ability. Using Pick-me-up allows Clove to consume these butterflies to gain a temporary overheal and movement speed. The ability is also usable even if the body is not in the line of sight and behind a wall.
  • Meddle (Q) – Clove throws a fragment of immortality essence in a desired direction. After the explosion, it decays the enemy’s HP significantly by 90 points. It also affects teammates and Clove themself. One of the best tricks for Clove is to combine Meddle with Paint Shell or Shock Dart.
  • Ruse (E) – Clove opens a tactical map, similar to Brimstone. They can use two smokes afterward. The smoke replenish every 30 seconds. Further, Clove can use Ruse even after death. Unfortunately, after death, the tactical map radius is shrunk.
  • Not Dead Yet (X) – Using Clove’s ultimate gets you a chance at fighting again. Clove embraces their immortality and self-revives. After death, you get a timer to select if you want to revive yourself. Once done, you get another timer to kill or get an assist. If you get a kill or assist, you will gain permanent immortality. However, failing to do so will get you dead again.

Valorant Agent Classes Explained

Valorant consists of four types of agent classes. Each character has shared classes and their abilities or gameplay tactics depend on that in Valorant. Each team composition should always have at least one character from each class in Valorant. Let us discuss the agent classes in Valorant here:


The agents who belong to the Duelist class are best for getting first blood in Valorant. These characters can individually take fights with enemies using their abilities. They are ideal for early gun fights and penetrating the sites. Duelists can be useful on any map in Valorant.


If Duelists are best for securing entry kills, they need huge help from characters who are great at blocking enemy vision in Valorant. That character class is called Controllers, whose abilities can make it easier for teammates to enter a site and focus on one particular section of the map while blocking other areas with smokes or vision-blocking skills.


Initiator characters are most important in terms of game mechanics. These Valorant agents have the ability to gather information about enemy locations. As an information-first type of game, Valorant Initiators are must-have characters in your composition.


The only defensive class in the Valorant character list is the Sentinels. While other classes are great for attacking and taking control of the site the attacking round contains 12 rounds. That is why Sentinels are crucial in the 12 round of defense. These Valorant agents can single-handedly stall enemies to enter the site or even eliminate a number of enemies.

Can Kay/o knife stop Killjoy’s Lockdown?

No, Kay/o knife and ultimate can stop all active abilities, including Blade Storm, Overdrive, and Dimensional drift. Deployed abilities are not affected, such as Lockdown, Boombot, and Wingman.

Does Kay/o knife affect Clove after death?

No, Clove can use Ruse/Smoke post-death and does not get affected by the Kay/o knife.

What is the codename of Agent 23 in Valorant?

Agent 23’s codename is CABLE, and the agent is known as Deadlock in Valorant.

Does Clove get their Weapon back after using Ultimate?

Yes, Clove gets their weapon back in hand after self-revive. They can also use it after dying in ISO Ultimate.

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