How to Take a Screenshot in Android Bypassing Restriction

In order to protect DRM content on Android, Google made some primary changes with the release of Android Oreo in 2017. And with every passing year, Google has tightened the screw and patched almost all the workarounds. If you take a screenshot on protected apps now then you would be notified with “Taking screenshots isn’t allowed by the app” error. In such a scenario, you don’t have many options left. Having said that, there are still some nifty ways that allow you to take a screenshot in Android bypassing the restriction. And in this article, we are going to explain those steps in detail so you can take screenshots on any Android app. Do not worry, we have mentioned a non-root method as well. With that in mind, let’s now go through the guide.

Take a Screenshot in Android Bypassing Restriction

Earlier, you could take screenshots on apps like Snapchat by using Google Assistant or through screen recording apps. However, all those solutions are patched now and you can no longer take screenshots of these protected apps. Now, if you take a screenshot on apps like Snapchat or Authy then you are notified with an error saying “Taking screenshots isn’t allowed by the app”.

In such a case, you need a computer to take a screenshot through ADB and a special screen mirroring software. There are plenty of screen mirroring programs out there, but I am going to use the scrcpy tool because it’s quick and costs nothing. And the best part is that you don’t even need root access. Keep in mind, this non-root method does not work on Netflix, Prime Video, and other media streaming apps. However, it works pretty well on Snapchat, Signal, Authy, and more.

1. First of all, set up ADB on your computer. After that, connect your Android device and run adb devices to check if your computer recognizes your device.

How to Take a Screenshot in Android Bypassing Restriction

2. Secondly, download scrcpy (Free) on your computer. Click on the ZIP file based on your computer architecture. Next, unzip the file on any location.

Take a Screenshot in Android Bypassing Restriction

3. Now, open the extracted scrcpy folder and double-click on scrcpy.exe.

Take a Screenshot in Android Bypassing Restriction

4. It will instantly mirror the Android screen on your computer. Now, go ahead and open any of the protected apps on your smartphone. You can now press Ctrl + Shift + S to take a screenshot of the app on your computer. If you are using macOS or Linux then you can use their built-in shortcut to take a screenshot. That’s quite easy, right?

Take a Screenshot in Android Bypassing Restriction

Taking Screenshots isn’t Allowed by the App? Here is the Solution [Root Required]

If you have rooted your device then you can grab a screenshot on the smartphone itself. No need to use an additional computer. You will have to create a small module and then you can flash it on Magisk. The best part about this method is that it allows you to take screenshots on Netflix and other media streaming apps as well. Here is how you can do it.

1. Download Smali Patcher (Free) from XDA Forums. It’s a simple tool created by a developer named fOmey that allows you to create small patches within seconds.

2. After that, connect your Android device and run adb devices to check the connection.

How to Take a Screenshot in Android Bypassing Restriction

3. Now, unzip the Smali Patcher file and run SmaliPatcher.exe. Here, enable the “Secure Flag” checkbox and click on “ADB Patch”. It will generate a ZIP file within the same Samli Patcher folder.

Take a Screenshot in Android Bypassing Restriction

4. Finally, move the file to your Android device and flash it as a module inside Magisk. That’s it. Now, you can grab screenshots on your Android device without notified by  “Taking screenshots isn’t allowed by the app” error.

Allow Taking Screenshots on Any Android App

So those are the two ways you can take a screenshot on restricted Android apps. At first, we have mentioned a non-root method so you can easily grab a screenshot. And if you have root access then Smali Patcher will be of great help. Apart from that, there is also a way to take screenshots of protected apps through the Xposed Framework but the steps are quite complex so I have not mentioned it. Anyway, that is all from us. If you are facing any issue then do comment down below and let us know. We will definitely try to help you out.

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  • John says:

    Not working. Appears a black screen. Any tips?

  • Yury says:

    Method 1, “press Ctrl + Shift + S to take a screenshot” – it does nothing, no any activity/actions.
    Even in scrcpy wiki there is no such shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+S):
    Are you sure if this is right shortcut?

  • akshaya says:

    still my screenshot is black

  • JT says:

    Will I record videos using it?

  • Luffy says:

    it works

  • Rushi says:

    smali patcher exe file download link is dead

  • Mike Marino says:

    The scrcpy method combined with ADB did the trick for me. I tried everything including Vysor, VirtualXposed, Android Assistant, etc. and this was the only thing that would work. I am very grateful for your posting describing how to do this. I need to demonstrate a business app to an audience and share my screen with the audience. The app has a security setting that won’t allow screenshots or any of the many available screen mirroring apps to work. You saved the day for me – THANK YOU!

    • Godwin Adedeji says:

      It worked!.


  • niranjan d says:

    I do it with the stock recorder given by miui record screen and then export the frame from video

    • who cares says:

      protected apps will show blank screen instead!

  • gigi says:

    In second method use the computer -_-

  • DJ says:

    I’m looking for a way to screenshots on my android phone without having to hook it to a computer (which defeats the purpose of phone screenshots). Any way to do this?

    • Peotreo says:

      try ADB over TCP. Don’t forget to disable it after you are done or else anyone on same network can ADB your phone.
      This way you can actually access you phon from your phone over TCP no extra needed.

  • puffcrash says:

    Better to install vysor and do it.

    • Steve says:

      No, Vysor isn’t a better solution

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