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Google Translate May Soon Get ‘Continuous Translation’ For Voice Inputs

Google Assistant’s ‘Interpreter Mode’, which allows the software to translate conversations in real-time, finally started rolling out to smartphones and tablets after being rolled...
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Google Translate’s Real-time Camera Translation Feature Now Supports Hindi

The Google Translate app on Android has received a major update, bringing a whole host of new features, including support for dozens of new...
10 best language translation apps

10 Best Language Translation Apps for Android and iOS (2019)

For a majority of people, Google Translate is obviously their trusty sidekick when it comes to translating a word, a phrase or entire webpages....

Google Starts Rolling out Gender Specific Translation to Reduce Bias

In a bid to reduce gender biases in its translation service, Google has started rolling out a feature that provides feminine and masculine translations...
I Used Firefox Quantum and I'm Never Going Back to Chrome

Mozilla Working on Google Translate Integration For Firefox

Google translate is one of the most useful features of Chrome which employs machine learning to translate web pages in multiple languages quickly, and...
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Google Translate Converts Gibberish Into Meaningful But Scary Responses

For the past two years, Google Translate has been using machine learning to provide more accurate translations. But the algorithm is now attempting to...
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Google Translate Can Now Use Neural Network Translations Offline

When you travel to a foreign city, Google Translate is possibly the most powerful tool that comes in handy during exploration. But, you may...