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google call colorful icon ft

Google’s Phone App May Get Rebranded to ‘Google Call’ with a Colorful Icon

If you hate the redesigned logo on Gmail, Google Pay, and other Google Workspace apps, there's bad news. It looks like the colorful icon...
google phone app non pixel phones

Google Phone App Testing ‘Flip to Silence’ on Non-Pixel Phones

With the Pixel 3 series, Google added a 'Flip to Shhh' feature that silences your phone when you place the phone facing down. Google...
google phone app non pixel phones

Google Phone App Beta Now Available on Most Android Phones

Google's Phone app is one of the neat dialer apps out there. Google added Phone app support for a few non-Pixel phones earlier this...
oneplus nord - mkbhd video design reveal

OnePlus Nord Will Have Google Phone, Messages Pre-installed

OnePlus has confirmed that its upcoming mid-range smartphone will ship with a number of Google apps in addition to Search, Maps, Chrome etc. In...
google phone app non pixel phones

Google Phone App’s ‘Verified Calls’ Will Let You Know Why a Business is Calling

The Google Phone app is rolling out a 'Verified Calls' feature that will tell users when a business is calling them. It will also...
google phone app non pixel phones

Google Phone Beta Adds Call Recording on Some Nokia Phones

Google has now enabled call recording feature on some Nokia phones here in India. Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 7.2 and Nokia 8.1 users are...
google phone app non pixel phones

Google Phone App Available on Some Non-Pixel Phones

Google's dialer app Google Phone is usually limited to Pixel lineup of smartphones and devices part of the Android One program. While there are...
google phone app call record featured

Google Phone App’s Call Recording Feature Now Functional on Some Devices

Reports earlier this month revealed that the Google Phone app may soon get a native call-recording feature, and latest developments now suggest that it...
google phone app call record featured

Google Phone App May Soon Get Native Call Recording

The Google Phone app is seemingly all set to add the Call Recording functionality following persistent requests from users around the world. Hints about...

Google’s ‘Phone’ App Will Now Let Users Make Emergency Calls Without Speaking

Google is working on a new feature that will allow users of its 'Phone' app to seek assistance in case of emergencies even if...
google phone dark mode

Google Phone Gets Dark Mode To Match Contacts App

When the Google Contacts app got the dark theme earlier this month, all we wanted was for Google to roll out the same to...

Google Phone App Might Soon Allow Real-Time Spam Call Screening

Earlier in April, it was reported that Google is working on a spam filtering feature for the Google Phone app that won't send an...
Google Phone Spam Alert

Google Phone Gets a Beta Program, and New Spam Call Filter in First Update

The Google Phone app introduced a basic spam call alert back in 2016 which warned users of a suspected spam caller by turning the...
Google Pixel 2 Owners Report Poor Battery Life and Heating Issues Since February Security Update

Google Phone App Gets Floating Bubbles for In-Call Actions

While using our smartphones, we’re juggling a lot of tasks at the same time. Multitasking is a key performance metric on smartphones - especially...