Sony Reveals PlayStation 5 India Price; Starts at ₹39,990

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Sony revealed the pricing for the PlayStation 5 a while back. However, the company did not reveal the Indian pricing, leaving us all to wonder how expensive the PlayStation 5 might be in India. Well, it looks like Sony has finally decided to give us that information and has revealed the pricing for the PlayStation 5 consoles in India, along with the price list for the various accessories that you can buy for the console.

According to prices Sony shared with some journalists and news outlets, the PlayStation 5 will be priced at Rs. 49,990 in India. The more affordable, Digital Edition of the PlayStation 5 will be priced at Rs. 39,990. 

Other than that, we now also know the prices for the new DualSense controller (Rs. 5,990), the HD camera, remote, charging station, etc. The new 3D wireless headset is priced at Rs. 8,990 by the way in case you were thinking of getting it to enjoy PS 5’s new 3D sound.

The company also listed the pricing for some of the games coming to the PlayStation 5, including Spider-Man Miles Morales which is priced at Rs. 3,999 (Rs. 4,999 for the Ultimate Edition), Demon Souls, Destruction Allstars, Sackboy, and others.

As for the launch date of the console, Sony is facing problems with the PS5 name in India due to a trademark issue and that might delay the launch of the console. However, the PlayStation India website accidentally listed the launch date of the consoles as November 19 earlier today, which could mean that Sony has been able to reach a settlement in time for the Indian launch of the console.

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  • Elango Emperor says: i see why mobile games are played a lot than Console games in india. The price is too much to play games.

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